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Things I learnt In 2011

Posted on: December 30, 2011

Y’all can agree with me that the year 2011 lasted less than a month! Cuz swear down; 1/1/11 was just like yesterday. No?

2011 for me, started on quite a sour note; My first break up. My very first year in Med School. I was too ecstatic to start school; right now,I wish year 2015 could just be equal to year 2012. Just Basic Medical Sciences and I’m already tired. I wonder what will happen when I get to the clinics.

All in all, 2011 turned out to be a good year for me. I lost my wallet twice, lost my phone and other personal stuff I can’t divulge here…Let’s just pray for a better 2012

I was gonna do lists like….The highs of 2011…Flops of 2011.. Music and stuff but Im too lazy. I’m gonna write on the things I learnt in 2011. Enjoy J

  • Nobody ever seems to believe the saying that what you don’t know cannot kill you.
  • Twitter hype is not it. See what happened to ELI. People that were tweeting and retweeting. How many people showed up for the show? Or the songs that I wasted MBs to download and the songs turned out to be *bleh* -_-
  • You people that were claiming “I’m voting for GEJ and not PDP” can you see yourselves now?
  • Tonto Dikeh’z zide eye reignz supreme
  • Never Trust a tailor.
  • Anybody can rap o! Look see; “Only MC with the MB! BS!” #Sweggggg
  • T go for ‘Koko concept’ and ‘Redeem Unpluck’ is a must.
  • Truly. Age is just a number. See Mazi Oracle
  • Singing nonsense can take you places. Like D’banj said; “you don’t have to make sense” And D’banj made no sense. But guess who’s living the G.O.O.D life.
  • You don’t need pubic hair to make babies. Wizkid can tell you his story.
  • How to know you’re a twitter celeb; People write poems for follow backs;          “Roses are redYour hair is purple I will do anything for you Just follow me back”
  • Yes. Its that bad.
  • 14 years!!!!
  • Being a Unilag girl is not easy. The Stereotyping + Generalization is too much. Thank God I’m a Medilag girl


  • Anyone that advices you to study medicine doesn’t love you.
  • Eveything is now sexual
  • Ugwu Leaves >>>>>>>>>>> 
  • Tears now come in the shredded form. You can treat this by drinking Orange Jews. I wonder what Orange Jews taste like
  • Being an Ibadan Indigene is not easy. We always take the Jabs. Especially Ibadan girls (=^_^=).
  • Someone somewhere is always forming a BC. A New year BC is coming your way.
  • Don’t be with someone you cannot laugh and joke with. Laughter is the best medicine.
  • Twitter remains a serious issue. You are your tweets no matter how much you deny it. 
  • If you’re a Med Student, Never let your lecturer know that your father is a doctor. The famz will be too great. That is how many anatomy HOD called my father when I failed my CA.
  • Haters are always gonn’ hate
  • Live your life while you can. Don’t have to wish you did something while you had the chance. I wish I had more fun in year 1.
  • Leave before you are left.
  • Your DMs are not so safe. Keep your naked pictures of twitter.
  • There are too many talented Nigerian youth. I wish I could do something with my hands.  What is your talent?
  • Don’t sleep with another girl’s boyfriend. Na ata gigun get you oo!
  • It’s a crime to be fat and ugly. People are too insensitive. Don’t call them fat; call them heavy boned. Don’t call them ugly; call them tending towards the unfine axis.
  • You can be a cool virgin. See the toxic virgin.
  • There are still some good Nigerians. I forgot my wallet on a bus and a kind man brought it to my school for me.
  • There are P setters and there are P setters. There are P setters. The actual P setters don’t make noise about setting P. I know this
  • Weed over Alcohol any day. Alcohol can get you into trouble. Weed makes you stupid. I prefer stupid.
  • If you ever have to get married. Don’t rush things. I know why I’m saying this. *cough* Mer *cough* see *cough* John *cough* Doe. I did not mention names o!
  • People can claim!! Even somebody living in Epe will be complaining about the Lekki toll gate.
  • Festac is a country on its own – Farstac
  • Don’t be a weist 
  • Twitter is not just for setting P. See what happened to D’banj or Odinabarbie or Tweetoracle – He was offered 3 million naira for his twitter account. Don’t put chewing gum in your eyes people are making a living off witter.
  • Fela lives forever! He’s a bawse like that.
  • What did we learn from G/Qadhafi tho?  
  • Don’t blame Boko Haram. Why can’t our government give us good security?
  • If you have to steal your daddy’s credit. Steal wisely.
  • You can never be too stupid. See Vic O vs Speed Darlingtion – Battle of the stupids. We await Vic’s new album. The Murder Fuckers.
  • I am a bloody addict
  • This just came in….To get HIV all you need is 12 thrusts

I learnt many more things sha. What did you learn in 2011??

PS. This is obviously my last post in 2011. I want to say thank you to all of my awesome readers and supporters. Y’all made my 2011. Hope to see you all in 2012. Hope you had a blissful 2011. Hope your 2012 will be more bliss filled.

Im also looking for guest writers o!! Inbox me @ No spam please.

Thank you for coming and please share your thoughts and don’t forget to feel your boobies! I love you all!!



56 Responses to "Things I learnt In 2011"

nice! Everything on point. why i like reading your post is that you’ve always got humor in it. thumbs up to you. medilag girl….

