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Be Thankful

Posted on: September 21, 2011

Today is my Birthday :D.

Hala Virgoes!!

Yes Im Legal!!

18 years is a really long time that is why I want to write about being thankful. This is NOT a sermon.

You see you don’t need to be thankful only after you get an A in that really tough exam, Or your maga finally bought your BB Bold 5 or You got that long awaited promotion.


Be thankful at all times. All day Every day.

Thank God for the Air you breathe. You dont pay for it. Some people find it difficult to breathe.

Thank Him for the Gift of Life.

For every step you take. Some people cant even walk and you can.

For Sleeping and Waking up. Ever heard of insomnia?

Thank him for food that you can eat. That “some have food” song we used to sing in Primary school was not a joke o. Visit the hospitals and see people that can only feed intravenously or through their noses. Not to even talk of the people that cannot afford three square meals. Thank him for the ability to empty your bowels. As disgusting as it may sound, many people pay millions of Naira just to get  their bowels emptied but you do so with ease.

The ability to see. Do I need to say more?


Normalcy and all.

There are many things to be thankful for.

Thank him for all what you can think of.

You don’t have to wait till Thanksgiving day to give Him thanks.

This reminds me of the Thanksgiving episode of that “Sheep in the Big City” When Farmer John was  reading out everything he was thankful for and all the animals fell asleep. You see, there are many things to be thankful for that we easily overlook.

I had an e-mail to share with you but It’s uploading slowly and I dunno how to do it with wordpress for BB.

So you see we should complain less, Give more and be thankful.

When mummy cooks Amala instead of Spaghetti, eat it and savour it

You want to stay in Emerald, Daddy can only afford Madam Tinubu hall. Dont fret, Some people live under Eko Bridge.

When maga buys Bold 2 instead of Bold 5, Think of me with my c1.

Your Mommy is mad annoying? Some people don’t have mums.

Don’t look down on people. You can never tell why they are in certain situations.

I may not come from the happiest of homes but I’m thankful that everyone is hale and hearty.

What do you have to be thankful for?


25 Responses to "Be Thankful"

HappyBirthDay!!! Saw Your Post On Wana’s Blog, Looking Forward To Reading More From You

“When mummy cooks Amala instead of Spaghetti, eat it and savour it” *sighs*
What am I to be thankful for?
Hmmm…… If I start, my comment will be more than your post but am thankful that I have MBA *sighs* the race was tough nd rough but I was one of the few that made it to the end and in the midst of it all, I had the chance to fulfil one of my childhood dream, I WORE A SKIRT *big grin* its kilt o! Scottish ceremonial wear 😀

Oh! I forgot to say that am thankful that today is ur birthday *big hug*.
Where the party at?

happy burfdei!!! *big, fat hug*

I’m mega proud of you baby! :* :*
Happy birthday!

dis is sumtn a lot of ppl need 2 read…hapi bufdae hon

So what am i to be thankful for…lemme c… life, my family, med scul infact evrything that has ever happened to me…..wonderful post …..keep the good work up.

And happy birthday.

First of all happy birthday dear.. (Dis must tire u by now)

We all seem to forget d importance of giving thanks, whether we realise it or not HE (God) continually blesses us wiv d very little things we take for granted, things we dnt even knw exist…

Nyc one..wat am i to be thankful for?? Anatomy result…i may not be passing,buh i still do beta dan some that get zero….nd alot more…HBD once again #teamvirgo

Happy Birthday. And yes, there is always something to be thankful for.

Happy birthday dear….Finally , kemmiiii is now eligible to vote….:D

I’m thankful for God’s favour and the way he sorts me out…exactly a year ago I arrived UK for my MSc and I’m done with it already… Happy Birthday sweetheart, God will make you BIGGER..every good gift labelled Kemi shall make its way to you l’oruko Jesu!!! Many more years ahead 🙂 *singing pakurumo till fade…

Beautiful!!! And soo inspiring!! 🙂

Kem dela creme………

I’m ALWAYS thankful ƒσя GOD’s protection on mylife Απϑ my family…I remember falling off a balcony some months back, in sch tho! Απϑ breaking a few bones here Απϑ there wiv a few scratches here Απϑ there the passing out ƒσя hours thingie too,the last guy dat did it..R.I.P but the good Lord kept ♍ƺ alive to dis very moment so I’m thankful

P.S:-sorry dis is coming in late but happy belated birthday sugar Απϑ nice write up too!

*singin* im so grateful 4 d things that you have done…. nice piece Kemi

*sober reflection*

Happy belated birthday!

We should be thankful for everything nd kemi,hapi birthday in arrears

Oh, I missed your birthday. Happy Birthday in arrears. Your new template is hmm… lol


happy Birthday, however late it came. I tink i owe u 1 cos u wished me same on my ‘Birthday Blog’ post
nice post
Virgos Rock 😉

U gave me another reason to be grateful to God…

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I carried LAST sha … 1 kemi:D

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