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Posted on: August 9, 2011

Before you read, I must warn you! This is a really stupid post


Raymond Caddy
Dr. Abraham said you will be our teacher
He said we should be nice to you
Care for you
Dine with you
Sleep with you
Dress nicely to see you
Discriminate against you not
We did everything
But what Did you pay us back with?
The beginning of our woes was the absence of your Cephalic vein
Next was a deflated right lung
Rotten Right leg
Pungent Smell
No Inguinal Ring
Wrinkled Penis
Hard ass Feet
Hole in your right cheek
Hard Scalp
‘Kudo gave you a hair Friction
We still can’t get through your thick skull (literally)
We have been through thick and thin together
Yet you have selfishly refused to show us your mysteries
We appreciate your Efforts though
You were so muscular
We considered ourselves butchers
Muscles with no vessels
Our journey has almost come to an end..
We thank you for your showing us the way…not

lol..Like I said, This is a really stupid post…It just came to my head..
This is about my Anatomy Cadaver, I just Christened him Raymond Caddy (no offense to all Raymonds), that was the first name that hit me…

Raymond has been my Anatomy specimen since the beginning of the year and he has not been really helpful..even though I know it was d mutilation of the morticians that made his Right Lung Collapse and most of his
vessels missing (or he might have been a heavy ganjah smoker) ,I still blame him….!

We really could not make anything out of his body…Well, we saw his Sciatic nerve (the biggest nerve in the body)..after that and his bulky muscles, he has been pretty useless.

BTW he has a bullet hole in his cheek…I did not say he was a thief o! Ehen!

I also wish i got the cadaver with the Rasta hair 8)


39 Responses to "Raymond"

*waltzes in*…….I can relate to dis post,I’m a doc too aint I?…..btw I had an awesome-er name for my cadaver den…we named him Ghandi,d dude was too peaceful mhen(no offence),he just laid dere as we hacked him to d bone…nicest guy Eva….he was missing both patellas though(imagine dat)…… Btw is Abraham d same ol same ol?,i’ll tell him u mentioned :D……. SIGNED: @dhamyhan

Two Missing patellas? Where did his Quadriceps Femoris insert?
Same ol’ Abe…Enthusiastic as ever..
PS Im a Med Student..not a doctor..dont gerrit twisted.

Yimu…doctor butcher

Do u guys allow visitors to dissect….nice post tho but quite random :p

Visitors are not allowed!

๐Ÿ˜ฆ issorai i will do my own in my house then….

Sha dont kill somebody!

I’m an Architect, and first thing that came to my mind was “o ye ki omode yi jegba”. Not until I read the latter part. So “Patewo fun ara e”… Creative Piece.

PS. Add footnotes for medical olodos like us that don’t know what common “Inguinal Cephalic Artery of the Right Cadaver” is. ๐Ÿ™‚

Trust medical students to try n confuse pple wiv big words, I got d cadaver bit from d start plus I liked d first half of it. Sounded very poetic! Keep em coming…

as a matter of fact, i thought at first that the Raymond Caddy was an author of one medical textbook that i googled it instantly. well, nice write-up, poetic indeed.

pardon me for this:

Next was a deflated right lung (emphysema) ๐Ÿ™‚
Rotten Right leg (*thinking* if he was alive, ill say gangrene)
Pungent Smell (cadaverine production, thanks to your so called formalin that will always make me dizzy anytime i enter that cadaver room)
No Inguinal Ring (*thinking*, no iidea)
Wrinkled Penis (hahaha, i no know too jare, loss of blood supply)
Hard ass Feet
Hole in your right cheek (haha, like 50 cents abi?)
Hard Scalp
โ€˜Kudo gave you a hair Friction
We still canโ€™t get through your thick skull (literally) (chisel should do)

Nice piece, checking up inguinal ring now.

