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I Remember When..

Posted on: October 15, 2011


I was just sorting out Files on my computer and I stumbled upon my old Journal/Blog. I called it my BLOURNAL: “Kemi Tells It Like It Is” .

I opened my blogger account; I was like “Who wants to read my crap sef?” So I shut it down and Started blogging to myself. Really corny stuff. If anyone should read it, I would blush to death!!! Don’t even think of stealing my computer. It has a password. You can’t crack it :p

This was the only reasonable thing I could extract from it;



I’m not Tryna be puritan or something, but you have to agree with me that our morals have gone with the wind…..yes or yes??  –

So I compiled some words in our vocabulary that were harmless back in the day (I also threw in some sayings)…

I remember when….:p

Tit was always for tat….uhm-hm

Pussy was a cat..

Cock was a male chicken

Bone was still bone

69 was just a number….yes it was

F*@k was a forbidden word…we have modernized it to EFF

Gay meant happy

Horny was never a word!…same thing as KONJI when I first heard it, I thought it was some kind of disease..

Dick was a man’s name…as in Tom, Dick or Harry..Heloooo???

Head sat on my neck

Okin was just…well..Biscuit??

Come was to come..

Boob was a stupid person

Cans were just cans

Shag was something rough..

A jerk was a foolish person

I thought pregnancy was from kissing

ATM was Automated Teller Machine??

The womb was a box…. Thanks to Nollywood!!

Dope meant cool

Crack was a crack

Curiosity killed the cat…

If you have sex, you will drop dead…

Virginity was dignity and not lack of opportunity….HELL YES!!!

Making out meant draw..

Missionary was well..Missionary

I did not know what spooning meant

But now…

Legalization of pornography and prostitution

Legalization of gay marriages…

You turn on the TV and 16 and pregnant is on air

You Google “black” and porn is the result

Everybody makes a sex video

Guinness book of record acknowledges the woman that has sex with over 900 men in 24 hours…ever heard of STD???

At 16 your mum thinks you dunno what a BJ is and you just smile on the inside…uhm-hm

Teen moms is up next on MTV Base..

Any music video that does not have a swear word or doesn’t depict sex doesn’t sell…Ask D’banj

We no longer tell the little ones “Close your eyes” during the racy scenes…

Who gives a damn about age restrictions?? R18 = Fam

Abstinence is no longer preached…they say use a condom instead…

Many things you may know that I  don’t..

o_O Now I have lost all my innocence..

Thanks internet,

Thanks TV,

Thanks twirra

Im out.



Loool. Corny eh?

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13 Responses to "I Remember When.."

First 🙂

Hey, You at “First” she hadn’t even started mentioning tweeps? And you’re here 7mins earlier than the first link, how is this possible?

Hi Kemi, even though I’ve seen a lot of these, I’m inclined to think the others copied it from you. More elaborate and witty but not overly suggestive, I think the last one is why I like your blog. Sex is a private business why hawk it? However lemme add, there was this one time I thought if you woke up and checked your sheets at the right time while sleeping on the same bed with a girl you would see “Semen” travelling on a straight line to her body. X__X

Loool.. I was d 1st 2 see d link tho’… Anyway, Kemmiiii, i also remember when tales by moonlight was d ish, beht now, clubbing everywhere 😥 *grabs tissue*

I remember thinking konji was a disease too. Like “beri beri” or something.
I still don’t know what Okin is. Isn’t it biscuit? :s

True thou… The devil crept in nd he’s now at d centre of it all

Everything all boil down to the fact that the scene of this world is changing. I fear for the coming generation…

to tell u da truth some of these things i still dunno(wt’s ”come”) & i only just got to know wt konji really is

Yeah,This blog`s really cool.Kudos Windapo!!!!

na true oo…just two days ago…ifudontgivehead was trendin worldwide on twitter!..smh!

True sha nd for those hu dnt noe d meaning of sm of dese tins I suggest u c @Lexxcodi nd @dhamyhan 4 more info

I remember when LOL only meant Lots of Love and people didnt go about forming new ones like LWMMSO (Laf wan make me slap obama) and TGIF never meant much, nor did WTF…we never spoke in accronmys

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