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Med Diary (4.5) + A Little More

Posted on: September 4, 2011

“Since long time i never write new post..Since long time I never write new post. Many of you go dey wonder why your geh never write new post! I just dey looku and laffu..I just dey looku and laafu!! I dey look and laff! I dey look and laff!!”

                                                                                                                                                 -Merix of Fela’s  I Laugh’

Don’t let me deceive you…Apart from looking and laughing, No inspiration! Plus laziness!! Plus I‘ve been so busy!! You know na? Med school (Exams and shyt) Plus Dadddy’s birthday Plus silly guests 😦 and all!! So pretty busy.

Since the event of Med Diary (4), My wordpress mentor <_< Warned me not  to post anything If I have nothing to post about. He also warned me about too many guest writers; People want to see me write. To be factual, I really don’t know how to write about anything apart from my journals and people seem to respond well to my Journals and Med Diaries. So I guess I’ll stick to those. It’s my blog right? The baba is strict sef! When I wanted to use exam as an excuse for my laziness, The baba did not gree o! He said I have to be committed!! *God Help Me* I love him tho!! I’m sure you want to know who he is…Aproko will not kee you!!

People have been bugging me for a new Med Diary. But my life is not that interesting na?? This is not even a Med Diary. Hello?? 4.5?? Its just me apologising for Med Diary (4).


As I was trying to type this ish! I noticed somethingOn my Time_ine #withanl….Subs were flying all over the place and I was like this should be interesting..what has happened again?? Before I could say AH! PHCN did the deed!! I was sad!! They sure know how to make somebody carry last. But never will I carry last  in that kind of thing. GOD FORBID

Without wasting time, I found my C1-01 Launched my Opera Mini Brower and searched for #withanL…Just so I could be in the know. rather than asking stupid questions like a last carrier that I am. So I got the inside scoop.

If you’re here to know what happened, or you are looking for some kind of controversy or for a funny story,  I’m sorry but you are in the wrong place *sweeps you away with ugwu leaves*

The only thing I learnt from this is that you should not put your private life out there. Whatever happens in your private life should stay there. You should learn from it too.

Even though I blog about my personal life, I try as much as possible to keep my ‘private’ life out of it.

Its really amazing how the Citizens of Twitville are so interested in Blogsville now because of the recent Brouhahas! It has been fun tho! Starting from the Twitter Celebs to the Virgin Boy… They obviously left the people wanting more. I found this on my Timeline.

The people of Twitville are actually enjoying these Uprisings.

In case you missed the Blogsville drama, I aint giving out no links :p I have been too nice to ye last carriers!! Do your own homework!! If you want the links tho say it and you will pay :D..Hehe! Blogsville is the shinzit!!

I don’t have much to say about the Celeb post but I really had fun going through the comments!! Almost 1000 comments!! Who does this?? GothPrince why you noo come write for me? Some people built houses there..People advertising shoes and all..Im sure you would have made a fortune selling Gala and La Casera in there. It was some really serious ish!! Some other people were just joking around and the Voltrons and Victims (people that did not get follow backs) doing their thing.

I noticed that the people of twitville are’nt really interested in blogville unless a post has something about twitter in it. i know this because my two posts Anatomy of a Twitfight and #NIGERIANTWITTER are my most viewed posts till date. But in recent times, they seem to be everywhere. Waiting for a controversy.

Did you read The Encore to that Celeb post? I was with Goth Prince on that one. The points he gave for why twitter is serious were so on point and I loved it.

Should I still title this Med Diary 4.5?? O well.

Moving on..*changes gear*

The Virgin Boy…People pretty much missed his point. I felt his point was that You can be a virgin and still be cool. Taking him for example. People just turned the simple message upside down. They must sha see the flip side of everything !*sigh* Some people were even like why should he tell us that he is a virgin?? OK. He can’t tell us that he is a virgin but its okay to write about your sexcapades?? it is well. In another light, It’s his blog, It’s his life so why do you even care? If you dictate what you want him to write, It’s no longer his blog.

Blog: an online diary. So you can do whatever you like with your blog and there are different types of blogs out there…From the blogs with serious Life lessons, To the Sex  blogs, To the Funny as hell, To the Relationship blogs, To the down right Crazy, The Poets, The inspirational ones, The religious ones, The political ones (citation needed), The techies, The Sport blogs, Those storytellers and so much more….Hehe, There is now a Dear Auntie  Kemi section on The Great Tula’s blog sef.

Im beginning to rant.

I thi….That Reminds me!!! This recent trend of nude avatars!! Why evils?? Do you need followers that much?? I think there are better ways of getting followers than showing the whole world your nakedness. A boobvatar can suffice. Testimonies anyone?? Or be smart. Tweet wise things, Or you can even buy followers I know they do this. Nakedness is not the way o!! Think of the future.  Your bride price is reducing..minus 50kobo per hour.

As for me o!! Im trying my possible best not to do anything that will hinder me from becoming WHO president…Be yimuing there o!! Instead of you to famz now…You might want a job in the UN building will now run to me. OK!

