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Med Diary 8: Med School So Far

Posted on: October 19, 2012

I can’t say coming to med school is the worst decision I’ve made in my really short life; I can’t say its the best either.

Honestly, anyone that eggs you on to come to med school may want a good life for you but the person may not like you that much; Med school is hell.

This is coming from a med student that has not even had an encounter with bitchy superiors. I can imagine what I’ll be singing when I get to my clinical class.

My Part 1 was pretty much a breeze for me. I thought being a smart kid was all it took to get me through.. Like really? Why study like heaven is gonna come down when you can always crash read and still get through.
Trust me; my grades at the end of the year bled! + I had my heart in my mouth the whole time I was awaiting the results.

I spent my whole year tweeting my life away – I was the girl that flooded TLs…16 tweets in a row kinda flooding and got people asking; “are you sure you’re a med student?” – Reading all the blogs that existed, downloading pictures from and Viewing all the Cyanide and Happiness cartoons ever made.

Basically, I was the epitome of loafing.

Studying was almost the last thing on my priority list. At least it was on the list.

Imagine studying a whole year’s worth of notes in two weeks? This was my story. Caffeine was my strong tower. Constant Palpitations and localized headache form the caffeine were the hallmarks of these two weeks.

I pulled through. Like a boss. Didn’t even have a slight headache after all the exams. God is good.

Some people say scaling through to part 2 is the toughest hurdle in med school while some others say getting through part 2 is.
Some people go; “After part 2 you’re already a doctor”

Any which way, Part 2 may not come off as tough as it is expected to be because of the awakening we got in part 1. The awakening I got at the very least.

Part 2 started in June of 2012. Since June of 2012, I’ve been unable to put pen to paper to say I want to write an article or even a. Med diary.

Just 4 weeks into the new session, work was piling up and it was already overwhelming. You know that promise you make to yourself at the beginning of every school year? Yeah. I made one of those. Even though I’m not sticking to it to the letter, I’m a better student than I was last year.

I usually don’t study until I have an exam in sight, now I’ve made studying a habit.
I could skip classes without giving it a second thought, now I feel guilty when I skip a class.
I wasn’t so keen about having my notes up to date, now people make copies of my note.
I used to tweet my every thought, now I’m a last carrier on twitter.
This is my personal assesment and I believe I am a reformed student.

Apart from cutting down some other things, I’m trying to revive my blog. Just because. Its something I used to do for fun all of a sudden it became difficult.


As I’m typing this post, Dr. Wellington is going off about Loeffler’s syndrome and Strongyloides; an opportunistic helminth. I’m really not interested. My airways and sinuses are blocked and and I just can’t wait to burst out of this class to get Actifed.

With actifed comes good sleep; of which I’ve not had in a while. I have a hurricane of incourses coming soon. I wish I had a better description than hurricane. But trust me my next few weeks are gonna be horrible.
Epidemiology 1st incourse -26th
Clinical Psychology exam -29th
Pharmacology 1st incourse -30th
Microbiology 2nd incourse -8th
Haematology 2nd incourse -13th
Morbid Anatomy 2nd incourse -in 2 weeks

See this Dr. Wellington setting up extra lectures for 9am on Saturday morning. I hope the actifed wears off before then.

This chicks needs her sleep.


9 Responses to "Med Diary 8: Med School So Far"

😦 😦 😦 I have a cold too. *fings Pharmac note and goes under duvet*

Awww darling. You’ll be fine. We’re praying for you.

Hold the fort Kemiiii! U ll survive!
Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

Y’all should still come to med school though, LUTH especially. 🙂

Sorry Dear. But You Can Still Collect Transfer Form To Enter Botany Na.

Awwww… Such a sweetheart. I miss your tweets and your blog posts but I’m glad for all this progress you’re making. Good going, gurl.

Big ups! *hug*

Waz trying 2 vote for d Fashion Engineer in d Nigeria Blog Awards when I stumbled on ur bolg(divine encounter)……hehn I knw am stale….Nywayz, I reali luv ur blog……Nd am nt gon insult u if u dnt ff bk on twitter *winks*……been trying 2 catch up on wat I misd sha…..Glad I did nt tk ma father’s advice 2 study medcine(am so sure I wld nt b alive nw)…..Wish u success in med schl nd sleep wn u cn abeg….dnt cm nd nw kill ursef..

As someone who wants to get into med school, this was pretty interesting. I just started blogging btw so I would really appreciate it if you could drop by and offer some tips.

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