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Oldies Vs. Newbies

Posted on: July 27, 2011

No! This post is not about your sugar daddies or sugar mummies (parents for short) fighting with your boyfriend or girlfriend (where applicable)….If that is why you are here, kindly close your browser…..but please read on 😀

I was at a 50th birthday bash on Saturday…If I must say, the celebrant looked Thirtyish to me…As in Iya toh sexy mehn,hot as the fires of hell…..…I was dazed when they told me she was the celebrant…O well It is God’s doing in her life…may he do the same in our lives too o! Sorry for deviating but the lord is GOOD! Can I get an Amen??

Back to my story…

When we got there, where we = My Mum, Mum’s Friend and I, The party was half done …Yes we were “fashionably” late…F**k what MI said…Don’t be 5 minutes late when arriving…everybody knows the scope so be some kain 3 hours late 😀 you know that point when a parry climaxes and the grub starts to flow like………Don’t take me seriously o! When you get there and they tell you that it is only bottled water remaining Na your palaver o! If you are lucky to meet them stacking the chairs sef no be me send you!…we digress.

Sha the party was somewhat drab…I wasn’t too surprised cuz old people are not always full of energy (no offence to our friendly neighbourhood Orisha aka quiz master )…not always sha…Ayefele was playing sef so it was more of a sing along something..

Jejely, I ordered my Chinese rice…yes I’m tush like that… 😀

As I was munching, I was searching for signs of life…AHA! I found one…A lanky old lady that was trying to be the life of the party but was obviously #FAILING! I dunno if she was tryna jerk o! but she was making some really funny movements,even a buffalo woulda jerked better…Nobody even tried to encourage her…I was really sorry for her…

Next thing I know, The DJ played Cool and The Gang’s “celebration”….I looked up…. To my utter amazement, those people weren’t lifeless after all…The dance floor was so full it was as if some MogboMoyas had joined in (Who am I to talk…I did mogbomoya too) As in one person was either doing the shuffle, or the moonwalk…or just tryna make a funny movement you can manage to call dancing…even the people that did not know how to dance to the oldies were trying to komole…I trust my mum she did not dull..She was dressed as if she creep walked from the 70s so what do you expect?

I listen to a lot of oldies so I wasn’t quite lost at the party…@SimplySesmo finds it quite amazing that I still listen to oldies…what can I say? They make sense! At least I could make out Michael Bublé’s “Sway”, Christy Igbokwe of blessed memory’s “Omo mi Seun rere”, Adeolu Akinsanya’s “environmental sanitation” and a few others..So the oldies kept rolling in for quite a long while, only we young’uns remained seated watching the ‘oldies’ do their thing…All of a sudden, The DJ played Wizkid’s  “Tease Me” and the dance floor thinned out faster than Wizkid could say ‘baybay’… -_-
Some mummies tried to sway their hips to  “Don’t Dull” without success (i.e they dulled). So I guess the party went with the oldies..

I thought to myself;’Even Now, i’m not moved to dance to this song on my seat so what will make me jump up when I’m 50?’… So I tweeted; “I wonder if I’ll be this happy to hear Wizkid nd co when I’m 50 the way these old people are so happy to hear Cool and the Gang and co.”

I got only two responses which were negative..

So what do you think? Do you think you will jump up when you hear Flavor’s Nwa ‘baby’ 50 years from now? Or will Pakurumo still make you lose it? (Not like it does now anyway) Only time will tell..

Please share your thoughts in the comment box…thanks.

PS: I love Oraibi Wakama so much #nohomo….I also love @Dhamyhan too tho I don’t know why,must be his overflowing awesomeness..


Edited by @Dhamyhan.

18 Responses to "Oldies Vs. Newbies"

I think you are right concerning our papas and mamas digging it real to the oldies. I have also attended a party like that where you could see the adults geTting so involved in those oldies dance. I actually watched because even as I am, I know a lil about music now, not to talk of getting to know the oldies. And truly, this post has just made me realize how much they still enjoy those music. Well, opinions differ. I won’t say the present day music might still get me humming to it when I hear it being played in the nexct 20 or 30 years because even now, they fade faster than a dyed jeans in hot water. But I bet there’ll still be some songs that will still rock even until then. I don’t know such a music now but I know they’ll rock. Afterall, its not all tyhe oldies rock till now. Or is it?

First of all, Lmao! @ Fade faster than dyed jeans in hot water…
I agree with you…Also, the volume of songs produced is more compared to the oldies.

I thnk we’ll prolly dance 2 pakurumo. Ders no way I’ll be dancin 2 songs I nevr listend 2 cs I’m old.

Thanks for dropping by Dami 🙂

Well,you know old people live on their memory so for them digging old jamz is quite normal bt look at it,d track of nao these days dont have long durability before people start hissing wen they play it cos it abt 3 tins most,money women and sex,terry g as a case study,bt d oldies is full of thoughtful lines dat wil be ringing in ur head foreva.anyway i dont see myself dancing to wizkid in d nxt 20yrs.i tink

Thanks brandy..nice points there..

Hmm. Firstly. Lmao. D truth is music of our generation lacks dt quality dt wud bring back memories in 20yrs timme. I guess dis blog tends towards d quality of music we make nowadays compared to d old ones.truth is,d old ones win hands down.we send no message across dese days. And as for wizkid,I cud smile wen I hear it in 2e0yrs time bt it doesn’t drive me crazy now,hw would it den. Lol. Cool blog bw,u brought lite on an issue dt has bn discussed often times

Nice one…I guess it’s a generation thing…there were songs even back then that were all about sex as well…but cos these are the songs they grew up with, they bring back cool memories. Frankly, if I hear any of the songs I really listened to growing up when I’m 50 I’ll dig it like I did when I used to hear them. Darrizall.

Thank you for dropping by 🙂

Kemmi still digs it whenever she hears a fela song……(Though she wasn’t born at d time baba was still gettin high on his puff o!)…anyways my point is,#wizkid’s holla at ur boi is just like a year+ and pple don’t even dig it anymore…so dey’d prolly doze off @50..wat am I saying?..2yrs from nw..#nooffence ‘soup or store’

Aww! thank you selakiss :*

I write too,so this is nt flattery,u r talented,I love d worldplay,& I think we will pakuromo wen we r 50 even tho I dnt right nw……….

Ok Ope..only time will tell

I like your post you deserve a pat on d back……lol, anyway if i hear wizkid’s party album 40 years from now, the only part of my body that would move his my mouth and i won’t be humming along, i will be laughing but i will definitely still be jammin 2face but as for the oldies i only like the melody. true fact Fela is overrated.

Great blog!! You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned 🙂

Errrm… Is it twitter that has developed your writing skills this much or you’ve always had it in you? Well… enough of the bread-soaking comments. Truth is… Only Fela ans Ebenezer Obey can make me shake my head to the beat (MASSIVE LIE)… Just hit two sticks and make ur #Enigma and you’ve got me dougie-ing all over.

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