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Posted on: October 3, 2011

Lemme Introduce to you Nkechi Modupeola Okoisor (@_nkechi). My close personal friend. Student, Model and CEO FAHARI COUTURE.

She’s a lil’ bit insane. I tried to interview her via BBM but we couldn’t keep a sane conversation.


Kemi :  Oya lerrus do our interview
Nkechiola: I’m ready 😀
Kemi : Ok
Kemi : How old are you?
Nkechiola: Ori e o pe ni? Wetin consign age with Fahari
Next qweshon!!!!
Kemi : Ok
Kemi : What inspired you to start Fahari Couture?
Nkechiola: Ehen…tiff! Where did u tiff that question from?
Kemi : My head
Nkechiola: Na so
Kemi : Answer Bitch
Nkechiola: Wo iss too long
Nkechiola: Oya chill
Kemi : Ok ma
Nkechiola: I had this barbie doll then, I would always design and sew clothes for her out of my old clothes, and I just had interest in it. My main inspiration was when I went for a fashion show here in Lagos, I met with top designers like Mai Attafo and the likes, I saw their designs being displayed on runway and I just thought to myself “you can do better than this” and that was all, I decided to take it into business
Kemi : Ok
Kemi : Who are your major pillars of Support?
Nkechiola: The pillar of salt
Kemi : Oh..Salty Bitch
Nkechiola: I no get jor
Kemi : Ok
Kemi : I’ll put your mum and myself
Nkechiola: Ok, my mum
Nkechiola: Weyrey!!

Kemi : Where do you see Fahari in the next 5 years?
Nkechiola: *clears throat* I see Fahari….err I dunno how to put the  english. I see fahari going international, being an African couture I want to leave foot prints in other parts of the world
Kemi : Ok
Kemi : How do you combine school work with designing?
Nkechiola: Jamb question!!!
Nkechiola: Designing is a part of me jor! :p I did fine art in ss3 you don forget ni?

Nkechiola: So it doesn’t affect it baybay!
Kemi : Ok

Some more info;

She started since: 2005 as Helen Kisor wears, she changed to Fahari Couture because she wants an African name.

Why Fahari?: Fahari covers the whole of Africa because it means Pride/Splendor in Swahili and Swahili is the most spoken indigenous      language in Africa.

Her inspiration: Her inspiration  comes about when she thinks about the challenges African women pass through everyday, she puts her ideas down into drawings (not writing)

Her newest collections:  they are called “Vukani” meaning Rise and shine in Zulu, these designs are based on stories from the 6 African countries who speak the language, their women have been through assaults one way or the other, they’ve also been beat down so many ways. These designs just imply that one should rise and shine no matter what they’ve been through.’

She makes:  Only clothes…And only for women of all shapes…Of all ages.

Contact: 07065367642.

Twitter: @fahari_couture / @_nkechi

Address: 94 opebi road

Watch out for Fahari Couture on the runway at Get Arena for Vibes and Stitches this December the 22nd.


10 Responses to "FAHARI COUTURE"

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn!!!!!! Kemi has never been this nice to me ever since I’ve known her *dries tears* thanks a whole lot :* :* :*

Nice Collection!
I really like the blue dress with the large sleeves.
Great job Nkechi 🙂

Thanks a lot Mide, God bless you 🙂

Wow! Nkechi! Ur clothes are so lovely! Ur gonna go places!! (Y)

Thank you Solape. God bless you 🙂

Its is so lovely, I wil rili lyk 2 ve 1 oo, its cool kip it up nkechi.

Awwww, My Darling SmallRat just granted her first interview. The Idea(Kemi)… Fantastic, and the content(nkechi) is impressive. I will continue to endorse “Fahari” for everything it represents (to me).

But you rabbits should be a little more serious next time, it’s a way to archive small beginnings and keep track of your aspirations. Do another one soon, and Nkechi, this our room and parlour blog cannot contain us again ga’an start your own photoblog and hire an editor like Kemi.

I’m excited for you. Two Thumbs Up

Deolu!!!!! Thank you loads. @Ayotunde thank you too (((hugs)))

i read it and i prayed for you to get international recognition………. oya gimme my own virtual hug

O.M.G I jst hope I’m not dreaming pls did you by any chance attend St’leos catholic prv8 skul and by the way your collections are just too fabulous

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