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Med Diary 12

Posted on: November 13, 2012


“How was your paper?”
“We thank God”

“How was it?”
“I was fine jare”

“You balled shey?”
“Omo no dey whine me”

Different strokes for different folks.

How was my own paper you may ask. It was a bit iffy to be honest, only the results can tell.

I know I only blog when I have something that’s bothering me. Its the most I can do to get it off my chest.

I wrote my Haematology second in-course assessment today. The result from the first incourse has been one of my highest point this past few weeks I must add.; I prepared really well for this paper to be fair.

It was purely essay; No MCQs. I’ll have you know that MCQs are my forte because you don’t have to study too hard to ace MCQs. Essays on the other hand, you have to know intricately.

There’s nothing worse than having several hours of studying (and cramming) being tested with 3 bloody questions in one hour.
Even worse when you crammed over 15 essays and some of the essays you crammed eluded you in the exam hall. (This didn’t happen to me tho.)

Even though the essays I was counting on and really prepared for didn’t surface, I answered my questions to the best of my ability and left the rest to my darling Jesus.

One of the most annoying things ever; a whole powerpoint note of about 206 slides. Only 3 of the freakin’ slides were asked. Imagine.

This exam was a pure case of over estimation. We expected too much from them, prepared for too much and they gave us less. It is possible to be over prepared.

This reminds me of some time in March when two friends of mine were preparing for their Haematology finals. They were all agitated and stuff and I was like; “is it more than blood? Calm down jare”
Only if I had known.

And these memes finally applied to me;



Not like I was looking foward tho them tho. Lol.


4 Responses to "Med Diary 12"

Reminds me of one exam I wrote last semester, I over-prepared and the man being the snitch that he was set questions so simple we overlooked them, let’s just say the result wasn’t very pretty.

I like dat extra sheet
Esp when someone submits within 30mins…am like did he really write a tin?

All the best Kemmi 🙂 ur a def star!

LoL, welcome to my world :))

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