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Med Diary 7.0

Posted on: April 23, 2012

Took a while for me to find that ‘new post’ option on my dashboard; Friggin’ cobwebs!

I always thought writer’s block was a myth – What do you expect? I am Larry Sushey’s humble follower – Well, not until it hit me; I stopped blogging a while back exams being my excuse. I wrote a few pieces during my hiatus and trust me; none of them made any sense. The struggle was great.

Immediately after my exams, I was meant to start a compulsory course; BTS (Basic Therapeutic Skills) where we learn basic things ranging from Anaesthesia to Nursing, But no activity. The school neglected my class and I became dormant and lazier. The block worsened. I couldn’t write shii to save my life.

Trust me, exams sucked the little creativity I had. I couldn’t even write a bloody post to tell you guys that hey my exams sucked please put me in your prayers so that I won’t fail.

I seriously needed prayers. I couldn’t even write a struggle short post to solicit for prayers. It was that terrible.  Different people were asking me why my blog was dormant.


To be honest tho, The initial block was because of the fear of failure. Cuz if I fail, people will talk;

‘Assuming she was reading instead of blogging and tweeting rubbish she would have passed.’

I know I shouldn’t care about what people think or say, but one thing is for sure; I wasted a great deal of time last year tweeting irrelevant rubbish.

Anyways, God being the awesome God he is, I passed -not aced- my exams. I could have done better but I’m sha happy I passed and I’m moving on to the next class. Hi haters!

SIDEBAR : In any exam, not everybody is bound to pass. Not like we didn’t read the same notes, texts and have the same lectures. some things just happen. I want y’all to pray for my classmates that will be retaking the exam. Its not an easy task to read Biochemistry and shii twice. Frustration can set in. Nobody deserves to fail cuz we all put in our best effort.

See me talking. I was so sure of failure. Failing physiology especially. I was too sure that I even arranged all my physiology texts and materials at the foot of my bed; expecting the worst.

You know that feeling when you know you’re fu*%#d? That feeling when out of all the questions in an exam you can’t answer a single question confidently and you begin to wonder ‘why did I bother to read sef?’ Yeah that feeling. And you know failure is not an option so you answer all the questions confidently. I wrote so much rubbish with so much confidence I became a fan of my own genius. I didn’t forget to leave a few jokes for the examiners so they could at least laugh and show some mercy.

I guess it worked for me.

The college chose to neglect my class for a little while -2 months unofficial holiday-  So I was at home eating, trying to get fat, sleeping playing games, watching series and all. Just being unproductive to cut I short.

Well, they finally remembered us. school started on Friday and its back to school tomorrow 😦 *Le sigh*

I didn’t mean to bore you guys but I kinda lost my funny bone while going through bouts of depression. There seems to be no remedy.

What a struggle post.



Special Shout out to my new friend Bobola. He was there for me while I was depressed and he helped me out of my writer’s block. :*

18 Responses to "Med Diary 7.0"

Kemi darling,

IT’S 2AM!!!!!!!!!!

Really, it must have been bad.
Thank God you passed your exam though. Really happy for you. But….

IT’S 2AM!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Terdoo. The feeling is mutual

Depressed my yansh……

Congratulations girl!
In medical school,’passing-not acing’ is actually all you need. Its good you know you could’ve done better,I hope you will in Pathpharm,cos mehn…trust me its so easy to say.

I laughed about your depressing 2-month holiday. My very horrible school gave my class an entire year to stay at home after part1MB,then merged the class after us with us. Imagine that horror!!

Welcome back.

LOL. I always say I coulda done better after every in-course. But one year tho. The zeal to go back to school woulda been gone.

Got bored, was about to slee, stalked ur tl…n found this goldmine…hhmm….issokay i wonder who that your new friend is sha, i wud like to meet him so that he can help me outta my own little predicament.
Note: I am not gay.

Hey Kemi, why 2am?? I mean why 2am???
Anyway, I won’t even say I slept off while the page was loading but I’m happy ure back.
Wait, u said sumtin abt depression nd writers block, rite? I tot those two don’t walk together cos in depression, there’s a lot of creative tots running tru the mind but oh well…… Happy for u nd I wish u success in ur Med sch.

Thank God you finally wrote something ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯

Awwwn 😦 sorry you’ve been so depreSsed. On the bright side 🙂 thank God you passed. You’ll be fine babe

Your punctuations suck

Thanks for your observation

LOL. 2am cuz I automated it.
The funny thing is; I had many things running through my mind, I just couldn’t put them them. The laziness. Very Ironic.
Thanks Maf.

Sorry. Good to have ў☺ΰ back. Congrats on passing ur exams… 🙂

Pele dear.
Congratulations on your exams.
And as for the writers bloc, sister you’re preaching to the choir.

Srry I’m just getting here.changed phones,so I lost d link.Gud to know u passed & didn’t av to repeat any course. Its things like this that make us better & friends (like Bobola) who make sure we r nt down permanently. May God continue to strenghten u,miss.keep up d gud posts


It’s better than nothing. Don’t be pressurized to do what you like, okay. I’m happier to see you pass your exams than anything 🙂 …Except you want to be my house-geh.

This comment had better post this time!!!

LOOL. Hi Uncoo Deolu! You’re the best!

Congratulations! Med school isn’t child’s play…well done!
On your depression…hope you are better now. Could it have been the anxiety of med school?
Hope you find practice a bit more interesting, engaging and fulfilling

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