LOOOOOL. love the humour

Haha orange jews ….really nyc one kip it up,but imma tell osinubi 4 u ooo

Lmao,u rilly learnt a lot oooo!!!!

Great blog u hv here keep it up,9ice work

Weed. Doesn’t. Make. You. Stupid. Alcohol does. Weed makes you superhuman.

Junkie -____-

Haha i dont care what people say, 2011 was an epic year!!!
LOL pretty much everyone i know that’s studying medicine always complains about how hectic it is. Pele, when u start making your first millions you’ll be singing a different tune.

Ok, I laughed hard! Good one Kemi.

Lol you did well

LOL! That Tonto’s look ehn! Always makes me laugh! May we not be a weist in 2012! Very funny post!

Nice one ma’am, I like your use of words. “You don’t need pubic hair to make babies” really got me, lol…..

Nyc one hun. D year was gr8 for every1 I hope. I await More wonderful blogs from u in d coming year. :*


iLike.. No need saying more.. Nailed it.

“It’s a crime to be fat and ugly. People are too insensitive. Don’t call them fat; call them heavy boned. Don’t call them ugly; call them tending towards the unfine axis”


This is stupid funny!!

And yeah. You can be a cool virgin. See Terdoh. 🙂

Terdoh, Isn’t this the right time for peeps to say “COOL STORY”?

Nice one Kemmiiii btw..

Erm…just asking…when losing d personal stuff,hope u didn’t lose…ur…erm…NVM. But that guy that returned ur purse was sha trying to set P 😐

Best 20mins of ma morning in a long time. Thumps up kemi!

Hilarious =))
Nice 1 Kemi

Great. Uve got them all on point but uve forgotten to add that *in the words of our president* ‘Bomb Blasts are a burden we must live with’ #Winning.
Don’t say I didn’t tell u o, I think its better safe than sorry. You know ure a Soup or Star, can’t even say which one u re X_X but neva fail ur CA again, contact Dad for xpo #okbye

2012 is ur year, sit back, relax, give the orders nd READ YOUR BOOKS :p. Lolz! HaPpY New Year!!! *hugs* first?

Too cool! 😀

Wish you all the best in the new year dear.

Laughs for days! I like the Ibadan girl smiley though. A great 2012 ahead!

Lemme just say the personal things you lost… includes virginity abi?

Lol, u read my mind well.

I’m reading U̶̲̥̅̊я blog 4d first time and I must say its refreshing ƑƠ̴͡Ʀ ♏ξ ,tot medilag stds were all abt their ‘medicine’….. Great piece by D̶̲̥̅̊ way…(Y)

loool. Guest writers

nice work kemi, don’t worry, I’ll definately remember to feel my boobies ^_^…..peace!.


Lmao… Ur sick o! (In a good way sha)…I just kept on laffin & laffin, my mum thinks I’m crazy!!! Mer *coughs* see *coughs* John *cough*…Lwkmd

Thumbs up… See ya nxt year sis!

Kemiii can sub! Chai… This is so good! 9ce way to end d year. Love it.

Ths is an intelligent write up! I was captivated till the end. Thumbs up!

I learnt that Blogging no be easy work… Now dont you jes love this Med Chick and her blogs?
Hilarious stuff.. Funny pictures (forgive me for i downloaded them all).. And yeah, Nice blog. Good work. Thumbs up!

Am nt sure medcine is d right career for u,wel i wont be surprise if u drop out (its well stated in ur twitter bio).I must say u ar gud writer.Dis is how it start b4 u knw it u’re up there…as frm dis moment i’l be reading ur blog to pass my free time.

I mean medcine is NOT……

I love dis post
Em suri
I love u

Ehm Kemi,Weed doesn’t make you stupid…it is the secret to Eternal Life.#JustAccept

Lmao, funny shit yo
Nice one !

Good laugh with this post. :p

L OOOOL EXTREMELY FUNNY. But I still think dat d man dat brought ur wallet back for u wanted to Set P. >_>

Gr8 piece u gat dr! Kip it up!

Kemi! iLove your blog!!
The humor !!
Keep it up! :*

Awwww!!! Kemi, i totally love this piece. I laughed all thru. Keep it coming, hun!

Cool stuff here Kemi, keep it up
I think i now understand what medical stds. go through while in school although i don’t think ur studying it is such a bad idea anyway
Great one and keep it up

Excellent. Always love your sense of humour.

This got me Rotfl..2011 had lotsa hilarious moments tho..
Happy new year 🙂

1.That should have been ‘zide eye reignz zupreme’…ok?
2. I see what you did with the Ugwu leaves pic…
3. I agree that actual P setters don’t make noise about it…well cos i do *shrugs*
Finally, your blog was one of the reasons i read blogs in 2011, Happy New Year Kemi( that’s me famzing) *zigh*<—see what i did there?
No? *shrugs*

Great…Nice Humor


word!!!!, learnt all that stuff but also learnt life sucks but not to reap every good part of d *suckiness(nt a word) 😀 sucks more. loved 2011 though. good stuff kemi.

haha didnt know oluwakemi was such a fantastic bit ‘dont call them fat but heavy-boned, ugly but tending to unfine axis’ big thumbs up! great sense of humour as well..didnt learn much from 2011 but def learnt a lot from this..well done

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