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Med Diary (3)

Posted on: July 30, 2011

First off! I want to appreciate people that have been encouraging guys rock!!

No! Im not here to RANT! And This is not #The RantingsOfaGrosslyLazyMedico because Im lazy but not grossly lazy.. You feel me? 8) Kenny You are still sick for that comment..

Anyways, before I digress, Its about my week..HECTIC WEEK..

So I had my Physiology incourse on Tuesday! Yeah the one that I did not know the difference betweeen Tubular resorption and Tubular secretion..I did it sha and Im not gonna tell you how it was :P..Just because my First incourse was a sad story!  I was so happy with myself at the end of the exam but the result was an apology..

I was so heartbroken it felt as if…the more you read, the more you fail! I wont let that happen again tho..I will keep on reading…I wish I could read like some people tho… “read without ceasing’ Im sure if i try it i would drop dead! o well! Different strokes for different folks! BTW its not everybody that reads that passes, so also, It’s not everybody that dosent read that fails some people just have to listen in class #darrisol!

Sha Wednesday came, I had my problem based learning (PBL) presentation in Anatomy…PBL is this cool new way of learning..It involves giving the students a problem to in our case, They will give us a Patients case.. and the patients history, so we have to go about the anatomy of the affected part and then give a diagnosis..its meant to be cool but the circumstances surrounding it make it uncool so i’m not always interested….

Gehn Gehn! The next day was anatomy incourse! Curse my alarm clock! I got home that fateful Wednesday afternoon after the PBL ish and I was so tired, So i made up my mind to read a little, sleep around 7 and wake up at 12 to read..Omo mehn! I woke up at 6.30..I was so mad..Anyway I cannot blame anybody…I dint tell anyone I was having an exam the next day..even if..its everyman for himself..

The exam came, it went obviously..I wont tell you how it was too :p but it is well..

The highlight of the week!! Steeple Chase Yesterday (Friday) I’m sure you must have heard very sad stories about steeple chase but i’m not gonna paint a sad picture here, I will just tell you how it goes..

Well, steeplechase is an anatomy practical where there are 100 stations with different questions.. and there are a few resting spots where you can sit down..As the name implies, Each student is at a station or a resting spot…You have to answer your question in 30 seconds and after 30 seconds,the bell goes and you move on to the next…its quite hard tho..

They pin muscles, tie nerves veins, arteries and all sorts and they will ask you to identify them…There are also histology slides you have to identify which can be quite confusing i tell you because everything is pink and the ones I crammed did not even sho face..It is well..What I love about steeple chase is that even if you dunno it, you can write rubbish cuz there is no negative marking ^_^

And I met @MsSensitivity yesterday 🙂 So nice ^_^


PS: I also met @bule_jr for a short while in the morning (Friday) before my steeplechase…he is so nice ^_^ ..Hope to see him  more often..He is also a relationship blogger..see his blog here …I cant believe I forgot that 😦

19 Responses to "Med Diary (3)"

what a week -_- I hope the papers went well though…

Yeah! a terrible week..thanks for dropping by :)…..They were aii 🙂

Dnt knw much bout these things being discussed..buh Wiv every line I try to imagine scenes from greys anatomy.. Yea the steeple ish can be fun buh God help u a lil distraction n u might be thrown off balance mentally. Oh well…kemi, Dnt fail me now, wld rather come to ur hospital dn kennys.. So ill be praying u hotter than meredith cuz I cnt imagine kenny laying hands on my family.#sillyJoke.. Cheers luv

Ps. GoodBlog

Awww!! Thank you smokey 🙂 I really appreciate…yeah little distractions throw you off balance truly 🙂

I like this. You have your own way of writing.
P.S. You didn’t mention that you met me too. 😦

OMG! Now i feel so bad 😦

ehm i tink dis is still #The
RantingsOfaGrosslyLazyMedico :p :p…jokes apart d week was freakin stressful hopefully we’ll smile @ d end 😀
P.s i luff u pls dnt kil me

Lool..Amen o! I luff you too tOYIN :*

Windy baby!!!!!It was truly a week i will neva 4get.Now i find it hard 2 slip.I dey smell PROS……………

Lol! Yes babes! it is well with us o! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

Ehem!!! I’m hearin d great name ‘kenny’ bein muttered here and dere…*sips Vodka,rolls moustache*………nd dese still luk like rantings to me…..btw,i’ll be bck….and @smkyrobbs, I love u too..:>

Ummm,@kemmiiii I was supposed to stand behind u at d steeple chase exercise,werin hapun na?…#kmt + is it me or were all d slides lookin d same(all pink)!…*sigh*…may God help us sha.
❤ u :*

Babes ! I taya o! Na Dr. Olabiyi wey drag me insides…all the slides were pink o! but it is you babes!

#thumbs up# @ kemi. Ril creative. Hp evryfn turns out well 4us in d end, Amen.

Amen! Thanks for dropping by babes..

Hey kemi,nice piece, thought duh whole story sounds really tiring! ‎​A̶̲̥̅♏ a medical student of benin, Ãήϑ i must say that the stress Ȋ̝̊̅§ really ♑t easy †• Cope wiv..steeple chase Ȋ̝̊̅§ much more preferable tho, cox like U̶̲̥̅̊ said Йợ̣̇̇‎​ negative markin an U̶̲̥̅̊ can actually guess..lolzz..about duh problem based anatomy presentation(dnt knw if i got ‎​ЪŦ right)U̶̲̥̅̊ talked sounds really interesting..we dnt D̶̲̥̅̊☹ ‎​ЪŦ over ere, ♑t until we get †• Clinicals..which Ȋ̝̊̅§ 400level…hmm wuld L♥√ع †• Knw more abt it..umm ‎​A̶̲̥̅♏ movin on †• Ur next piece..U̶̲̥̅̊ re very interestin..holla!

Read every night for at least two hours..sleep at eleven pm.
Do extra reading bwt 4am,5am -6am
That’s all you need to do.

[…] will see is Pink or grey with some dots in the middle.. And we have to identify these things in the Steeple Chase o. *sigh* it is […]

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