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Med Diary (4)

Posted on: August 7, 2011


I’m in a church party right know and I decided to borrow my Step-Mum’s Blackberry to type this…
I must say, we Nigerians like overdoing things….
I really don’t get the point of spending 5 hours of every Sunday of my life in church! That’s a lot of hours mhen!!, Hian! For the whole 5 hours, the only thing on my mind was how to get out of church to settle to the issues of the stomach cuz I was effin’ hungry and ….my stomach was making some really weird noises..followed by what I was gonna write in my next Med diary entry cuz last week was quite event less for me! Then READ! Cuz metab is such a bitch and My anatomy lecturer (name withheld) is on my neck..

So much on my mind yet I have to spend so much time in church *sigh*

It is well!

BTW isn’t it funny how we are such a religious nation yet the must corrupt..discussion for another day…

Did I mention that I don’t like going to church? Yes I don’t! It doesn’t make me any less a Christian…Because going to church doesn’t make you a Christian..

Don’t fear me o! I’m not the anti

So this week, was just a drab week..

We had the first Physiology lab I enjoyed..hehe twas so much fun cuz it was easy and we had to harm a toad *evil grin* we tested the effect of curare(a deadly poison) on the muscle action..

Have I ever mentioned how ‘hardworking’ our Biochemistry department is? I think not! They are always in the mood to teach when nobody is enthusiastic..For example, last week Monday.. After the heavy bout of In- courses the week before, many of us had given ourselves unofficial holidays and the Teacher decided to come..

Like I said, the week was event-less..

Ok! Ok! We started the third course in Anatomy..the very popular Head and Neck..we have heard many scary tales about the Head and Neck..Like I said..if you really want to know the depth of God’s ingenuity, You have to study anatomy because the body is so complex and amazing…The head alone is a wonder…The skull has about 56 labellings in Frank Netter..yes I counted..I started wondering how I will remember such little things..Im sure even Professors of Anatomy cannot know all of ’em..

In the gross lab, we couldn’t do pretty much..The cadaver was really hard and all we could do was try to figure out the layers out of the scalp…Special Shout Out to @KudoMD for giving the cadaver a good haircut..Friction toh behd!! Faith also helped with the sideburns by tearing away the temporalis muscle (y) I love my Dissection table!
A table of butchers..
That said, Neurophysiology is not going too well..the teacher is not helping matters at all! God help us!

Then, we had this form given to us, to rate our teachers, Omo mehn! I rated them well, I showed that Wicked Witch of the West…y’all know her..the lady that is always happy when we fail! Yh! that witch! I hope our opinions count tho!

That should be all…Im sorry for boring you.

PS: Anywhere you see hardworking, replace it with lazy………


23 Responses to "Med Diary (4)"

lool….nice but uneventful…:)

and kinda incomplete….x_x

Yea…pls I need u to ansa ds….assuming a lady bfor she died was on her period…
Will it continue aftawards?? Hav u seen any cadaver bleeding?
I need to kno..tnx πŸ˜€

Lol! it cant continue cuz her body is no longer functioning…
I haven’t seen any cadaver bleeding tho! πŸ™‚
Thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚

Oh yes! Another colleague! #bootyshake… Physiology practicals used to be fun..the rabbits and frog pitting was sooo FuN!!! And Bello (my cadaver) was such a friendly good chap who let me learn…Now I just wear green funny scrubs and watch the Real demi-gods do the dissection 😦

Lol! lucky you! My cadaver (Raymond) dint teach me anything 😦
I will kill to be in your shoes tho 😦

Cool. 1st time on your blog. Can relate to a couple of things cos I studied microbiology. Definitely coming back here!

U’d be shocked to know that’s y they’re professors. I’ll be shocked if they don’t know all 56. As for Church, it’s not about going but about gaining. There’s always a life lesson to learn be it from d preacher, d choir, someone or some peeps in d congregation or something ‘between d line’, something that u’d normally wouldn’t have noticed previously. Guess wat I’m tryna say’s d message’s not necessarily d message/sermon of d day

Ok! if you say so! But my own church is quite boring,..I cant explain it! Thanks for coming..come again! πŸ™‚

In a weird way, this was very entertaining. Actually wished twas longer, cadaver stories are never uneventful. But mehn! U guys have mind! Do u ever like… Have freaky dreams cuz of em? I wonder.

Thanks πŸ™‚
To be honest, after my first lab session it didn’t even occur to me when I was eating meat and I didn’t even dream of the cadaver..
We are conditioned for it already
People believe where are insane..
Please come again πŸ™‚

This I like. I honestly can’t relate with jack though, at least on the med side of things. I’m deeply rooted in the arts, which frankly, is why I like this. I like the insight into others’ worlds through their words.

Church is about the fellowship of the brethren which the bible says we shouldn’t forsake. The church you go too, however, may not be where YOUR (Kemmiiii’s) own brethren are. Find where they are and church would be a delight.

How on earth could you answer ibeta?! Waste of those few mins of your life! *smh*

Lol! Thank you for coming here πŸ™‚
Ok..I hope i find my on brethren soon.. πŸ™‚

Honestly,I beta,wot goes on in your head???lmao….bleeding corpse 0_0

Honestly,I beta,wot goes on in your head???lmao….bleeding corpse 0_0.@Olatoxic,its indeed a waste!

Wow,I’m sure my anatomy cadaver’ll not forgive me for forgettin his name…tnk God he’s dead!lol…

Wow! I actually tried but can’t remember his name-my cadaver! All I remember is he really looked like some dude(name withheld)and each time I see said dude I remember him. Metab, *_*….that’s all I’m gonna say! Ibeta na wa for u sha! Bleeding corpse? Hian!

My cadaver’s name is Solomon :D.
Bleeding corpse? Rily? O_o

[…] the event of Med Diary (4), My wordpress mentor <_< Warned me not Β to post anything If I have nothing to post about. He […]

But your sensei is really harsh oh. I actually liked this [true to God]. I think it’s the fact that you keep it like a real diary and let us in on your professional things. Hooooowever, I don’t like blood [what’s the name of my psychological condition]. Here’s how I found out [insert long story here]

PS: I’m learning to keep my comments shorter now πŸ˜€

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