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Med Diary 6.0

Posted on: November 4, 2011

It’s been a long time since I wrote in this category; Life in Medilag has been really boring. Hence, nothing to tell you guys.
September is probably the best time I have had in med school. Apart from being my birth month and all, we had almost 3 weeks lecture free!!! 3 awesome weeks of lounging and reading for exams. Apparently, we ended all our third incourses in Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry almost simultaneously.
The incourses were ok. If I must say! With the exception of my biochemistry tho. METAB incourse. Like the hardest freakin’ thing. I coulda sworn that the questions were in Latin!
On to the fourth course then on to Professional Exam
The Big Guy. My very first professional exam. Eerily called Pros/MB.
I’ve different many tales of Pros. Of people who aced all their incourses and fared woefully in Pros. On the better side, people who didn’t pass a single incourse and aced Pros. Or people who failed all their incourses and even Pros and go on to ace the resit.
None is my portion sha. My incourses have been..well..uhm…None of your business 😀 but im looking forward to acing my first professional exams. I can’t even think of resiting..not to talk of repeating. It scares me.
So my MB should be in December/January. The time is not certain but whenever, I have to b can tale ready to kill ém cuz I’m gonna be examined on everything I’ve learnt since January!! Bloody hell!!!
I can’t even remember how to draw the brachial plexus *sigh*
Seeing as fourth incourse should last about six weeks, and we’re almost 3 weeks in, The finals might just be in December .
Anywho, I have to quit tweeting, blogging and any other side thing so I can take studying seriously. So I guess this is gonna be my last post in a really long while.
When I get back, I’ll probably have my own 30 day challenge. If my brain cells are not dried out that is. I really love what Qurr is doing with his. Very well thought out and all.
That should be all.
Hope to come back soon.
Thanks for reading.
PS: I don’t mind topic suggestions for my 30 day challenge. You can drop them in the comment box or tweet them at @Kemmiiii.

Thanks 😀


12 Responses to "Med Diary 6.0"

Don’t worry dearie…..all izz well
We’r gonna ace that exam in flying colours in one sitting…….’M sure of that……..buh we’r sure gonna miss on blogville + twiiter too.
Wait a min! I think ‘m the first to comment……….. *at last…..* sIghs

:(…..this blogg’s gonna b out for a while

Wait, no boobs here. what am i now doing here???? O.o. all the best in your incourses and pros. :*

flying colors is ur portion in Jesus’ Name. :*

Goodluck with med school! call me when you’r making seven figure sums :p

good luck… keep smiling it helps 😉

*dancin palongo* this is my first first…. It feels so good to be on top u know.
Wow! Doctor Kemi :D, I personally will miss reading ur posts but oh! Well, go ahead nd ace those courses plus ur professional exam, I know ure coming out in flying colours but u must read o! I wish u all d best *hugs*

X_X how did I manage to sleep off without posting my comment in the first place? Now dis wicked Doctor will either want to test my sanity of gimme LASTma Jacket but oh, Well…. Success dear *winks*

All the best darling! We’ll be here when you return! Go ace your papers!! :*

best of luck…hope u come back bigger!

All d best love. Av faith.

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