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Anatomy Of A TwitFight

Posted on: August 20, 2011

Kemi: Kemmiiii you eff up I swear! na how you go dey twitfight with Lord Sinzu ehn???

Kemmiiii: You can’t understand…That dude is really %&%&&%$^%#&@%#&*&^%&# feel me?

Kemi: *gangster nod*

This is not a SUB post and all characters are fictional (yeah rite). All screen munches were made up :p


I have never really Imagined myself being in a twitfight! Like really!! Who does that??

This was not a twitfight in the actual sense just a brief exchange of tweets between two ‘blessed’ children and I.

I was on my own jejely o! and This babe;

Konji geh with her Yaki flip hair tweeted outta the blues;

                                               ” @Kemmiiii You fucking suck,RETARD!!!”

I was with @t3juh at the time . I was like ” see me see wahala o! This geh is vesking ontop follow back!!

Next thing i know, Lord Sinzu Retweeted with ”O_O …What was he looking for in my mentions???

Without thinking, I concluded that Konji geh was Lord Sinzu’s younger sister because of the similarity between her handle and his former handle. That was pretty stupid tho. But all the same, they are family cuz they are great FAMZERS! and I thought I had a degree in Famzing.

That aside, I was about to ask Konji geh if she was vesking because I did not follow back. I boned. I went throught her TL and I found…

O_O I see why she’s mad.

God Bless @BankyPhoenix!! As Iwas about to tweet that the babe is mad because of a follow back, Bank tweeted:

“I can bet 5K that nah follow back make this one vex =))”

Ain’t she smart?

After that, I dunno how things got out of hand and people kept telling me to calm down. I love my tweeps!! ^_^

I really shouldn’t have answered them..T’was a waste of my precious time and it was fun too tho! I could feel my IQ diving towards the negative axis of the Line-Weaver Burke Plot (Biochemistry things).

The thing is..Lord Sinzu is really annoying, We both went to the same secondary school! #shikena. He was my senior tho! But we were never friends! we still aren’t but you know twitter na? It breeds rubbish.

So Lord Sinzu Followed Me. I followed back. He started doing this really irritating thing that pissed me off!!

Anytime I tweet at A, Lord Sinzu goes: “#nf A”

I tweet at B, Lord Sinzu goes: “#nf  B”

He will now go further to tweet darling, dearie, sweetie, cutie, lovee and all at them as if they were friends in playgroup!  Orishirishi!!

It was so disgusting, I unfollowed his ass without wasting time.

I was even surprised when i found out that my friends were still following him. We all lashed out at him at different times. Ashey it wasn’t only me that he was doing it to. The Owlowshow!

S/O to #TeamAntiLordSinzu

You see where I’m coming from now? We have a brief history!

I really dont understand how he has over two thousand followers. No offence to his followers but ye are lost sheep!  I dont want any dirty voltron flying over my head o! I know my blood smells sweet! :p

But Really!! Must I follow back? What is the point of following when all you tweet is please follow back? :s

Dont gerrit twisted..i follow back!

That will be all!!


PS: I have always wondered how twitfighters do when they are twitfighting. Imagine..

      Twitfighter’s Mum: Twitfighter is this Amala enough for you?

Twitfighter: Mummy I’m coming lemme throw one more jab at this babe..

Twitfighter’s Mum: Twitfighter do you want Ila abi ewedu?

Twitfighter: *plessing phone furiously* Mama calm down!!! Dem wan destroy my rep for twitter.

For me, it was usual tweeting on my way home. The driver called that he was already in my school. I went to wait for him, got in the car, “Good Afternoon Uncle Lekan” and we zoomed off! I was normal..No adrenaline. No Nothing. My battery was even low at a point and Network started effing up I begged Uncle Lekan to allow me use his car charger.

We got home, My Uncle was tryna form convo with me. I lied to him the day before that I had Biochem In-course to avoid going out with he and his children. Lord forgive me! Hehe! He was now yarning NADH, FADH2 and crap!

When I was able to flee, I went to check what Lord Sinzu and his Kid Sister had to say ^_^

PPS: Just read this. If you dont like it, I pwomise you a Bottle of Kunu 😀


47 Responses to "Anatomy Of A TwitFight"

“Twitfighter: *plessing phone furiously*
Mama calm down!!! Dem wan destroy my
rep for twitter.” Lololololol for days!!
hahaha…nice analysis!!

lol….so you have had a twitfight…i pray i never get into one of those…lol.

Buahahahaha Kemiiiiiii I love u soooo much
Pls I dnt want anyone coming to punch u in d lab tho….

Lol! dem no born dem..*shrieks*

Hahahahahahaha… Kemmiiii, ur blog posts are just hilarious!!! (Y)

Lmao…”he will now go further to tweet sweetie,lovee,dearie…as if they were friends in playgroup”…i hope i never get into these twit-fights…

Loooooool. This is just so funny. You know, tweetfight can be interesting to watch atimes. How did I miss kemmiiii’s tweetfight. Lol. But its all good! At least you know how it looks like now! Mind you, never call Biochem terms crap again. I might engage you in a blog fight for that. Just kidding anyways! Thanks for reminding me of the line weaver burk’s plot. Lemme even go and xheck the Lord_sinzu sef.

*dons voltron attire*
Who be dem!!! Grrrrr!!!!!!!!!
Showww me deeemmmmm!!!!!
*swipes cutlass on concrete* *sparks flying*
Lmho!!! Niiice one babe, always ignore frustrated people. Its the best way! Muah! Kai, but sometimes yea, when the words in ur head r hot, drop a nuke on their TL’s and do a Beyonce strut away.

Lol! we dont have to waste our energy on them.

