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100 Questions

Posted on: October 25, 2012

This isn’t me asking 100 questions; I’m answering 100 questions. Its something we did on Facebook just before we all flocked to twitter but some people brought it to twitter recently and I want to indulge; just not on my timeline. For sanity sake.

Also, its quite similar to the 40 things about me post I wrote when I first started this

TMI may be involved. Please don’t roll your eyes.
Peruse at your own risk.

Here I go;
100. Did you enjoy answering these questions? Yeah. Even though it got quite boring.

99. Random thought? I really should be studying. Maybe I’d be done with those kaplan videos now.

98. Heels or Flats? Both go down well with me.

97. Do you believe in love? First love.

96. What do you do to ease stress? Eat. Really. Food makes the world go round.

95. What makes you angry? Hunger

94. Toyota or Honda? Mercedes.

93. What is your dream car? I want a mighty SUV. Inversely proportional to my size.

92. Are you a jealous person? I’m human.

91. Are you a bad person? I’m the ‘goodest’ person you’ll ever know.

90. Girls: can you date someone younger? Boys: can you date someone older? Its not something I’ve considered, but think about it now, I’the say it depends on the level of maturity.

89. Are there any sexual acts that makes you uncomfortable? What are sexual acts?

88. Are there any causes you strongly believe in? Yup!

87. Are looks important in a relationship? Damn right. I must have beautiful babies.

86. Apart from the obvious ones, which two body parts are the most sensitive and responsive? Please which is the obvious one? My Flank and Popliteal Fossa tho.

85. Do you have any kinks we should know about? None that concern you.

84. All of your life, your parents have taught you. What have you taught your parents? I taught my mother how to use microsoft powerpoint (You have to listen to her tell the story behind her PHd project..#StoriesThatToshTheAt.) I practically taught my Father everything there is to know about the computer and how to go about yahoo.

83. How many pairs of jean do you own? 7. Seriously trying to phase jeans out of my wardrobe. You know being a med student and all.

82. What four things are you scared of? Failure, Falling, Having my kids end up like me, Remaining single with 99 cats.

81. What are the 3 physical features you get complemented on a lot? My smile, waist and hair color.

80. Do you routinely spend money that you don’t have? Its my bad habit… More like one of my bad habits.

79. Do you regret living those intimate experiences with that person? What person? :s

78. Do you regret anything? Yes

77. Do you read? Has any particular book influenced you or left a life-changing impact? Not really.

76. Do you read the Bible or Qur’an? Bible.

75. Would you follow your heart or your head? My head please! This heart can like to do anyhow.

74. Do you prefer to sleep together or alone? I kick and tumble and stuff. You knoww!

73. Would you prefer sharing finances with your partner or keeping them separate? I think sharing. More moneey! πŸ˜€

72. Do you prefer friends of the opposite sex or same sex and why? Opposite sex. Asides the fact that boys are honest, they don’t hold grudges and do all that gossiping.

71. Do you prefer talking to texting? Depends on who I’m dealing with.

70. Do you prefer reading books to watching movies? Reading books. Widens my imagination.

69. Do you play any musical instrument? If yes Which? I play the piano and the flute pretty well.

68. Do you love massages? Heck yeah!

67. Do you live alone? No. Sadly.

66. Do you prefer hot or cold drinks? We’re in the tropics damnit!

65. Coke or Pepsi? Cway Peach.

64. Boxers or Briefs? Boxers

63. Do you prefer a love marriage or an arranged marriage? What is a love marriage?

62. Do you pray regularly? I’m such a prodigal child 😦

61. Do you own a car? Sadly no

60. Do you need to know everything about someone’s past? I’m interested in what they care to share.

59. Do you miss anyone? Yes.

58. Do you make friends easy? Very much so! People mistake my friendliness for famzing.

57. Do you think foreplay is important before sex? So I’ve read.

56. Do you make a habit of Saving money? Yeah. There’s always a rainy day.

55. Do you love children? The ones that don’t cry. They do exist. I wasn’t a crying baby. Look how I turned out.

54. Do you like your independence or do you want to have a big wedding, wife/husband, puppy and kids? God made us to pro create. Pro create I will.

