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Med Diary 13 : Le Sigh

Posted on: November 30, 2012


Hi beautiful readers,
You’re having a better Friday than me I trust. Yeah you should.

Seeing as I just got screwed over once more.
I just finished writing my Epidemiology first incourse and it was very iffy. T’was like the notes I studied were for a different course.
I think I underestimated the Community Health department a little. I admit; I didn’t study too hard but trust me, I studied. I knew all I had to know, crammed all I had to, practiced all I had to and ended up feeling like a block head in the exam hall. How does that happen?

They set us up with 40 questions with a negative mark for each wrong question. License to fail.
Out of so many notes, only 40 almost impossible questions.
To make matters worse, I forgot my calculator and some perpetually angry short man announced; “Borrowing Of calculator is not allowed”. Chopped and screwed.
God will judge that man that didn’t let me run out to get my calculator.

Leave everything to Jesus; Jesus take the wheel.

Initially, I thought I was the only one that got murked. Many BBM updates brightened my day. In a weird way. See for yourself;

Took the words right out of my mouth;


Simply angry;


The deities were invited;



Some other updates;








When I write exams like these -that make it seem like I didn’t study- I thank God that I slept the night before.

Anyways, it’s on to the next one! Those Pathology PowerPoints can’t study themselves.



3 Responses to "Med Diary 13 : Le Sigh"

Hahahahahaha the screen capture of rambo cracked me up
Take heart dear your stil there means ur def doin sumfin right n if everyone felt it this much then derz no way ur a block head

Reminds me of those folks who never wrote anyfin in the exam hall but would come outside the hall forming and recalculating what they never calculated

the way u find humour in these things is commendable. Don’t let a couple of questions u didn’t do well get u down. T’wud b fine in d end

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