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The 12 Types Of Med Students..

Posted on: July 19, 2011

I was surfing the net this morning, going through medical blogs and all, and I found these really interesting pictures..

Its just like almost all professions have stereotypes, these are the med student stereotypes.

Almost all Med Bloggers have written about them! I must to delve UTUNU!

They are funny But true.

Here Goes..

The Painfully Enthustiac

We know them..sometimes they piss us off..

Some are ITKs…some are not.

In Medilag XV, we refer to them as the efficientos..Always up to date!!

The Overly Academic

In my Blunt opinion, They are all books no fun!

In the words of my darling Fela, “No break..No jam” Just books!

They tend not to have social lives!

Maybe they did not teach them the “all work and no play makes Musbau a dull boy” in their nursery schools

Can they be called geeks tho?

The Gunner

The gunner knows what he wants and he’s gonna get it!

They can be mistaken for the Painfully Enthustiatic but are really interested in only one discipline.

They remind me of the Surgery jocks in Scrubs.

The Missing

aka Perpetual stabbers…They are the Under G people!

They dont show face in class But you will see them on the dayof the exam..

You will be like “so this one is in our class”

They are the ones that pass codedly! Those matric numbers with High scores and no owners in sight, they are the ones..

Dont get me wrong, not all of ’em pass.

The Crier

It happens…After first incourse, the results are not really what we expected.some people break down

You know that babe..yeah..that babe that you really wanna know what her ******* feel like, This is your chance!

Be strong for her and she will come crying “Oh! I banged my Anatomy incourse..but i read *tears*

Lest I forget, If you are a block-headed boy, she wont run into your arms o! You have nothing to offer.

Im not saying boys cannot cry…I wont even be surprised if i see a dude crying…Its Med School.

The Prankster

These ones are efiwes!! The come to joke with you when they are done reading.

i.e they use you to catch fun..beware of them..

Not all are smart sha!

The Perpetually Enraged

As the name implies, perpetually enraged..

Ki lo fa? Emi o mo!

Answers anybody??

The Questionable Admission

Do I even need to explain,

Questionable admission! You will wonder!

“Come first! Did you write your Jamb Yourself”

Or one of those dumb blonde moments…

like I was arguing with @bYbaaaa That the Clavicle is Scapula…

what was I even thinking? :s

The Sensitive Soul

One Word: Alaanu Samaria (M)

Mother Theresa (F)

The One-Track Mind

Dont mistake him for the Gunner cuz the Gunner excels!

The Twelve-Year-Old

Those people that always giggle when the topic is about those *ahem* areas..

yes you gorrit!!

This reminds me of my Secondary School Biology Teacher..

That woman is blessed! she could use her body as a specimen…I cant go into details but BMJS peeps know what I’m talking about.
The Sane One.

Drops out of Med School.

So what cartegoy(ies) do you fall into?

Responses in the comment box please. 😀


All illustrations are by Scut Monkey

PS: The term ‘Efficiento’ was coined by @dollstreasure (a very pretty babe…follow her 🙂 )


26 Responses to "The 12 Types Of Med Students.."

impressed……u kud monetize it jst introduce google adsense if ur traffic is kul

Lool thanks..i should try that when i up my page visits 😀

Choi Choi!!!!!! U really nipped it in d bud with dis one……… I don’t really know which one I fall into….either the missing or the prankster *Covers Face*

Its you na? Both ways you’re stuffy (y)

A blend of the gunner, sensitive soul and prankster I am. Or so I think anyway.

Hmmm! Joe! Sensitive soul?

I’m overly enthususiastic! 😀
Ok serzly, I cnt find anythng here dt describes me o. I’d v claimed sane bt folding jeans? Rily?? Naaahhh..

You dont really have to fold jeans Dami…And yes! you’re an efficiento!!

ur blog is amazing…i like d humor

Thank you Fiks!! 🙂 I’m still waiting for that e-mail

Which one do you fall under?

Mr Wana!! I think i am the painfully enthusiastic..but on a lower level with a dash of the prankster….you nko?

nyc post…dnt know whr i fall tho

Thanks Toyin…You might be a gunner at heart + a splash of overly enthusiastic..we can say.

nice one, this better than butter on bread for breakfast. Wonder who d 12 year old and the questionable admission are.

nice one, this is better than butter on bread for breakfast. Wonder who d 12 year old and the questionable admission are.

If I were to be a Med student… I’d fall under the category of “The One Who committed suicide three days into resumption”… That’s not there tho’… But to the Med Scholars… I throw wey salute oh. No wonder you people collect big money during Housemanship.

Haha! Med school is hard sha but its not the way people paint it.. Life’s what you make it so we can make med school rock! 8)

Am not a Medical Student but I can certainly relate wiv it all…Especially the oversabbi’s..=))º°˚˚˚°ºL=DLº°˚˚˚°º‎​=))..Nice one

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Nyc 1…cum 2 tink of it wch 1 do i fall under…

… [Trackback]…

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Really great one I must say! Wonder where u get those mad initiatives from.
Am quite torn between painfully enthusiastic, gunner and sensitive soul. At least those r the ones that come close…

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