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In An Alternate Universe

Posted on: December 4, 2012


So I read Lord Zubair’s posts about a parallel universe. And I have this way of zoning out; I started Imagining how different my life’ll be in an alternate universe.

First of all, In an alternate universe, I’ll most def not be in med school. I’ll probably be a graduate at my present age. I’d have studied a more practical course like Mass Comm. and I’ll be tattling off on some radio show/hosting some TV show with my borrowed accent and really fancy dress and stuff. This is not an alternate universe and I’m presently sitting on my shaky LUTH bunk whilst hustling to type this. A girl can dream right?

I’ll be everything I ever wanted plus a lot more. I’ll be that chick with the flawless skin, Long hair without a receding hairline, brown eyes that you don’t notice only in the sun, figure 8 of life, statistics to kill for and a rather enviable citation.
What if I’m a dude in a parallel universe?

Anywho, I would be from a happier home, with a more peaceful extended family, better friends and what not.

I’m sure I’d most likely be anything but Nigerian. or Somalian
Who will you be in an Alternate universe?


3 Responses to "In An Alternate Universe"

I’ll be the Dog that owns Kim K and Nicki Minaj.

A tiny free living organism in the dept of the sea, barely interactin with the ecosystem, just spectating at the beauty of other life forms 🙂

I’d definitely be an upcoming Wole Soyinka. not just the literature aspect but also the political and heroic aspects.

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  • bybaaaa: Lol. I just saw this thanks to oumissa. I love you. :*


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