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Sell Out or Not

Posted on: January 21, 2012

It was like child’s play when I typed my angry letter to Mr. President and sent it to The Punch for publishing. I knew my chances of getting published were slim but I sent it anyways.

On Thursday morning, it became a reality; I woke up to so many missed calls and texts messages from strange phone numbers. I went on to receive more phone calls and text messages even till Sunday. This experience has been an eye opener for me; igt led me to see how much the everyday Nigerian feels but he cannot express.

I deeply appreciate all the feedback I got in form of texts, phone calls, Facebook and Twitter messages.

Thankfully, we had uninterrupted power supply in LUTH from the night before till Monday; but I woke up to the sad news that Mr. President just made a nationwide broadcast and he had ‘declared’ the new pump price of petrol to be =N=97 per liter and he had deployed the military men to Lagos to bring protesters to book. That is an infringement on our rights. This is a democracy we have the right to say NO when the government brings about unjust policies. This is not a dictatorship.

Mr. President, your soldiers were so well equipped and professional. Why then did you send them after the innocent and unarmed masses and not Boko Haram? Did you even think about that?

I knew the kind of reaction this will bring so I took to twitter to see what the youth had to say; Of course the youth were not happy. Their reaction was like;

“=N=65 or nothing! #OccupyNigeria”

 But a select few felt otherwise. Check this out;

“=N=141 to =N=97…at least they have reduced it”

I believe this is the kind of mentality that has gotten us to where we are today. If we stood our ground in times past when the leaders were removing the subsidy poco a poco, surely they will think twice before even thinking about removing the subsidy. It is high time we get rid of such mentality and fight for our rights instead of suffering because of the government’s insufficiencies.

I see what the president did there though, He increased the pump price of fuel from =N=65 to =N=97. He just conned his way to make us think that he reduced it. Do not be deceived.

We waited for news from the NLC/TUC leaders. They shifted ground. They bailed on us. They called off the strike. Now that I’m thinking about it; it was a plan after all; It could not be a coincidence that the military presence was put in place so that when the strike is called off, the unsatisfied populace will not go haywire and take to the streets. We do not know what happens during your so-secret deliberations so all we can do is to speculate.

Now that you have had your way and the masses have been left to be trampled upon, there are so many things disturbing me.

Firstly, since we are still in the 2011 fiscal year, whose pockets will the extra =N=44 per liter go? And whose pockets did subsidy that has been removed since the first of January go? Because I know for sure that these subsidies have been catered for in the 2011 budget.

Secondly, since you claim to not know the cabal and you have asked for the NNPC to be audited, how sure are we that you will not keep on protecting the cabal? Even if the cabal is brought forward, how do you intend to prosecute them? We know how it goes. We hope they don’t develop any terminal illness during trial after which they will be sentenced to 6 months in a fancy hospital and come back to lead their fancy lives. That is not justice Mr. President. They have to be dealt with like the criminals that they are.

Also, immediately after your January first broadcast, the price of almost everything escalated. What are we meant to do now because there is no way on earth that these prices are going to fall and we still have to go to the same market with the same pay?

Lastly, the 2012 budget must not be approved. All the excesses of the government have to be cut short. The Nigerians cannot keep on paying for the excesses of our government. We want a budget that is free of anomalies before it is approved.

I also hope the promises made by the SURE program are going to be effected. We are tired of the government’s promise and fail. Make a difference and let us renew our trust in you.

In conclusion, the gadget wielding Nigerian youth are now more informed than ever. We are watching and taking note of every step of the way. The president should not be intimidated by the bounty of our knowledge. This is the information age and we refuse to watch and wait. If you destroy Nigeria now, what will be left for us?

May those that lost their lives to the struggle rest in perfect peace.

12 Responses to "Sell Out or Not"

Mehn,Kemi…am really tired,everybody is jus pointing fingers,how did all our money G̶̲̥̅Õ̳͡ down d drain,we need help and serious prayers.Kemi keep up the good work

Thanks Nellz. Curving geh 😉

Hmmm….. All will be well that ends well! 😀

Well articulated. Sadly, the poor masses cannot fight against this cabal in govt. They went broke and decided we must pay! Labour den did us in by allowing the unilateral decision of one man stand. With the renewed bombings of the SSS building in kano question that comes to mind is won’t the presidency even be blown out of the villa whilst it tarries on a decision.

Our lives will not remain the same, cos though we rave and rant, these pips have developed skins of iguanas on their backs and are impervious to all forms of logic. Or y else would a peaceful protest be quelled with armed force?

As usual, dis was a really nice read! Keep ranting… :d

Thumbs up! Hope u v framed the page got printed on?

LOL. Imma do that soon.

Thanks for taking time to say what the average nigerian feels but doesn’t really say.May God deliver us from this government.

Beautiful stuff Kemi. As always.

Well said sis…well said
They claimed to have “reduced” the price of fuel yet prices of goods & services still remain high… GEJ’s government has eff’d up big time

GEJ actually increased fuel price from N65 to N97…i saw that too.
Good piece, well said, well written.

Its sadening the way tins are in Nigerian govt,the administration that refuse to pay minimum wage,dat refuse honour d aggrement reached wit asuu since 2008 or so,d govt that keeps eradicating poverty wit motor bikes,pepper griding machine and all sort.its taking forever to give the citizes dividends of democracy bt it took d govt just 1month to remove d subsidy and inflict more pay on d average Nigerian dat survive below 2dollar in a day.I knw revolution is near if nt here.GEJ d eagles eye is watching u.BTW nice write up sisi kemmii


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