Ok. I'll stop here.I promise not to bore you much, and fewer guest writers. 
Thanks for taking your time out to read this till the end. 
 REMEMBER! all your private affairs should stay outta the public eye.


Sorry for the length. I just had to.

PS: I did not go through the stress of putting up all those links for nothing o! ehen!!


Photo Credit: @HeartBreakKeed


73 Responses to "Med Diary (4.5) + A Little More"

Aunty Kemi is here again! I can’t believe I carried last on the #withanL issue o. And e pain me gan because I have never carried last. It is always fest fest all the time. Lol.

Nice work here. You have a way of making something serious look humorous a bit without it losing the main reason while it is there. And to @Heartbreakeed, the photos made it more interesting to read.

I await your med diary 5. I’m not so sure that’s what you’ll call it. You the best ma’am!

Hmmm…. Those pixes are nothing without the script by Doc. Mrs Boobs… ahem I meant Kemmiiii

Lol ” A little more” ? Much more rather.I could not help but smile as I read the post.
I also did not understand how some people missed his point (Olatoxic’s post) I think most came with the expectation of reading how he lost it and not how he is still keeping it.
Thanks for the post.

This your post is not anything about medical tinz nau. Why? We want to know what hot doctors like you go through. All dem Grey’s Anatomy tinz. Anyhu, the pictures made me laugh. As well as the Fela intro. 🙂

Yes I also want to know what hot doctors go through :p

As Usual.. Funny post… Twitter is amazingly turning out to be something serious, kinda has this ‘touch of High School’ in it..
Like the post… Kemi has a way. 🙂

Too Hilarious! I think this is the first of your MED Diaries I’m reading. Meanwhile, e pain me say I miss that #WithAnL Gist but I couldn’t trade that Amala and Ibadan hospitality for nothing. Plus, …I shouldn’t be so much interested.

As for the nude avatars, Kemi… You put up a nude Chicken too, how does that make you feel? Fun to read sha, i hope we aren’t putting too much pressure on you to write

PS: “Shey Kemi does not have Blog for us to read this night ni”
via Tweetlist Pro – Sat. 23:48

that’s me reporting myself.

Chickens dont wear clothes na? 😦

I carried last on this one!! Who is this virgin boy?????

Bwahahahahahahahahahahahah *cough cough* #pause Pahahahahahaha!!!

Great stuff, babes. Great stuff!

Although while reporting the dude WithAnL’s news you now started stealing his shine somehow, somehow… Usurper much?! /:)

*sigh*™ thanks for the advice eh kems! I’ll get you yet!
BTW, “all press is good press” Yes I’m forming iron man.
You write like a female version of me..getting into my head eh? Nice!

Oh my!! *faints* Female version of Kev?? That is great!! :$
BTW Im waiting for in the news.
You go Kev!

“Nakedness is not the way o!! Think of the future.  Your bride price is reducing..minus 50kobo per hour.”<——-LMAOOO!!!!! "Gala and lacasera"?? You this geh! Don't kee me o!!…..Good Work kemi, and when you become WHO president hollachur boy 😀

Still LMAO,
& you said yhu cant write O.o
Great stuff (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y)
…Carried major last on that #withanL shii tho & apparently its heavier than it looks

Kemi, you are funny o! Top top post, and who won’t finish reading such an engaging piece?
Extremely funny pictures, and u used dem just perfectly too.
WHO President? Ur head dey there o!
Baby blogger? Stop whyning us jor! (Y)

Thanks Yemi! But ya the one whyning me! lol

This is Remarkable!! iJust kept nodding all through!!! Oh btw, this is me Famzing 🙂
But seriously, I ttly agree with keeping ‘private’ away from public view!
Great Post!! And yup! The Pictures made it more interesting! (Y) Big Ups!!

Lol! No Famzing! I am your fan!

LOL:) #ilike but I still vnt gotten d ish abt d #witanL (guess I’v carried last big time).+ d naked avatar tingy is a matter of choice,nt like I support it tho,if u like u can like 2 use goat,dog or ugwu leaves as ur avatar…nice write up hun!

Hehehe had to steal d ugu avata ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯

Hehehehe…drama drama drama everywhere…nice post…enjoyed d read, nd it wasn’t so long…was it? *nose grows longer*

If I hear say I no comment!….I dnt need 2 remind u dat am always proud of u..d way I enjoy reading ur blogs ehn?..person go think say na E-book..Good job bbz..u shld write a book…

LOL funny shii… I still don’t know the story with the dizzle, siren & kelvin … I’ve read d blog but I’m hearing different shii from people.. Please this last is unbearable.. Help me ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡)

lol… Hilarious. i love the pictures… who is jessica abeg? lemme check out the avatar, ;). blogsville ko, RmEKPON

Kemi ma guy!!! Kemzone! Kemoski!!! (Insert other nicknames that make it obvious that I’m famzing)

Remember me when you enter paradise oh…or in this case, WHO office

Lovely job Kemi. *clapping*

lmao! Your guy?
Thanks hun :*

woah, u said ‘kemi ma guy’ Y, u just made me laff harder, now my tummy hurts.

