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4. My Blog Name

Posted on: December 4, 2012


Hmm. Meaning of my blog name.

My Blog name is Kemmiiii’s Blog. I know; I can’t be more obvious.
I am Kemi/Kemmiiii and this Is my blog. That’s logic.

Why Kemmiiii with the double ‘m’ and four ‘i’s people always ask when I give them my blog link. Well, its because of the struggle to be cool. The ‘kemmiiii’ blog name stemmed from my twitter handle which was @Kemmiiii at the time I opened the blog. I go by @TheLazyMedic now; Kemmiiii was becoming too cliche. Anytime I meet people, they always go; ” O! Kemi with the so many ‘i’s”. Yeah. I don’t want any more of that.

The struggle didn’t start from the @Kemmiiii handle tho. I started out as @Ojularioreodenu in 2009 because twitter told me @KemiWindapo was already taken and the two other Kemi Windapos in this world do not even go by Kemi Windapo. O ya mi l’enu.

Anywho, When I started tweeting actively, @Ojularioreodenu seemed like a mouthful and too out of place so I tried out @KemiWindapo again and luckily for me, it was no longer taken.
At a point, @KemiWindapo felt as if I was putting myself out there so i changed once again. @MsKemmii seemed cool because everybody had the Mr/Ms prefix so that lasted a while.

Later, I felt; Which kain @MsKemmii? Let me just be @Kemi. But there was already an @Kemi who wasn’t even tweeting actively so I reported the account as spam but that didn’t cut it so I tried @Kemii, @Kemmii, @Kemmiii and so many other random combinations.
I tried @Kemmiiii out of frustration. Alas! it was available! Success!

So you see, My blog name has no meaning behind it; Just a really cool story.

Cool story huh?


5 Responses to "4. My Blog Name"

Not so cool *insert not talkin smiley here*

-_- its a cool story uncle Maf.

Coolest story ever.

I like KemiWindapo.

Loool………. Coool story….

I imagine you wear glasses hence d four eyes (iiii) hold a lil while I research the double mm, I’m reading along sweetheart…

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