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Her Story

Posted on: September 7, 2011

This is a short story written by the lovely  @Mizz_Starzz. Enjoy


This story wasn’t mine to tell. It was when I saw the name ‘Adeleye’ tattooed on a white woman’s back that I began to piece together her story. Funny how there wasn’t any sort of Ade in her given names but for some reason it juggled my memory.

It was during one of our many BBM conversations that she began telling me. First, her past poured out and I sympathized: the many cold nights, the neglect, the public indifference. What got her through it? She’d like to think it was her resilience I choose to say it was God, why? Cos I’m a believer I have blind faith. no questions asked. She talked about how she’d eaten off many dishes and I listened and sympathized some more. She ate the ones of sorrow, of lies, of wrongful accusations, with tears in my eyes I consoled her.

Next came the recent present..

At First, it reeked of love but boys will be boys.

Now all she talks about are the beatings. How she copes? She disassociates herself from the present when its happening. She goes to her ‘happy place’ and watches while it goes on. The only reminder she gets are the scars running all-over her hands and back, angry scars, stubborn scars that refuse to heal. Suffice to say long sleeves were her favourites. She’d never wear gowns, never wear backless dresses too…

Now I understood why.

It wasn’t all pain she reminded me.

She had killed a baby for him one time but he wouldn’t still give her the ring. She would then launch into the ‘Ibiza story’. The postcards from Italy; it had been peace on all sides back then

Lately her story had been filled with ‘I’s and ‘Me’s…..

Sitting on the bus I kicked and kicked myself for not noticing. I had my head so far up my own ass I couldn’t see that she was drowining! She was calling out for help, as subtly as her strict upbringing and self pride could allow her. She was asking for my help and I was too blind to see. And I paid dearly for it too. When it was my turn to pour my handful of sand on her coffin as the preacher man droned on “ashes to ashes…..”

A sudden chill descended upon me.

It was a hot July morning, most of the mourners were too hot to cry since we were all robed in black. As I looked up I could have sworn I saw her flash me a wicked smile and disappear amongst the trees.

Why ‘Adeleye’ triggered these memories I am yet to find out. This is her story. Just as she’d want it to be told, sharing her pain without revealing much.


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31 Responses to "Her Story"

Wow! True story or friction? But all the same Boys will always be Boys cos Gurls are Always Gurls 😀

Sad story.

Shet! A nucca almost cried!

1st , I’l like 2 knw if dis is a tru story or just a write up…..nice piece tho….big ups 2 mizz_starz n kemmiii

Miss stars wrote this 😮 *faints*
Awesome! Really touching.. Had to Ʋ knw.. Grab my NVM -.-

Goodwork (y)

Touching…. Good writer… Boys will be boys, true… But Not all boys are assholes.

Fiction or not. Tis story is (unfortunately) real. It happens everyday in our society

I feel very slow -_- I dnt understand the story x_x …but nice work Starzz

Oh …I read this again. Sad story…she died right? 😦

Pity we can’t do much about domestic violence from comments on a blogpost. It’s really sad these things happen, and sometimes to those close to us. Say no to domestic violence. ‘Happy place’ though? Reject that shit.

Nice, but this is “Psychological BlueBalls” oh.

At first read, I was speeding past all the stop signs expecting the story to be laid out on me, till I got to the end and felt “cheated”. So I decided to give it another go, [when I got the DM, yes true groupies don’t carry last] then tried to pull the pieces together but a lot of it was open ended cos the objective of the plot is in last line.

I like it, reminds me of Swordfish (Movie). It’s a laconic conundrum (OMG See Big Grammar)

PPPS(Bad Behaviour I learnt from Kemi): Great Piece, keep it up Ms. Starzz

Bee, O_O…. Smh……

This story got me sober. You have a good way with expressing hers and your emotions through words.
Excellent piece.

Nice write up! Will totally be bak for more.

Nice! Short but with nice plot. Not too much of details but the gist is there. Sad though. Nice work @mizz_starzz and to @kemmiiii too. 🙂

And once again Lucrezia does it… Sad, touching n compelling. I like d fact dt d story stays hidden n only reveals itself at d very last! Dis one wud get u thinking

very nice story…am still searching for d right words to say bt its veri nice…very nice i must say

Beautiful story but had to read it twice to fully get it but twas good
Too bad we can all mourn and be sad here but it’ll amount to zit. These things happen everyday around us. God help us.

Beautiful! I can understand somewhat the idea behind the initial obscurity and I like the way it all came together eventually.

It’s very sad and tragic but very inspiring and thought-provoking at the same time. Good one.

Jessica Writes?? Allow me laugh a bit…

At first i tot they were ramblings gone bad and pointless.. buh on a Second read, it all made sense. Few words, the opportunity given to ‘reader’ to imagine, play and figure out what the story tells has to be the ‘high point’ for me about this Piece. No joke i felt slow / “carried last on the gist” after the first read. Touching story too. Good one Lucrezia
……. on a second thought, guess ill just nod rather than laugh.


Read it twice..but am just not A̶̲̥̅ fan of Love issues..nice tho

Awwww so sad 😦 she had a nigerian boyfriend that maltreated her?

thanks everyone for your comments, No it wasnt a true story but like most of you said its a sad reality that happens everyday. I dont have any close friend or family that has been a victim of domestic violence but i can imagine what it must feel like for them. once again thanks for your comments.

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choi! eya. nice. the coffin part was really….touching

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