Nice one pholareen…..lemme help a bit(forgive me). Deflated lung(also ILD,bronchial obstruction,pleural effusion and haemothorax to name a few) missing inguinal ring(could be congenital testicular agenesis or lack of descent of the testis) wrinkled testis(a carcinoma for instance) ๐Ÿ˜€ ……lawd I enjoyed dis!

hahahaha! ok, that was so much for me to have in my brain. na wa for doctors o! all these? I smh for them. Anyway, it is good to be ggod in whatever yu do. #IEnvyDoctors!

Lol! Nice Try Folarin!
Im glad you’re learning!
and kenny stop showing off!

Lmao! Kemi is mad. Better come and join my table, Solomom is a good dude, small muscles, large vessels and he has the biggest penis of all the cadavers. :p

๐Ÿ˜ฎ Dami! Is that what you go to count in the lab?

see them talking…serial killers in the making.

Lmao….my cadaver’s penis was totally useless!!!…had to do living anatomy to understand,all thanks to **** x_x
Nice write up dear.

Seun! Living anatomy on who?

so it is penis u people are talking about now…why are there not female cadavers sef

There are actually….complete ones.

Ha ! Great Piece *you know i don’t go about throwing pant praises in the air* But That Dude *Raymond Caddy ke ?* Has Been Useful To Some Extent Sha..remember his over inflated inguinal lymph nodes ? Well defined quadriceps tendon ?
Nice One Tho

@selakiss Ha ! Living Anatomy ? *dies*

lmao dis Kemi af mad finish, dre’s no hope 4 u o…back 2 d post my caddy’s nt all dat bad except all dat all his organs wre weird nd yes d rt kidney was quite lower dan his left

Looooooool!!!! Omg!!!!! Poor Ray!
Darn! What I’d give for visuals!

Lol! I wish I could provide visuals but I could get kicked outta school ๐Ÿ™‚
Thanks for dropping by’, do come again! ๐Ÿ™‚

Couldn’t help but analyze the comment of the lady med students here…
What are you guys looking at on a Cadaver? haha cc @tinymadamie and @se’lakiss

Still loling at Cadaver with Rasta hair too..
U crack me up! Medical students are weird. Still reveling why and how God gave me one. haha


Lol! You are very lucky sir! thanks for coming! ๐Ÿ™‚

lol..i wonder what it feels like to be working on a dead body. Do u ever wonder bout the life he lived and the girl’s he dated when he was alive. yes i know, i’m random. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lol! I actually DID.. I imagined him going to work and getting hit by a stray bullet!
Thanks for coming!do visit again ๐Ÿ™‚

Nyc post.I neva touched d scapel not to talk of dissecting a cadaver.I only took interest wen I knew exams were two weeks away.d room always gave me d made me realize one thing dou:surgery aint my thing!I’ll most likely toe d medicine line.luvd d post.made me reminisce about my tym in d cadaver lab…albeit small.n d earlier comment bout med students being weird is kinda ryt!

this is nice Kemi.. but how did u cope with this. When I had to dissect a cat, I almost passed out it was so nasty ewww. Btw what was your reaction when you first saw it and did all that

Thanks B! I cant really remember my reaction but i had my mind made up for it…All in all, I dint pass out or wasn’t scared ๐Ÿ™‚

U hv issues mein! how exactly do u sleep after dividing sumborri’s body??? Omaga o!! Lool! Anyhow sha, rilly creative ๐Ÿ™‚

Lol! It’s not hard Sewa!
Thank you:D

Kemi……………..u scaring me seriously.

haha!!! Nice!!!! I think I like Raymond…x_x

I’m impressed. This is a healthy attitude to a cadaver. I’m guessing 400 level?

Wrinkled penis?!!! Looolz! Of all the adjectives in the world?!!! But seriously,that got me thinking.

The best of us in life may never make a good cadaver after all.

Creative piece, I must say.

[…] Aside, You know how I told youย My cadaver has not been really helpful? Well I guess I can take that back now cuz The cadaver has […]

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