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Med Diary (1)

Posted on: July 18, 2011

So Im awake on This Monday Morning…

I’m not reading, I’m not Tweeting, I’m not praying, I’m just here typing this and updating my itunes library…Jah bless PHCN.

I’m doing this with guilt in my mind cuz I have an exam this morning which i havent even read for!!


I might even have medical psychology…Heaven knows.

The very annoying thing is that we did not have a single lecture..eyo kan pere!! in GAS how do they expect us to pass?? ehn??

O ya mi lenu o! As per omo rere, I sharply went to buy the hand out from our friendly neighbourhood photocopy people..

To my disappointment, the note was not even relevant to GAS202..i know this cuz i bought the past question too. The man even Gba’d me on top! 😦 I just calculated when I got home and I cannot start fighting with somebody on top =N=100…Next time i will not be a maga!! The questions remind me of social studies even though I cant answer them..

Its a pity though..In the so called University of first choice…but what can I do? Afi ki’n cram ki’n pass exam yen ni mehn! 

Enough of the ranting..I have resorted to fate and im gonna take the exam as it comes..

Apart from GAS and the probable Medical psychology, I have anatomy incourse and steeplechase on Thurday and Friday respectively. What a week eh?

Lemme even take a time out to explain the concept of incourses cuz its really annoying when I have to explain to each person over and over again..I would refer anyone that asks again here.

Well, In Med School (pre-clinical at least) , we have our Final exam at the end of each academic year. These exams are called professional exams (pros) or MB.

Hence, to make it easier, we have an exam at the end of each module of a course. And all courses have 4 modules; so we write four incourses..

The incourses make up about 30% of the final exam..depending on the course tho.

 Basically, Incourses just make things easier for us even if we can see it that way.

The fact that this Anatomy Incourse is gonna have an essay part is giving me the creeps!!

*sigh* God help me.

I cant wait to graduate I swear! Please don’t remind me of how much time I have left!…i know people that derive pleasure from this 😦


PS during My downloading spree, I downloaded LMFAO’s Shuts Ft. Lil Jon  . Have you ever noticed that the beat is similar to Darey’s Ba Ni Kidi


12 Responses to "Med Diary (1)"

Looool…. Don’t worry it’ll soon be over. 5 years right 😀

Yay!! I get to b d very first critic….#winning,anywayz unto d incourses(u do dem all thru med schl btw),hold up ur head high and even if u’re gonna fail do it wth dignity(it inadvertently comes to us all)…..and give or take,u still av about 5 good years to go(u knew I’ll do dis),about 40 more incourses to write… ….muhahaha *fades into silence*

😦 I hate you Kenny!

kemi sweety,love,dear…….all is well. This will all be over soon. Talking from experience. :-p

Thank you Senior Onochie…thank you for not counting down for me 🙂

kem dela creame……….

Looool! Actually, I was expecting to see the article from the title. But its no big deal because I actually saw some things there which are actually realities that not only affect med students but everyone. The note thingy! No lectures and you have to buy some irrelevant notes compiled by some, I won’t say semi-literate, but literates not in that field as yours.

Yeah. Incourses are good. I aint no med student but I’m also a med student cos I study BCH, I think I told you that. Ok. I study in their midst and we do call our CA incourses too. We do have more than one a semester before the main exam. In-courses are helpful anyways.

Then you thinking about the number of years you’ve got to spend, I actually tease medical students with this and I think I should do that with you a bit. By the time you becoming a doctor, I’d have become a doctor too. You know what that means? Lol. Nice write-up anyways. But no downloads on exam’s day anylonger o. Good job sis!

Wow! Thank you very much for dropping by….It is well..x

Wat med schl r u in? Pele dear, tym will pass faster than u think. I’m talking from experience!

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