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Med Diary 9: Plans

Posted on: October 24, 2012

Maybe I got the time table in my last blog post all messed up, Maybe I didn’t. The incourses are gonna come in a hurricane anyways and I have to study for them anyways. Only Jesus knows where I get my information from and why said information is always wrong/stale information. They kuku call me Iya Last already *side eye at @FrankUgo_* but you cannot blame me tho; I been trying to marry my books.

I really should be studying but the 4 new episodes of Homeland I just downloaded cannot and will not watch themselves. And if I don’t…who will?
You leave the incourses to me. Leave them to me and my Jesus. We know how we run ‘tins’.
If you must know, right now, my major driving force to keep pushing is the fact that the present 400L students are already in 500L and the 500L ones are already in their final posting. Likee.. How encouraging is that? Just shows me that 2015 is not so far away. Laugh all you want. A girl can make herself feel better. #POKO#

So when I get overwhelmed, I keep trying to stay sane and try to whisper sweet encouraging nothings into my ‘own’ ear and convincing my ass not to drop out of med school. We really are dysfunctional. And great multitaskers too

So I once had a really interesting conversation with a really interesting somebody and he asked me what Goals/Aims/Plans I had in my life. To be honest, I really haven’t thought so much about my future and stuff. Like what if I don’t get to practice Medicine? When do I want to get Married? What mark am I actually gonna leave and other scary stuff like that. I guess I’ve just been trying to take life as it comes.
I have a list of my Back Up plans. Just in case Med School does not pan out well. Who know these things right?

Plan A
I’ve already stated plan A; Get through Med school, Meet someone I can be weird with, make beautiful babies with said babies and lead a happy life.

Plan B
If Med School doesn’t work out, I’ll just get a loan and open a shop in Balogun Market. I mean…if not Balogun market where else? Have you ever spotted the Balougun Market big girls at a party? You cannot but notice them. Not like I want to be a “Notice-me’ or something, I just want to be big. Gats!

Plan C
Mechanized farming.
Don’t ask. It just occurred to me in a dream.
I’ll Probably throw Ota Farms out of the market. As a boss.

To marry a rich man was once plan D but the dude I held the conversation with thought it’ll make me look like I was all about the money. Of which I’ve never considered but I had a rethink once he put it that way and told me his own plans/goals/dreams/aspirations and aims.

He seemed to have it all figured out.

I don’t have it all figured out just yet.

Do you have it all figured out?


10 Responses to "Med Diary 9: Plans"

Anida nc 1!!! Godspeed in ur incourses
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Nope. Have no clue.

To say I have my life all figured out would make me a child of the devil if I’m not already.

Confusd is wat I am……dnt even knw if I wnt 2 further in Chemistry or do an MBA (studied Ind Chem)……I sha knw am gon mk it big tyme tho (whn I mk a decision)…..Nyc write up sha tho

Nobody has live figured. I guess that’s why it’s often referred to as an adventure. We all have plans to make plans as live pans. Stay strong, be focused. And don’t u dare consider plan B. You can be BIG without Balogun :d


Our darling kemiii came out of retirement to spice us our day with her write up….see that plan D is a best investment thou merge it with plan A.

Ha! To have life figured out is no adventure at all and it simply means one is a living robot/ machine.

I take life as it comes, I run from things I don’t want and allow those that chase me catch up and have fun. Afterall, life is nothing but a joke/ standup comedy.
We live as if we ain’t gonna die and die as if we never lived with the sad part being that after all the struggle to become someone in life, ‘you’ end up going six feet with no extra inch added cos of your acheivement neither will you be allowed to proceeds through heavens door with your certificates, acheivements or bank account statements.

There’s nothing like having peace of mind without struggling in whatever one finds himself/ herself doing. Its good to know more, futher your education, acheive more goals and make more money but never compromise your health for any of them cos after all, only the living can acheive and enjoy them all.

But always remember this;

Naaa I dnt!:( law just has too work out o!

Buahahaha. Tnk God she’s bck frm sabbatical. Plan A is onpoint. Mechanised farming, maine,dts awhole lot more stress than even med school.but aslong as there is a will, there’s a way.

I cn already picture u as a balogun market big girl. Lol.
In all, I fink d “lazy medic” would work out. *fingers crossed* in few yrs I’ll have me a personal doctor in you :).
Great write up

PLAN A will come true

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