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Posted on: January 11, 2012

The only thing I can ask you is WHY???. Why??

I’m scheduled to sit for my first professional exam commencing on the 23rd of this month. Only God knows If the exam is going to hold on the said date. Knowing the gravity of this exam, I am always riddled with guilt if I am not reading or sleeping. Sometimes I could be caught tweeting; but I could not imagine myself taming my anger by writing a letter. Now, I cannot read. Neither can I sleep. Tweeting is the last thing on my mind. I cannot read because there is no power and my rechargeable lamp has lost all its power. I cannot sleep because of the overwhelming heat in my small LUTH room. I am using the remaining power on my laptop to write this letter to you. I can spare my remaining battery power because I believe I am typing away my anger.

I may not know all the facts and the figures or the intricate details but I sure know what is happening. I have read different articles; Listened to my uncles argue. I have listened to people lamenting about the state of the nation. Everybody expressing almost the same views.

First of all, deliberations had not yet been concluded before you slapped us in the face with the awesome New Year’s Day gift. The issue of  subsidy removal I am sure has been swept aside by most Nigerians for the holiday celebration since you said it was going to effect from the 1st of April being the beginning of the financial year. Truth be told, many Nigerians don’t know what the subsidy means. They just know that the price of Fuel has just escalated for the umpteenth time in 10 years.

What is this I hear about the subsidy being non-existent? That our local refineries can produce enough fuel for the nation’s daily consumption. How true is this? If you ask me, I will tell you that there is some sort of conspiracy behind all this. Some people are obviously benefitting from this importing and exporting frenzy because no answers are being provided and the only logical thing for the government to have done over the years is to have fixed the refineries. You do not need a doctorate degree to know this.

Mr. President, remove the subsidy on fuel but not at this time. Provide us with good roads, stable electricity, affordable housing, good healthcare facilities, standard education, employment and most of all, Increase minimum wage.

You cannot expect someone to live on =N=18,000 every month. It does not even sound feasible. How will you pay rent, eat, pay transport fare  and still send your children to school. This is pure EVIL!! When you were asking us to vote for you, you said you had no shoes. In essence, you want other people to go about without shoes too?? We thought you will understand the plight of the poor and make a difference.

On another turf, being a lecturer, we expected you to uphold the essence of education. Now ASUU is on strike. Young students are sitting at home. Idle. When the money you use to wet your garden can make so much difference. It is a shame.

This is meant to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people; but you don’t act as such. You act as if you are against us. How can you overhaul your kitchen utensils with millions of naira every year and Nigerians are hungry. It really baffles me because I am now wondering if you swallowed the spoons and the pots you used last year along with the food. A recent analysis stated that with the amount of money you want to use to feed, I can spend =N=50,000 for the next 52 years of my life.  I don’t understand how the very brilliant Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala let such anomalies pass through her office.

You went to South Africa to celebrate with the ANC. I am pretty sure that you saw their standard airport and their good roads; you cannot say you are Ray Charles to all the good things that are there. Not only South Africa, all other nations you travel to in your pretty presidential jet. You see how all those things work and you cannot come back here to do the same. Murtala Muhammed Int’l is the same of a nation.

We are not occupying Nigeria only because of the fuel subsidy removal. We are also saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Enough of the corruption, money laundering, wasteful spending, unaccountability and all other vices that are synonymous with the Nigerian government.

On a final note, the whole world is watching Mr. President. The whole world is watching. You had better ditch your Fedora for a thinking cap.


23 Responses to "DEAR GEJ."

#occupynigeria #occupynigeria #occupynigeria #occupynigeria #occupynigeria #occupynigeria nice post.. We all share d same pain

Good 1

Keepin it very real, besta luk wiff d papers tho

Well said Aburo,

I realized that a lot of my friends outside Nigeria don’t even know how much a liter of gas costs in those countries, wake up in the morning there’s power to make coffee, hot shower, public gas to cook, light rail to get to sch. or work, cashless economy, healthcare insurance etc. We need to understand that our lives shouldn’t revolve around PMS [Premium Motor Spirit, for those who weren’t sure what it meant] Lets use this medium to make other demands.

That being said, i feel your pain dear. And i would like to assist you in my own little way sho gbo? O le wa gba Control… [sorry] i meant to say Control… No, Petrol.

Exactly! If We have workin refineries We won’t be talkn abt subsidy. Dis whole fin z pissin! 9ce 1 Kemi.

Painful and hurtful indeed, wot can we say dan hope dat d man with no shoes will change his mind

Hmmm…. That’s something I wish the letter could get to him. On the otger hand, I wonder what you are looking for in that med school. *smile*

Do u knw wt annoys me about dis whole issue? It’s d fact dt we can actually afford d roads and health care centres they are promising without removin d fuel subsidy. I mean, if only we dnt spend #1billion on feeding aso rock or borrowin 4rm banks 2 pay our senators, we wld afford anythng.

Nice write up dear……….we can only hope that he does something fast enough b4 he pushes pple into frustration…our problem in this country isn’t not having money…we have so much money that we don’t know how to spend it

I wish GEJ cld actually see dis , he wd be ray charles to this too .. Good one tho
Goodluck (the word sounds weird ) *scratch that* do well in ur exams , u used ur battery wisely !

Nice one hun.

True talk mehn! Me sef I tire

Miss kemi I don’t know ў☺ΰ but jayj put ds link up in one of his tweets…having read ur article I must say U̶̲̥̅̊ have taken the time to put to paper what most of us feel as nigerians…thank ў☺ΰ and God bless ў☺ΰ.I also appreciate your style of writing.wishing ў☺ΰ all d best with your professional exams. Peace. #occupynigeria

Great post kemi n i can lend d stupid fisherman/lecturer/shoeless kid my thinking cap if it will move my nation forward….fantastic post again

All i can say is it is well. I feel ur anger and pain… The only thing we can do is ; hope, pray and fight.

God bless u for this Letter. I pray mr President and his Kitchen cabinet read this. Am proud of u my Dr.


It’s well with Nigeria

Subsidy removal ¶§ welcomed,but the timing ¶§ wot ¶§ wrong…great job tho.(Y)

Great job Kemi…..av sed it b4 and I’ll say it again “journalism is your way”…. Nyc 1 dear

Well said dear, we wnt sit down until dere is a change

*sighs* what can we say? You’ve said it all sis! Nigeria as a country is on her way to another civil war, if reasonable demands are not met on time…sadly GEJ won’t get to read this 😦

#occupy Nigeria….btw d stupid Gej has nt even startd payn d minimum wage talk less of increasn it nd some of our govt officials eg useless ibori ve refinaries abroad nd dey export our crude oil refine it nd sell to us @ an outrageous rate
..Enough is truly Enough

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