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My Black Hole

Posted on: August 5, 2011

This is a story written by a friend…@tinymaDAMIE (aka Cute Dami)she blogs here…Enjoy..


If I had known the tragedy that was about to happen at home that night, I would have spent the night at Tracy’s after the party but I wasn’t exactly  psychic so even though she begged and my mom allowed me to stay, I still insisted on going home. Basically because I was waiting for that call from Benjamin, he had promised to call that night and I wasn’t going to miss it. Besides, all I would have to do at Tracy’s was clean up after the party and I wasn’t interested. I explained to Tracy about Benjamin and being the boy freak that she was, she was only too happy to let me go, of course only after I promised her she’d hear the entire story the next day.
The journey back home was uneventful, there was a bit of tension between my parents but there was always tension between them, since as far back as I could remember. I used to wonder why they still stayed together. It made no sense to me but who was I to say anything? I was a stupid 13 year old, “I wasn’t wise enough”, my mum had told me many times, so I just shut up.  At  least this night, they were quiet and they weren’t shouting at each other so I wasn’t alarmed….. In fact, I was happy, and Benjamin was going to call, I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to get home. I kept hoping we wouldn’t get home too late and miss his call.
Immediately we got home, I grabbed my things from the car,jumped out and ran upstairs to my room. I changed into my pajamas and washed my face. I couldn’t risk having a bath and missing his call. So, I sat at my table and waited for the phone to ring.
The first sound wasn’t too loud but I knew they were arguing again. Aarrgghh ….
I heard someone go down the stairs, my dad… he was always the first to leave the room when they started. I knew what would come next and the exact time it would start: “do not walk out on me”,she’ll say, and the sound of her tiny feet running down the flight of stairs. The shouting would start now.
“Why do you want trouble tonight?”
“I don’t want trouble, Frank, I just want to know why you were looking at that slut like that at the party and embarrassing me in front of your whole family”
“She isn’t a slut, Folake”
“Oh, so now you’re even defending her. Shameless idiot,Agbaya. I should have listened to my mother when she told me not to marry a good-for-nothing Igbo man but no, I insisted on love and what did I get, a shameless husband who sleeps with everything in sk…”
The crack of a well delivered slap followed.
Aha! This was going to be a fight proper tonight sha. She’d sleep in the guestroom and wake up with big black eyes and threaten to leave him but she won’t and next week, this would happen again.
I heard my mother throw something; the flower vase on the center table, at him. Despairingly I made for the stairs . I saw him dash towards her. I closed my eyes.  I knew what would follow. Even now, I can still recite the sequence. He’d grab her hair, she’d scream, he’d punch her, twice and she’d curse him and then he’d release her, throwing her off balance, and he’d walk away, usually past me on the stairs and she’d scream curses after him… and I’d go and help her fix herself… but it didn’t happen that way that night…
Well It did, partially, up to the point where he released her. I heard her scream, but it wasn’t a curse and it was followed by silence… My eyes flew open. Something was wrong. My mother was never quiet after a beating. My eyes scanned the sitting room and there she was, on the floor… her head was against the wall, my father was beside her, holding her hand, looking into her eyes. I flew down the stairs. I was already in tears. I ran to them. I held her other hand, tried to feel for a pulse, something, anything.
“Daddy, she’s not moving!!!” I wailed.

Why wasn’t he doing anything? He was a doctor, he knew what to do. He didn’t move his eyes from her face. It was as if he was scared to face me. I knew what that meant; I wasn’t such a stupid 13 year old after all.
“Oh my God, she’s dead, daddy. You killed her. How do you feel now? ” I screamed at him.

I grabbed his shirt over her lifeless body and I shook him. I had no idea where the strength and boldness came from. I just shook him.

He still didn’t look up.

I left him and I continued wailing.

I held my mother’s lifeless body and wailed.
I heard the phone in my room ring. I looked behind me at the wall clock. It was 10:30.

Benjamin was calling but I didn’t care.

I couldn’t move.

My father had just killed my mother.


Im sure  you enjoyed it…Please share your thoughts in the comment box.



23 Responses to "My Black Hole"

this ish is blaady classic mehn……..claaaaassssssiiiiiic, any niccur that hit a bladdy gurl is grossly insane………still yet, i hope we dont get wifes that’ll stirr up adrenaline in us………. shit is sometimes complicated………..

and these things actually happen.
its a scary world.
everyone has a role to play eventually
ladies, don’t push.
men, don’t hit.
neat post, well captured.
thumbs up ladies.

Hmmm….. I think she should continue this story. For a long time have I read a short story like this and actually feel the pulse and tense of suspense. This is actually because this happens in some Nigerian homes. I am a witness of a couple like that; my parents. Though it hasn’t resulted to death, or it never did because I believe they are matured now. I’m always so scared of events like this when they do their thing. Then I keep wondering ‘why do they get married? Is it with force?’ But who am I to talk, for without them I won’t be me here looking at the way he throws blow at her. I used to look forward to my mother filing a divorce someday. But she’ll never do that. I wonder what kind of love is that.

The narrator claimed herself to be 13 year old girl, maybe as at the time of the event. Then she should have been a bad girl for expecting a guy’s call as at that first year of teen-age. But all was a good write-up. I wish I could write like that. But please writer, let us promote inter-tribal marriage. You sure grab. Sorry I talk too much. Lol! Gotta go now! I envy you for this piece miss :D.

Thanks Folarin…I’m always looking forward to your comment.

*waltzes In* Engaging story but we need Bloody Details(Pun Intended)!….how exactly did it happen?….gore makes an entertaining story,u can Neva go wrong….nd Nice story 1ce again *winks*

Kenny not everybody is into dark arts like you!

well written, my heart was beating faster as i advanced forward in the drama, I really feel for pple in this kind of circumstances @pholareen my heart goes out to you.

I ws scared i swear i tot it ws kemmi dis appnd 2..whew!!..lool..nyws dis is very gud..i ws rili into dis story infact i so hope dis is nt real..cos dts jst sad..nywws windy thumbs up!

Lol! It’s fiction babes…thanks for dropping by.

I jst saw dis dis morning. Kemi, thankyou 4 havin me on ur blog :*. And the story is all fiction.
@Folarin, I’m not against inter-tribal marriages o, it ws jst a detail in the story.
All in all, I’m grateful 2 evry1 4 d comments. :*

1 word…captivating!!!(:(:

Lol..thanks se’lakiss

Scary… I really wonder at how some men can dare raise their hands against women… I also wonder how some women go all the way to disrespect men either by repeatedly cursing him or lurking his clothes around his neck… Only a totally disciplined man would be calm still…
May we not marry the wrong person…

Amen! Thanks for visiting sir!

Although its fiction, it does happen just that we believe such would nt be our portion when we get married. Nice write-up, keep it up

@tinymadamie, I’m impressed. Job well done!

the title ahn, i got to say u had me thinking :), but after reading i gotta say its an good piece

Beautiful piece here. Very vivid and emotional.

Nice… Wasn’t expecting the death and what happened after? Did they go to court?

nice work, so is she in coma or wat?

Woah…what a story,beautiful delivery!!

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