Lmao (y). I dnt nid 2 famz, do I? U alredi knw me 😀

Looool… It hurts me when I see a girl that writes better than I do… Wonderful post, hun… Wonderful post…

Why am I finding out about this blog (and those pics) now? My stocks in the Last Carriers union is increasing tremenduosly, I don’t like this.

Humbled by d mention. Good point about not having to post on ur blog when there’s really nothing to post or in some cases, when it’s not due time to post ;). Keep it up, I’m always learning from ur writing style!

And I am humbled by your comment *bows*

Me I carry last on ‘#WithanL’ and ‘the virgin boy’ so I want the links or update sha, dnt worry I’ll pay….. What do u mean by ‘fewer gu’ I knw it’s a typo but my … Brain can’t figure it out. Nice post BTW (Y)

lol thanks..i meant fewer guests.

nd d weyreh strikes again…u tink u r nt a gud writer yet u av dis way of makin d most basic thing sound funny, i’m kinda jealous o…P.s we medicos need 2 give d ‘mere mortals’ a taste of our world vry soon 😀 :*

Aww! Thanks Toyin!! Yes o! We must show them!! (y)

*sobs* its Sunday nd am already wearing dat LASTma Jacket again *burst into tears* but d #withanL of Rev. Run was d sh!t.
Pls tell dem to kip their private life private nd once its on a blog, its ‘our’ affairs nd not dirs again. Little wonder why I don’t post often but I guess that will have to stop. Oya, kemmiiiii b4 I call u aunty, u av to be my mentor nd motivate me to always put up post regularly. 😀

PS: don’t forget to gimme contract wen u get dere o! U know how it is *big grin*

OK!! *dons mentorship outfit*
Stop lazing around and gaan write!!

enjoyed readin dis sha… nd dose pictures… *stealin em*

*sigh* at least you are writing again. This was funny in bits, would rather have proper med diaries. But twas good. (Y) keep working at it. 😉

This was good…all forms of chuckles. #Gbam

Lovely post….enjoyed every bit of it!!!nice one kemi nd yh @heartbreakkeed nice oneee,mde it more interestin 2 read 😀

OK…. Expect more of them pun pixes. Watch this spot

*sigh* kemi kemi kemi …the only person’s blog I olwaz read ..this is anoda good one … Marry me and write abt us joor :*

Ok Love as soon as i’m done with Med school.

Hey!! Hold it!!! Don’t let’s start this over here jor…she’s mine nii, my sweet, darling, ‘efo-riro’ (#SayNoToUgwu) girl 😀
Lovely piece dear…lucky me, I dig up all d info I need no carrying last again lai lai..
@kemmiiii we’re waiting 5.0 sha…d Lord multiply ur skills & u thrill us more jawe…this was served very hot! Kudos

my sister has made me wet myself again *i’m not famzin, she is my sis* and @heartbreakkeed u rock. I want more medical episodes sha.

Lol! More Medical Episodes when my life gets interesting!!

Awwwww….. I rock… *head swelling* Na Kemmiiii bring out d shine in d pixes o


Yaaaay!!! Datz ma girl. A very witty write-up, I must say. With just the right touch of humour….here & there. Way to go gal


Iv never carried last and i didnt intend to starrt #withanL… I gat my birds all over twitter, whispering to my ears the strangest things. I personally promised TheGothPrince a new volkswagen beatle for that blog tho… And as for this blog, Didnt know Kemmi was such a talent. I love female doctors (or doctors-to-be), especially the ones that write blogs. Those pics were stuff of genius too… Got me rolling. I have a blog myself, but its got only one writeup and i aint proud of it. More kerosine to your elbow Kemmi, and may the Good lord be with you. Lol #cheers

😦 no someone just proposed and you said yes..why did I harbor any hope 😦

Kemi,pls tell dem again oh!!! Must dey ave plenty followers….buh dis is a masterpiece….kip bringin dem in…Ūя̲̅ #1 fan…. 😀

[…] Posted by Uncle Amowi on September 5, 2011 · Leave a Comment  “Since long time i never write new post..Since long time I never write new post. Many of you go dey wonder why your geh never write new post! I just dey looku and laffu..I just dey looku and laafu!! I dey look and laff! I dey look and laff!!”                                                                                                                                                  -Merix of Fela’s  ‘I Laugh’ Don’t let me deceive y … Read More […]

Nice (y)

i come first at carrying last *sigh*

nice journal by the way

This is really good!I love it!I can see you’re making use of the tips from your mentor#withanL(ok I know that makes no sense,but I just had to) 😉

KEMI… KEMI… KEMI…. *In Martin L Jnr’s voice* I Have A Dream… Get the hell outta Med school and start a writing career. BE THE CHANGE
Great Stuff… Your head is there like a passport

Lol!I Wish That was possible..Thanks Jide :*

Wow!!!!! Nice 1… The pics too…. LOL!!!!!

Loool. Nice 1. Have me in mind tho when ur WHO prexy.hehe

lmao.. brideprice reducing 50 kobo per hour..nice blog babe!

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