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Our Best Friend

Posted on: August 22, 2011

I watched as Chinwe paced back and forth in the waiting area. She looked so troubled. Everyone else was sitting patiently with gloom scribbled all over their faces.

Ricky was rushed to the hospital. I had found him lying on his side when I got back from my play date with Ugo just across the street. Ricky is always Hyperactive. I knew something was wrong.

Chinwe never really liked Ricky; yet she was the most tense.

Why the sudden love?

The Clock kept ticking; we kept waiting but still no response from the doctor.

( Chinwe’s thoughts are typed in Bold)

I don’t even know where daddy found him.

Daddy brought a stranger home. A cute stranger. His cuteness even masked his dirt and smell.

All I know is that he was very cute and adorable. It was love at first sight.

Everyone was drooling over him. He had stolen my shine. I hated him.

Brown puppy eyes.

Annoying piercing eyes.

Lush brown hair.

Ugh! That hair!! He totally needed a trim!

Totally Lovable!

They kept drooling over him. It was choking me! I cannot even lie!

We cared for him.

How did he steal their hearts so easily?

We trained him.

Im so sure he jinxed them.

He knew all of my secrets.

I even wonder what Adaora is always babbling about to him. He cannot understand for crissakes!

I knew all of his.

Stupid noisemaker.

We had so much fun together.

Adaugo cannot even keep normal friends for once sef.

He even slept in my bed.

I had agreed to allow him enter our room. But to climb my own bed! Mba!!

What can cause such mysterious sickness?

He Pissed me off. I shooed him off my bed several times. He did not budge. He pushed me to the wall. I may have wanted to kick him in the gut but I don’t understand how I kicked his head. He toppled down with a really loud thud. He wasn’t moving. I was scared to my bones. I carried him out of my room so that no one will know that it was me. 

I am now a murderer.


Thankfully, after the long wait, the doctor came out smiling.

A good sign.

He announced ” Ricky is doing fine now. He just had a few head injuries probably from a fall. We also noticed that he had not been feeding well, that is probably why he passed out”

Before the doctor could complete his speech, Chinwe screamed ” I AM NOT A MURDERER” All eyes were fixed on her.

Immediately, We all heard Ricky’s lovely sound;

Woof Woof Woof” I ran to him to give him a warm hug. We were drooling over him again and He stole Chinwe’s shine once again.


This post was written by our friend who has chosen to remain anonymous.


44 Responses to "Our Best Friend"

yaay I’m first. very interesting. but a dog…? really? i thought it was a person

Thank you for reading. Im glad you liked it 🙂

Sorry I didn’t read it. You kinda lost me at the beginning.

Thank you sir for trying to read. It is actually a very simple story. Please try again.

Chinwe be tryna kill puppies outta jealousy and shit.

Insecure lil’ ho.

LOL. Thank you for reading sir

Haahaahaaaa! If am Chinwe, I will term myself a failure till I get rid of dat hem….. Lmao!

LOL. Thank you for reading sir!

noice…it doesnt av 2 be abt a dog its jst abt dat 1 person dat ‘steals’ sum1’s luv 4rm u

Thank you ma for the addition. Thanks 🙂

You got me..thought it was human. Nice

Im glad you liked it. Thank you 🙂

(thanks btw. i’m beginning to enjoy this)

But you see, its unfortunate that i’ll take Chinwe’s side on this one. Since I was a kid we’ve always had at least 1 dog… at the mo’ I’m sick of them. I wish i could hire Chinwe to come and deal my 8yr Old Alsatian a good [deathly] karate kick.

I dunno what it is in literature but i like the creative rendering of Chinwe’s thoughts. (Y) to her [cos i’m dead sure it was written by a babe].

PPPS. I like Cats now.

Lol! Thank You Sir for your observations. I will be sure to inform Chinwe of your interest in her services 😀

Fooled me but can’t lie I didn’t like d story.

Thank you sir For Reading. Im glad to know your reaction.

Was under d influence of thots. I meant to say I liked d story.

Hmm! Thank you still.

Awww! I love!!!
Hahaha!!! Chinwe sounds like me shaa… I tortured my first puppy for a while b4 I fell in love with it. I can totally relate. I like this.

Im glad you liked it. Thank you for reading sir.

But Lady Evo, na by force to comment?!

Anyway sha, me I really liked this piece, loved the twist. And I have this sneaky feeling that I know who wrote it… 😉

Anyone who likes this should like…

Thank you very much Sir!
I got the inspiration from you 😉

I didnt know it was a dog until I read the first comment.lolololololololol. u try sha.

Thank you for reading sir 🙂

WoW…u got me there thinking ricky was some guy,nd i disliked chinwe at that point for being a hater,until i realised it was a dog….yeh nd i also like the flow of chinwe’s thoughts…gud one girl/man

thank you for reading sir/ma Im gald you like it.

I knew it was a from the first sentence. It was pretty obvious. Anyway much better kemi. Much much better. But you need to start writing yourself again. Too many guests writers lately IMO.

Thank you for reading sir.
We shall look into it 🙂

Yeah, thats writing. you dont know what it is actually til you get to the end of the story. I was fooled too and I’m glad i was fooled. lol. a dog, right! a great piece.

Hahahaha was I’m lyk chinwe oooooo hehehe.interesting kemi .

Thank you for reading Sir.

Hahahaha I’m lyk chinwe oooooo hehehe.interesting kemi .

Kemmiiii!!!!!!!!!! cool sha, i was torn between believing it was a dog and a boy until the end …..nice 1

Thanks for reading sir! Im glad you liked it 🙂

A puppy? What?! hahah… that got me! lol


Im glad I got you sir! Thanks for reading! 🙂

Izalie jo!ricky is not a dog se!@lst to me ricky is not a dog!ahahn ow can you deceive me like dis?lol…nice 1!

Lol! Glad to decieve you maám! Thanks for reading! 🙂

Jealous over a dog? Na wa O.

It Happens Sir. Thanks for Reading Sir 🙂

i would never EVER hve guessed he was a dog lol.. girl, u’re good 🙂

kemi is a genius !

*Clapping* *Standing Ovation*

This is sheer class… Totally too technical for a crude writer, your thoughts seem so seasoned and filtered. I’d be damned if you don’t have a senior well-learned mentor. You combined the key attributes of literature… the anticlimax was there, the suspense, the thought delivery process was outta dis world… And most of all, you didn’t #GBAGAUN… Well, its not meant to surprise me; Its Kemi Windy… There’s always new… I’m impressed.

And don’t be surprised I know this much about arts… Mystery noni

Just keep posting good posts.

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