53. Do you like watermelons? On some days.

52. Do you like to watch reruns of your favourite shows? Yes.

51. Do you like to try out new thing? Of course. Everything is dynamic.

50. Ever been on a plane? Yes.

49. Do you sing in the shower? The tiles will crack.

48. Would you like to have your boyfriend/girlfriend in your school or class? School. Yes. Class. Heck no!

47. Do you like to french kiss? When fresh breath is involved.

46. Have you ever had a rebound? Yes

45. What do you think about your ex? Indecisive.

44. Do you like to flirt? Who doesn’t?

43. Have you fallen in love on a social networking site before? What is love?

42. Do you have sex on a first date? No.

41. Do you kiss on a first date? Yes.

40. Mention your twitter crush. “Don’t take umbrage but, none of u plebeians are good enough for me tbh. That’s why I’m still single. It gets tough sometimes, but I’m sleep.”. I borrowed this line.

39. Do you like to cook? Yes.

38. Do you like to budget? Or just more casual on Finances? I have Ijebu blood running in my veins. I also have a book where I record all my expenses.

37. Do you like tattoos? If yes what kind/type? On other people, yes.

36. Do you like the harmattan season or rainy season? None. I’m prone to cold.

35. Do you like strawberries? Yes.

34. Do you like spicy food? And why? No. Because.

33. Do you like spending more time alone or more time around people.. And why? Alone. Space to think!

32. Do you like someone right now? Don’t I always?

31.Your favorite device? I love all my devices.

30. Do you like short or long hair on a guy? Short.

29. Do you like school? I used to. Med school happened.

28. Do you like reading books or comics? Both! Naruto and all that Manga shit you guys are always on about don’t count as comics.

27. Do you like playing any sport? If yes, name the sport. Does sleeping count as a sport?

26. Do you like pets? If yes, do you have any and name the pet? If No, why? I adore puppies!! I’ve been begging Jite for one.

25. Do you like partying? Attending parties? Giving parties? Attending? Yes. Giving? Not so much.

24. Do you like Oranges? Only as a fruit.

23. What country do you like best? I’m not sure yet. Haven’t been to all the countries.

22. Do you like your name? On some days. I’m trying to make it work.

21. What are the color of your Eyes? Brown. On some days.

20. What is the first thing that pops into your head when you wake up? Friggin’ alarm!

19. How many kids do you want? 6. Which I plan to have before I hit 30.

18. Describe your boyfriend/girlfriend using only two words. Non-Existent

17. Favourite TV Shows? Currently, I’m crushing on Arrow, Homeland, How I Met Your Mother, Pretty Little Liars, Big Bang Theory and so many others.

16. How often do you shave your body hair? As often as the need arises.

15. What music do you listen to? I’m a music hoe so anything goes. But Fela is the truth. #testify

14. Do you have a favorite pair of socks or underwear? Oh yes!

13. What could you never go a day without? I have different addictions at different points in time. I’m an addiction hoe. Right now, Meat pie from Alhaja’s shop.

12. Do you believe you meet people for a reason or by random chance? Some for a reason and some by random chance. Its how they affect us that matters.

11. How do you think we as people came to be? I’m a christian. I believe in the creation story but the theory of evolution is quite convincing. Forget the Yoruba, Ibo and Hausa stories of chicken spreading sand and shii stories. Bollocks.

10. Do you have any secret dream or passion? Yes

9.What do you most commonly dream about? School work. Boring I know.

8. What do you do when you can’t sleep at night? I rarely have sleeping problems.

7. Who is your favourite member in your extended family? Has to be my uncle Fatai.

6. What do your close friends know about you that no other person knows? You really think I’ll tell? Nah bro :p

5. What is your favourite thing to do in your alone time? Sleep + Eat + Watch TV Series + Eat + Stare at the wall and eat some more.

4. How many younger siblings do you have? 3. I was the middle child before but a new addition was made in August of this year 😦

3. How many older siblings do you have? 2

2. What day of the week were you born? I’m not so sure. I keep on asking my mother but I always forget. I’m guessing Friday night tho. Seeing as they named me ‘Ojulari’. They must’ve been drunk.

1. What is your birth month? September. Virgo too.



7 Responses to "100 Questions"

insightful. Why hate on manga tho?

Kaplan nd Fela…. Two things I can relate with.

Nice post

wagwan Ojulari? Seeing you in that kinda SUV one day would be… would leave quite an impression. ( ._.)

LOL at Ojulari..’They must’ve been drunk’ loool

first time here and this cracked me up..
secondly, me likey πŸ™‚
thirdly, following you right up. nice blog btw

so lmao ere! never knew you were creative….guess i should ask myself these questions too. Nice one dear…

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