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Writers Block

Posted on: October 29, 2012

Something I wrote a few months back. The agony of the block 😦 …

Writing is something I’ve always done for fun. I express myself really well when I put pen to paper. I involved myself in many writing activities. Press club, Secretary to different societies and to think I wrote a story book even though it never saw the light of day.

I’ve never considered my writing to be so awesome or even worthy of any praises. You can imagine my surprise when I started blogging. For fun too. I always had a personal blog that I just typed and stored on my computer because I thought why in the world will anyone want to read what I have in my head. I went ahead to post my thoughts online anyways and the responses I got were beyond overwhelming.

I know many writers whom I envy for their writing skill – an awesome talent. Some of them praise me for my work too but I beg to differ. When some of them stop writing for a while and leave me wanting to read more of their work, I hit them up and ask them the reason behind the break in transmission. Writer’s block was always the culprit.

I always thought Writer’s block was a myth. Why will somebody have a skill that has to go on and off? It just doesn’t add up. You can say things like “I’m out of ideas” or “I’ve just been plain lazy” or “I don’t have time” or “I’ve run out of ink” not “Writer’s block”

Writer’s block doesn’t exist.

Or So I thought.

Not Until It hit me.

I just couldn’t get my thoughts together. I had so many ideas dancing in my head but I just couldn’t organise the ideas in my head, put them down and transform them into awesome pieces. The ultimate struggle; Getting ideas from my head to paper.

Even when I was able to put something down, it always turned out drab and below par. Maybe I didn’t have writers block. I was just trying to keep up with expectation. Still am.

I suffered a bout of depression and according to what I looked up on the internet, depression is a good period in time to be a writer because you have many thoughts and ideas.

Truly; I had many thoughts and ideas going and coming but I just couldn’t write the down. The block is REAL.

What did I do about it?
I met my friends who had gone through the same process and one particular friend was really keen on helping me get through it. We had exercises and games which helped me a great deal but the effect didn’t last long and now its back. Like a relapsing fever.

Many great writers in history have gone through writer’s block while some were able to come out of it and write some more great books/pieces, Some others? Not so much.

I just hope this Writer’s block, as real as it can get, does not deprive me of my favorite past time.

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7 Responses to "Writers Block"

I personally don’t believe in writers block, more like the name sounds too rigid to be true. I think its a stage in time when your passion is not in line with your tots/ actions and even though you’ve got ideas running in your head, you either feel too lazy to put them down or you just don’t know how to put them down cos in that same head of yours, you’re struggling with something else other than writing, it can also be as a result of your emotions or something else.

Though depression is real, you can do yourself the favour of identifying something else that you like doing other than writing, do it for a while to get yourself balanced and then put your pen to paper.

Put in a concious effort to be an exception to the ‘writers block’ rule and you will be out of that feeling in no time.

Nah… you don’t have a block yet.

The block is real.

Block or no block, having so much in your head and not being able to put it down sucks. Whatever the name is, whatever causes it, it definitely sucks.

Hmmn… happens..
There was a time I didn’t even knw wat d word. Meant and wen I explained myself to someone,he said its. Writers’ block…#shrugs#
Sometimes,I keep a. Journal and I write down anyfin!!!!wen. Things like dt happen and ure wondering wat to do,that’s y d. Traditonal method of ink on paper hasnt Been wiped off completely and so just write aanyfin!!it might be abstract now,bt believe me some days after ds..check out wat u wrote and it myt even mk u ponder or laff @urself. Try listening to music too…(Since ure a music lover)…

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