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Isé ni òògùn ìsé

Posted on: September 12, 2011

Another E-mail. From My pops this time around..


Hello Children, below is a poem we learned by heart in elementary school and it had good effects on us.  It was sent to me by an old colleague from the US. Enjoy and learn from it

With Love from Daddy


Isé ni òògùn ìsé……..Work is the antidote for poverty
Múra sí isé re òréè mi….Work hard, my friend
Isé ni a fi í di eni giga…..Work is used to elevate one in respect and importance  (Aspiring to higher height is fully dependent on hard work)
Bí a kò bá réni fèyìn tì, Bí òle là á rí;….If we do not have anyone to lean on, we appear indolent
Bí a ko réni gbékèlé,…If we do not have anyone to trust (we can depend on.)
À tera mó isé eni…..We simply work harder
Ìyá re lè lówó lówó…..Your mother may be wealthy
Bàbá sì lè lésin léèkàn…..Your father may have a ranch full of horses
Bí o bá gbójú lé won,…….. If you depend on their riches alone
O té tán ni mo so fún o,……You may end up in disgrace, I tell you
Ohun tí a kò ba jìyà fún,…..Whatever gain one does not work hard to earn.
Kì í lè tójó…..Usually does not last
Ohun tí a bá fara sisé fún,….Whatever gain one works hard to earn
Ní í pé lówó eni….Is the one that lasts in one’s hands.(while in ones possession)
Apá lará, ìgùnpá nìyekan…… The arm is a relative, the elbow is a sibling
Bí ayé n fé o lónìí,….You may be loved by all today
Bí o bá lówó lówó,……It is when you have money
Ni won á máa fé o lóla……That they will love you tomorrow
Tàbí tí o bá wà ní ipò àtàtà,…..Or when you are in a high position
Ayé á yé o sí tèrín-tèrín,…. .All will honor you with cheers and smiles
Jé kí o di eni n ráágó,….Wait till you become poor or are struggling to get by
Kí o rí báyé ti í símú sí o….And you will see how all grimace at you as they pass you by
Èkó sì tún n soni í dògá,….Education also elevates one in position
Múra kí o kó o dáradára…..Work hard to acquire good education
Bí o sì rí òpò ènìyàn,…..And if you see a lot of people
Tí wón n fi èkó se èrín rín,….Making education a laughing stock
Dákun má se fara wé won…..Please do not emulate or keep their company
Ìyà n bò fómo tí kò gbón,…..Suffering is lying in wait for an unserious kid
Ekún n be fómo tó n sá kiri…….Sorrow is in the reserve for a truant kid
Má fòwúrò seré, òréè mi,…..Do not play with your early years, my friend
Múra sísé, ojó n lo…..Work harder, time and tide wait for no one.

15 Responses to "Isé ni òògùn ìsé"

*sharpening cutlass nearby, getting ready to do work*

nyc. very inspiring

And U̶̲̥̅̊ killed it again,kemi…..beautiful

Read this at 6am on Monday. Perfect start. Should print, laminate it, know it by heart then pass it on to my kids in Yoruba…its deeper in that dialect.

A daily mantra, momma made sure we learnt the verses by heart…I can’t recite well, but recently I found that line to be very true ‘when we don’t have anyone to trust; we work harder’ and God bless our hussle…dear Kemi (director, wHO) Baba go make you bigger 🙂 archived this post 4 ever!!!

i know most people say work hard, i think most importantly work smart….if it were by the sweat from our brow, manual laborers would be the wealthiest people on earth

Mehn, Your Daddy is a Yoruba Scholar oh [I am sure he was on Ajayi Crowthers Translation Team]

Having said, nice one (Y)…Now *Cmd Cing* and *Cmd Ving*. and if I may add my personal resolve is “Dont work hard for yourself, you’ll burn out; Do it for the people that mean the most to you”

*sighs* ‘Isé ni òògùn ìsé’ …… memories………..
I got beaten to know this by heart and its really working for me and somehow, it has made me ‘Jack of All’.
Reminds me of the Ogun State’s anthem ‘Isé ya, Isé ya, omo Ogun Isé ya………..’
*sighs* we too like hard work in Yoruba land, I guess its time we learn the antics of delegation.
Nice one dear

Wow! Food for thought.

Noiceeeeeee one kemmiiii!!!!!

“Ohun tí a bá fara sisé fún…” in these words, ring true what my professor said, once upon a (long) time.
He said; “Master a good technique, then, leave yourself to inspiration.”

Experience has proven it right again and again and (yet) again that anyone that dares to work (consistently and committedly) will always have work to do.

Work (have been told many times) does not kill.

Oh, that people will choose to work…..

Kemi, this is very inspirational, and even more touching in its Yoruba form.
Though I had to peep at the english translation to understand some deep words.
But altogether, it’s a nice poem, worth keeping a copy of.
Keep it Up. I love your blog.

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