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Posted on: October 11, 2011

Hey y’all.
I’m introducing a new Category…
Not poetry by me; Poetry by two good friends of mine. Banji and Oumisaa.
They are Med Students like me.
Today I bring you Banji Olokodana Banji.
Money is like a prostitute.
She’d go home with anybody as long as you are promising.
You need not be good-looking.
She gets to your bedroom and expects you to rock her wildly
Should you shrivel like a eakling
She be your goddess and ride you like a weakling to the ground.
She’d be up and you’d be down.
Little wonder she passes you by the next time
Big players treat her like shit
Use her and throw her pay on her
They respect her cos she satisfies them but they don’t show it. Making her beg for more though they’d have asked too.
She pleads and moans under their grasp for they sure know how to handle her.
The other night I saw her pass by the sissy for the big gun cos he knows the game.
Money is a bitch
You can’t afford to love too much or too little
Either way she knows but how you rock her decides your next meeting.

Lolbee Art.


5 Responses to "Money"

Good stuff.


nice ish banji thumbs up

D poem would av been better as an allegory….as in if it were only revealed at the end that was talkin about money
nice poetry though

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  • Cecila: When shopping from the internet, a numerate of the great unwashed ofttimes take time to scan done a twosome of reviews on the merchandise ahead qual
  • cycatrx: Kem dela creame....... :d
  • bybaaaa: Lol. I just saw this thanks to oumissa. I love you. :*


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