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Med Diary (5)

Posted on: September 9, 2011

Hey People!! I know I have come again and thanks for coming again; But I have to start off by appreciating you all, Thank you for the Comments, Tweets, RTs, Commendations, Honest Criticism and all. I am genuinely overwhelmed. I love y’all.. God go make una bigger o!!.

In case you Carried last on my last post written by @Mizz_Starzz see it here

So you asked for the boring life of a Med Student…That I shall give you..

All errors are totally @Dhamyhan’s fault.


This Post was meant to come up yesterday night and I was meant to tell you how I wrote my anatomy CA on the Head and the Neck which was actually okay but I can’t say if I’ll ace it cuz I was very sure of acing my CA on the lower limb but the result proved me wrong…

Have you ever been in such a situation;

The Efficientos of the class announce; Blah Blah Result is out!! Then you go…OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! Then..

On your way to the notice board —-> 😀

When you see people coming back —-> 🙂

You see that brilliant dude —-> 😐

You see the general performance —-> 😦

Your result —-> 😥

Hehe…Noticed how I used you and your?

I remember one time @bYbaaaa and I were on our way to the notice board too. This particular Alhaja..ever smiling and all was coming back, Her expression…PRICELESS..Dare greet her and chop hot slap.

Well, I was too lazy to post last night. Don’t lemme bore you with the details of how I slept early and still woke up a Few minutes Past 8am and I had a Lecture for 8am. Osinubi for that matter. I survived.

Well, I dunno how to arrange everything I want to tell you guys. Lemme do it Chronologically….My Lord!! that red line did not show!! I can spell!!!

In this Medilag ehn, its as if all the departments plan to release result upon result when there is an impending in-course. See what the physiology department did last Friday…Anatomy CA was this week and they decided to release our second in-course results. If I must say, That is the worst general performance I have seen in my entire life!!  But bone o! That exam was hard and the time was not even it. Anyway the Lecturers told us to expect the worst but it was the “worstest”.

Why do you want to know my score? Na you pay my school fees??

Kuro jare!! #Movingon

At this point, I can decide to beg those mamas in the church always calling me “doctor” to stop o! I never write first MB.

Then we have Biochemistry in-course in two weeks, which is sadly a day before my birthday 😦 . Anatomy Department decided to add more salt. They released the second in-course result today..Another cycle of depression.

*sigh* but what can man do? You will read, read, read, Turn to Iced Fish inside the cold room, Become furniture inside the library, Drink all the coffee your money can buy and still not pass, Im telling you; It is not life.

I’m not talking about myself o! Ehen!

But Anatomy lab has been fun lately, We have been dissecting the skull and all..

YES!! While cutting through the calvarium of our cadaver, Sukanmi used the saw to cut my hand by mistake 😦 I have taken appropriate shots and drugs for it tho but I can’t lie to you! I was scared sh*ttless! What if the cadaver died of AIDS or something. My stupid friend @bYbaaaa couldn’t care less..She started telling me all my stuff she was gonna inherit. So much for love.

That Aside, You know how I told you My cadaver has not been really helpful? Well I guess I can take that back now cuz The cadaver has the best brain so far!! ^_^ Other tables had rotten brains… Do I smell a SUB? People started propanding theories like he didn’t use his brain well that is why..well..warreva! We have a good brain…This is not a gbagaun o.

Then Today, I started wondering why the Histology attendants like lying. They will tell you “you will see the large lumen between the interstitium and the medulla” (Don’t google this..I wrote crap) But when you get to the Microscope all you will see is Pink or grey with some dots in the middle.. And we have to identify these things in the Steeple Chase o. *sigh* it is well.

There you have it…The really boring life of a grossly lazy Medico.


PS: If you did not take the hint, My birthday is coming!! Y’all that promised to take me to the shrine <_< I have taken screenshots of your comments. They will be used against you in the court of law (inside joke).

Also Help a sisteh out..

You see? I’m humble 🙂

You should Follow Wana‘s 30 day challenge! Its really interesting.



Calvarium –  Upper part of the cranium that surrounds the cranial cavity containing the brain.

Brain – Really?? No..Really??

Histology – Study of tissues. (Histo = Tissue)


44 Responses to "Med Diary (5)"

First! I always knew Medicine was dry! Nice post maam

Yo! (First to Comment :D)
Now to read ze Blog.

LMAO!!!!…. U still did a good job in the absence of my awesomeness… u av started to fail abi?,smh vigorously…..nd bout d histology lol…I can totally relate mhen,back den centuries ago(Yes,I’m old),we used to cram d shit…hard as hell mhen…nd Yes,our shrine outing still stands nd err…the aftermath.

Av you people discovered the science of Time travel?…….I swear I was first!

Kemmiiiii… okay o. I like that red line part… You brought out a joke out of a really regular line. (Y)
But medicine??? *yawns* I’d rather plank on King Arthur’s sword than google ur terminologies *deleting browsing history*

King authur’s sword??…that’s disturbing mhen.

