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Do You Know Your Status?

Posted on: December 1, 2012


I’ve been meaning to write a post on HIV/AIDS. Honestly, I’m not just saying this.
It took a really long while for me to get my first HIV test. I was really afraid and I don’t even know why; not like I’ve been messing around or anything. Not to sound myopic, I know HIV can be transmitted through many routes.

At least I finally got it done even though its a very big shame being someone who is medically inclined.

I got it done in LUTH’s APIN clinic some time in May this year. The longest 15 minutes of my life. From when the man in the bleeding room pricked my finger to when the counsellor called me into her office after the lab attendants brought the result to her office.

Anyways, I tested Aladeen.

My second test was slated for October but I’ve been too lazy to find the new location of the APIN clinic since the old one burnt to the ground a while ago. You didn’t hear about it? Visit Linda Ikeji’s blog then. Educate yourself.

You have to get tested every six months because the window period for the virus is six months.

All I’m saying is; everybody should get tested and be in the know. Don’t develop such mentality;


Because you really can’t know. You may be seemingly healthy but the Virus is busy preparing for war. Like the popular saying goes;

AIDS no dey show for face.

Early detection and swift management can go a long way because what eventually kills is one of the opportunistic diseases that take advantage of the immunosuppression (lowering of the body’s defenses) caused by the HIV virus.

The test doesn’t hurt. Just a sharp prick and you’ll have your result in no time.

Know you Status today and Stay Safe People!

Are you HIV Aladeen or HIV Aladeen? Aladeen I hope!


7 Responses to "Do You Know Your Status?"

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Waoh! For foreign students its actually compulsory in Russia. And its annually. Its even more when u travel back and forth to Nigeria frequently. we are also tested for malaria and no Nigerian Prays to have d parasite in their blood cos its a horrific experience. The good thing is we are accustomed to tests now; its no big deal for us.

E pele o! So u guys re used to needles nd pins now. Maybe u guys sud just kuku stay put in russia cos coming to naija, deres 75% probability that u will go back with malaria parasite ||•_•||

Errr…. Dokita Kemi, winch one is ‘Aladeen’ again? Very soon, u will say magic mat. At least try telling us d one we know. Abi, is there a new entrant in d market? If yes, who is the market leader? Or maybe u sud just tell us if the test was Debit or Credit. Any of the 2, we go sabi but that ur ‘Aladeen’ hard small

LOL! Uncle Maf! You obviously haven’t seen the movie; The Dictator. Have you?

‘Kemi Windapo

Errr… *dunno* d movie title sounds like sumtin I’ve seen but I’m not sure cos can’t remember ‘Aladeen’.
Btw, can u help me with mine? Pls, borrow me ur blood, I promise to return it after d test, thanks.

LOL. Very Convenient! -_-

‘Kemi Windapo

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