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Posted on: December 26, 2011

Hope y’all had a happy holiday cuz I didn’t. While Everyone was going Xmas, I was going Xams :(.

I know…I know…
I said I won’t tweet/blog. I lied.
Today I have @Mhorghan. My senior from high school. He sent me this lovely post a while ago but I was too lazy to edit. I’m sure that is why he sent this awesome post to Yemi’s Window. Check it out.



Howdy babes…and goons sha. Hehehe… would just prefer to greet the babes. If you are reading this then someone agreed to feature me (I don’t want my own blog).

First time o! clap for me! Usually, I have a lot on my mind…some massive stream of thoughts and I usually let myself sink into it #inceptionstyle.

Should be reading right now but there’s a huge indication I would just sleep of…Tales of a stressed out Unilag dude.
This feature has nothing to do with sex, gals or anything that may interest your already perverted minds..urmm..unless your mind has drifted here a couple of times…am talking religion!*wait!!!don’t close the tab na! haba! calm down!..thank you, let’s move on.
*curtain opens*

I’m late for class one bright morning and Evil Dash(I can’t use real names o! my G.P is important to me abeg) as already started rambling on about signals and fourier series

*sidenote: the course is an elective o! dunno why I am forming bad guy and offering it..

Well, Im a bad guy sha not many people would dispute my claim*adjusts nerd glasses*…the class is turning out to be interesting…lots of equations on the board my medulla and gray matter are trying to comprehend and my stomach is sending some analog signals with mad intensity (signals to storm Nasky’s room for food!)* Damn! Im digressing too much, Im new at this!
And suddenly *ghen!ghen!*…Evil Dash starts talking about Indiana Jones: crystal skull in details**if you haven’t watched this movie, you should be wear a badge with LAST in bold for the next seven days**.. You can’t imagine my surprise..I thought all this man did was read some boring computer books and check the spreadsheet to see whose G.P to drain (you can’t blame me: I have gotten my lowest grades in his course..hope to ace this one sha..God willing..*adjusts halo*)
Dash begins to dispute the creation story..

According to him, courtesy of  a couple of books he read, names that I can’t remember right now; like 5000 years ago..a special race of humans existed..more like aliens..whose ecosystem thrived on gold..they discovered huge reservoirs of gold in South Africa but they felt too sophisticated to undergo the mining process by themselves so they created human beings to mine the gold for them…and guess how they created humans! ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION!…Yeah 5000yrs ago, these ‘aliens’ knew all about the scientific discoveries we are screaming about now…DNA structure and all…the process is even engraved in some ancient stones as carvings…historical proof to this new claim.
The only difference between humans and these creators was that we couldn’t live forever (very smart of them by the way)…anyways, our so called creators got the gold they wanted and left us to govern ourselves…they would be back depending on the outcome of world war three to either wipe out the human race or just govern us again. At this point, I can see the pastors in my class, couple of seats away from me, fuming in anger..


They probably can’t believe their ears.

How can heaven and hell be a fable?

How can one doubt the creation story?..hian!

Im just fascinated by this new train of thoughts…


Before you pass judgement, I am a Christian by birth then by choice, BUT what if I was born into a muslim home to Alhaji & Alhaja Mukaila Sanusi , a wealthy gold merchant:D…I would also believe Islam is the only way to paradise and 49 virgins:D (how many virgins?correct me please) and I would probably be looking at my Christian friends and thinking dulling people, you are going to burn in hell!.. Religion has a loop hole! Somehow, somewhere that’s where faith comes in I guess.
Every religion believes in a sovereign power, one messenger of that sovereign power that came to earth, teaches a reward for good and bad and lays claim to it being the only way!

EVERY RELIGION.. Buddhism, Islam, Harikishna (how is this spelt sef?) , graile message…and the stories are very similar (I’ve read a lot of books)..this to me, from a scientific point of view is a huge loop hole! Nobody likes to touch this subject, people are very sensitive about religion. My uncle would get in a rage of anger if he reads this and most likely question my faith, but hey, what about science?…space crafts, aliens ,some other ecosystems existing somewhere else without our knowledge that could be true too…I am not trying to question anyone’s belief or change it..

Just random ramblings inspired by  2hours lecture.

Have I bloggled?? (hehe…boggled not bloggled) your mind?…

Google this Annunaki, Hopi Indian prophesies.

DISCLAIMER:  I am a Christian o! Don’t dull! I am not a saint sha..I love God and the daughters of Eve.

Please criticize

*wears nerd glasses and strolls into the library*



There you have it. So what do you think?


12 Responses to "Ramblings"

Religion is based on faith not necessarily fact. On the other hand, your professor’s story isn’t a religious one so he needs solid facts to back it up or else it sounds ridiculous lol.
Merry Xmas Kemi, and i’m sure your exam results would be worth the not so merry christmas :p

@keetkat am sure I mentioned “faith” somewhere..and I was too hungry to listen to the “solid facts”.

I’m with u on that.

Is he okay ? I mean like really okay ? Anyways, Good stuff. He stole the post from my head tho.

Interestin.. Actually tot he was just babbling initially but it turned out he had a very interesting point which is quite controversial though. Nice post

What do i think? Its very interesting and you raised a solid argument with this “BUT what if I was born into a muslim home to Alhaji & Alhaja Mukaila Sanusi , a wealthy gold merchant:D…” …Interesting post..thanks

trust me even science has lotta loop holes that is waiting to be filled.Left to me religion and science ought to go hand in hand. If we can be patient and try to learn from each other we’ll be able to fill in the loop holes and there will be no confusion, but because scientist think they are superior to religious leaders and vice versa they would not even try to think ’bout the each others findings.

Good point!(Y)..sadly, Science and Religion are parallel lines

Haha. Nice disclaimer

Science has many questions that may never be answered. Religion has many answers that may never be questioned. I’ll rather not bother my self about unknown scientific fabrications and focus on the known God and his creation.

hello……hello !!! is anyone home ?

Interesting rambles,i got more crazy things going on in my head tho.

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