Chronologically….My Lord!! that red line did not show!! I can spell!!!… don’t forget to share ur sunday testimony and i still have my spot at the shrine.
p.s: does medilag pay d family of d deceased/cadaver…….. God forbid dat my body be used as cadaver.

eeyah, pele about the cut *i’m truely sympathetic* my condolences to d red blood cells that were let out and won’t return. they will be missed. On d bright side @bYbaaaa will not be inheriting ur properties.

Thanks least you pretended to care.

Can imagine if I had to do med diaries back then it would be filled with the fights btw us all in the dissecting room and histology laba nd all the meatpies we ate beside those dead armed robbers..
Anyways with slides..what you do is read that red textbook..I guess its still red..and look at the slides every single time they show it then make sketches of your own..ur sketches will stick better than the text anyways.u will still have to repeat same with pathology so best to master the skills early.reminds me of those days (old people plenty here o)okbye

Lol! I haf been doing my possible best. *sigh*

Yh nd ma bday is a day b4 d incourse(biochem) #sadmuch

Nice post. Keep it up ^_^

My name is in Kemi’s blog? *faints* *wakes up back* *faints again* *wakes up again* *faints*.

Funny n entertaining 😀 *applause*

What’s there in spelling “chronologically” abegi!!! Good post 😀

So that’s hw its gonna start…wana puts ur name in his blog den u do d same
Mummy push person…person push mummy… Small time …..

Torrh Shikena!

#excellent observation…d dots r coming 2geda o..@kemmiiii, guess its coming 2u easy now…tis ur turf & I enjoyed d post…almost dint get d ‘red-line’ joke sha but *strait face* I geRrit nw..hehehe

Lol! Don’t know how I ended up reading this blog buh , my word , I wasn’t disappointed, brightened a pretty gloomy evening….. I like d professional perspective at which u looked at a cadaver… Cheers @ChisomSays 😀

Lmao… I swr, it is effin sad, I swr, d scores nd all. I sha beliv dt we shall pass our pros… Amen.

Ibeta! Hmmm… There is no Ugwu involved here o!

I forgot to add ur multi coloured flats…I’m getting dat too bbe!:D :*…interesting!

*sigh* *Blank* Medicine tho, *smh* Goodluck and BTW DM me ur score asap 😐

Very lazy medico indeed. Sha don’t fail d next incourse. :p

Fack! I wasn’t the first sha…well we don’t kuku know what this Lalupon girl has put inside her blog, but we’re enjoying it.

Took me two hrs to finish this one [insert long story here]. When I think of it, all the doctors i’ve met never talk about the tests they pass… Na so-so “odo” and they always justify it with “it was the whole class”. Well, God is watching all of you and the hands you use to operate patients (me, “BigHead”…Payback is a Binsh ey?)

Okay, any further compliments to this blog may be filed under P-Setting. I can DM the rest on request. Keep it up dear, and grades too.

Lol! Deolu! its not easy o!!

Nice post dear.. Bt medicine, I hated biology 4rm d start nau. So I just read it n things I didn’t no, I just replace am with simple english dt made sense in ma head

*sigh* beht why ehhhhh? WHY? Nice sha…..buh science pple,una dey try oh!! Chai!!

i carried last on this o. but its all good, no worry you go scale through first MB now…lol

I’ve always known dis …na OLODOs full LUTH……..u try small sha , small ooo

choi! see life. i have a genius friend studying medicine in UI, yet when she tells me the results of her tests…. i shake my head. this girl was a 5.0 material at babcock uni before she changed to UI o! see life. in 2008, she was attempting to read for her 2010 exams. God na Uno muscle. its horrible to think that after all this hard work, govt wont now pay doctors their salaries. YahWeh is your strength

*sigh* Amen o! Thanks Ekwe!

SwrDwn dis blog is dry 2 me jare LOL *scrolls page down* TALK ABOUT MULTIPLYIN 1 BY 1 TO GIVE 11… 😀

Lol now I wish I was a medical student. I know why I run away but now I want in. Nice post

looool…med school pple sef..smh. lemme just pretend i understand all those terms u used *sigh* u just sha wan oppress! Nice 1

“They will tell you “you will see the large lumen between the interstitium and the medulla” (Don’t google this..I wrote crap) But when you get to the Microscope all you will see is Pink or grey with some dots in the middle.. And we have to identify these things in the Steeple Chase ”
This is exactly what is going on in my head. I just hope the whole med thing is worth it afterall. Best of luck in your upcoming Exams.

Thank you 🙂
No need to have doubts. God will se us through.

Kemi there’s just something so natural about this. I love the phone picture too. The whole story just speaks of the medical experience in undertones. Much respect to you. Thanks for honouring our request. Next we need a post on how doctors date each other and find romance. Still on Grey’s Anatomy things. 🙂

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