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Med Diary (2)

Posted on: July 26, 2011

The last time I updated in this category, I was going off about my GAS202 exam…well, I wrote the exam…T’was quite hard…but all is well…

Med Psychology held the next day…God Bless my legs…they led me to the right place at the right time…where I saw PQs…Asin! Divine intervention…I was going on my own o! And I saw a small group of people…being the jovial person I am (yes im jovial) I went to greet them…Ashey they were practicing Past Questions…Omo! #dontdull Me sef I chooked my head!
To God be the glory the questions were repeated…divine intervention!!
The annoying thing about that day was that the exam was meant to start at 12noon but African time came to play…I was so pissed cuz I was tired of reading and I felt totally blank after sleeping and waking up…Imagine writing the exam around 4pm…The woman is lucky that she repeated questions sha! If not, she would have left the exam hall with a few blessings on her head apart from the minor ones for making the exam start late…
With Med Psych done and forgotten, I had Anatomy on my mind…won wa gbe NLC strike de! I can’t lie I was happy!! I wasn’t half ready for anatomy but on the other hand, It was gonna reduce the time I had for physiology Incourse which was meant to hold the following Tuesday (i.e tomorrow) …
Only for them to cancel the strike later that day!!! May God make them BIGGER!! I don’t want to use the P word on them…
That is how the rest of last week wasted…
I don’t think the drab neurophysiology lectures should be called part of the week cuz really the lecturer does not help matters at all!! Besides we still have Physiology incourse on our minds and you are trying to add more…Plx don’t let man pikins brain reach Breaking point even without knowing anything.
So the NLC people made them shift our Anatomy incourse to this week even after the strike was called off…
Here I am tryna understand the difference between Tubular Secretion and Tubular Reabsorption they just keep mixing up in my head…The effects of vasopressin..Beht why must almost everything have both sympathetic and parasympathetic innervations?? *sighs* It is well
Now we heard that the Non-Teaching sef want to go on a 5-Day strike…they should better respect their pant sizes cuz Emi o raye shit mehn!!
Only God can help us.

PS. All those uncles that will come and be telling me that neurophysiology is important…I know o! This is a SUB :p #theyknothemselves


9 Responses to "Med Diary (2)"

It is well o! Sha don’t run mad ontop Medicine… Nobody wee marry mad woman o!

Lool..Thanks Mayowa.

Smh…..u shld rename ur blog to #The RantingsOfaGrosslyLazyMedico and I won’t add ‘typical’ (some of us love school and can’t wait for exams to come) *insert coy smile here*…..Ehen nd me I know d difference btw Tubular secretion and reabsorption,I know it well sef :p………and Yes,NeuroPhysiology is important :p again.

Kenny You are sick for this comment and i dont hate school…I love school infact i just hate school work!

Baby mi calm down oooo..‎​=))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=)) …yes neurophysiology is important :p (tho i dnt noe wt dt is :s)…hehe success babe :* :*

lol! I love you babes!

*smile* I wouldn’t have much to say here but still all glory to God for the repeated question. But never expect that the next time o. Lol. Well, you sha cannot run mad. That is what I know. No matter what you think, you brain is elastic, it won’t break. Lol. Sha read for the rest well o so that your next blog would start on a happy note. Till then.

Lool..i Sure won’t God is just too good…lool..I know my brain cant reach elastic limit..I hope so o! Thanks Folarin 🙂

Neurophysio aint important abeg!!! Boooorrrriiinnngggg jeez….

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