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5. What I Wish To Change About Myself

Posted on: December 5, 2012


Nobody’s perfect; We’re living, We’re learning

I’m human, I have my flaws; You’re human, you have your flaws.

I’m lazy, I make fun of people, I’m Impulsive, l’m lousy, I swear and a host of other things. I’m trying to change; trust me.
My flaw that bothers me the most is ‘worrying’. I worry so much that I’m worried about it.

I overanalyze situations, take things apart in my head, bring them back together, take them apart again and again and again. I just keep worrying.


Overcalcu dey worry me.

Why can’t I stop worrying even when the Holy Book says not to worry that tomorrow will take care of itself. Truly, tomorrow always turns out well because God takes care of his own; trust me, All the things I keep on worrying about almost always turn out well and upon all this, I stay worrying.

Even Blackmagic said;

Tomorrow is tomorrow; Tomorrow will sort itself.

My head is always calculating and I’m even surprised it has never overheated.

All this worrying keeps me from having rest of mind and restlessness detaches me from my happy place.

Proudly and Thankfully, I’m gradually curbing all this overthinking of a thing and I can’t wait till I fully kick it out of my head.


3 Responses to "5. What I Wish To Change About Myself"

Lol…. I am Tomorrow and I won’t come over till u fully exhust the 24hrs for today but guess what? By the time I will be with u, I would have changed my name to ‘today’ so why don’t u learn to enjoy me by enjoying ‘today’ so when I come around, u will enjoy me too.

Btw, there’s sumtin else u need to think about. I ‘think’ u should probably ‘think’ about the outcome of ur ‘thinking’. Does it really make tomorrow better or it deprives u of today’s joy which then go ahead to affect the ‘morrow’?

Deprives me of today’s joys. *sigh*
‘Kemi Windapo

So why don’t u enjoy what u have now? Do less of ‘thinking’ and more of ‘appreciation’.
I used to think a lot too until I started writing deep poems about death then I realise the truth in the sayings that ‘tomorrow never comes’ and ‘tomorrow might be too late’.
My dear, whatever u can make of today will determine the outcome of tomorrow, do less of thinking nd more of ‘tailoring’.

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