Dis one is serious beef ooo dnt mind dem,dey sha want to famz wif my ojulari by force.peele dear nxt tym jes ignore pple lyk dat they re nt worth d stress.

Ok, got into a tweetfight with @JohnConnect_ because i shook my head at his constant changing of avatar and handles… I mean, some peeps are just itchin for fights… Just saying

Twitfighter, I guess you ain’t hungry cos if you are *lips sealed* lolz!
Twitfighting is real good nd fun, almost got involved in one but my being on twitter is to put on a show for my followers so I had to obey them when they said I should bone. Now, I have learnt that its better to be quiet and be abused than to twitfight and give the ‘low twit-life’ cheap publicity and help grow their follower base

LMAO! Where was I when this happened though? Things are happening.

I’ve actually been in a “mini” twitfight with that Lord Sinzu guy..he’s a total waste! Sha sha..good write-up @kemi and S/O to #TeamAntiSinzuLord

dis is so funny..can’t stop laughing..@kemmiiii you just made my day!!..Good job! :*:*

As in!! U r blessd 4 dis post!! :*..I’m a victim 2 D̶̲̥̅̊ stupid sweerie n darlin mscheww…i sw all his tweets too..wen he n oraibi fought..truly,twitter gives sum idiots 1 stupid ego dey cn neva ave in real life….=))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=)) 1 I’m so sure Oraibi will soon drop ha comment..lool #teamantisinzulord

Kemi Windapo, eda ni e.
I was almost asking why they were attacking you when I saw it, but I don’t like violence & I don’t like helping ppl fight cos if we both get beat down who go rush us go clinic (I pity my future wife sha). 

It’s funny what “ff back” can cause these days, you now stand the risk of ffing a simpleton at your own expense. Maybe I didn’t get the memo sha, are we using our ffers to redeem our crown at the Pearly Gates?

(this comment nearly long pass the blog sef)  

Lmao!…lordsinzu:n.(lawdsinzuhh)a genaral term used for stupid dumb daft idiots.#teamantisinzu

So you got into a twitfight? 😦

And I wasn’t there to support you against the assholes!!? Forgive me Kemi. It won’t happen again.

Tho we all know silence can do wonders.

Lol! yh we shouldnt answer them 😦

I Was Er3 😀

Nw Isilebo (Lord Sinzu) is going global..carrying his yunga sis along..Lmao!..just unnecessary provocation jo!..b4 I go, S/o to #TeamAntiLordSinzu.. *boarding a flight*..and errm..Kemi,nice one.. *wink*

Looool u don crack me up agen hehehe coolies ..nice one babes

So I’ve carried last niye…..choi!!! Shey U̶̲̥̅̊ seee????! N dt dy kemi ws doin holy sista U̶̲̥̅̊ cn see hw annoyin he is..STALKER OSHI!!!!!!…nyws nyc 1..n all his folowers wil b finkin his 1 vry :x…nyc KEMI!!! I’m so api bout dis writeup…#TEAMANTISINZULORD…n i so wait 4 d dy he wil b brought to d level we all noe he belongs..:*

i laughed at the twitfighter and mom scenario , but really for me twitfights big no no, may God help me

Dis post as been long coming. Never knew @sinzulord was isilebo, total jerk, almost got into a fight with d guy, he pisses me off


Laugh wan condemn my ribs oooo….. Choi! why wasn’t i der sef? Beht wait is it dt geh dt was in howells house?? And on isilebo… d first he started fflwing me, fear grip me! I was like, is it the same isilebo in Bmjs?? Like, d one that used 2 drink tea from kettle?? Omaga ooo!! Change is the only thing that is constant :D…. And btw, i am #Teamsinzulord *Hides inside kitchen cupboard*

Lol! Sewa! It is the same Isilebo! Twitter can work wonders!!
HeHe *throws rotten tomatoes @her*

Hmmm! Hilarious i must say…i wonder why i didnt see this “twitfight”…..but really who are the xters i dont think i have seen their handles on my tl before #jstsaying

Click on the links..those are not the real handles.

Very funny…good you didn’t get into a twitfight with those scoundrels. #followback can cause #TwitFight sha 😐 i’ve neva really witnessed a twit fight….well just if by any chance as little as the chance of Lady Gaga turning Born Again you decide to get into a twit fight….pls do let a broda know 😀

Yeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Okay ℓ̊​ almost fell down from where ℓ̊​ was sitting … Kemmi just made ♏Ɣ day oooo .. Abi ℓ̊​ it a must person must follow nii… RETARD OSHI… Gan son ℓ̊​ D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ ur back jooo #teamantisinzulord

LMAOOOOO…. I know my comment is late but this was hilarious… Another nice job Kemi!!! 🙂

This is funny. 😀

hilarious….hahaha (Y)

nice one !

[…] in blogville unless a post has something about twitter in it. i know this because my two posts Anatomy of a Twitfight and #NIGERIANTWITTER are my most viewed posts till date. But in recent times, they seem to be […]

‘lord sinzu’ is a psycho….like I dissed d guy for his ‘pls ff bak’ nd ‘baby,darling’ stuffs nd d dude blocks me……its all good cos I love it that way… d hediot always finds his way into my mentions :s….twitter is funny tho

LMAOOOOOOO!!!!! He does this frequently, that I know….. Loooool!! I Cant control my laughter….

Lol..this is very funny..

Whats with this my sudden thirst for kunu? …lol

grlfrnd yu v gat tym o….i cn nevr b caught if dah kinda thng…yu a very good writter thou….nd its effin funny….LWTMB
lordsinzu d famzr….#ihateppl dah stealz folowr…

..this is so hilarious!!

Wat’s funny tho? \..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯

Lwkmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!kemi o

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