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Med Diary 14: How Did You End Up In Medical School?

Posted on: December 6, 2012


“Do you know what a pace maker is?” Asked Dr. What’s her name.

*Crickets* replied the class.

“How did you end up in medical school?!” She asked with so much wonderment written all over her face.

In all fairness, Nobody was paying attention to her. At least I wasn’t and I sure as hell know what a pace maker is.

Dr. What’s her name is a really good lecturer I must add; She obviously loves teaching and she knows how to get attention and keep it. She had my passive attention because I couldn’t pay full attention to her as I was busy trying to master the fact that Ivermectin was used in the treatment of Onchocerciasis and Rivabirin was used in the treatment of Lassa Fever. I kept mixing them up and My morbid anatomy (Pathology) incourse was just a few hours away.

She got me reminiscing; Really. How did I end up in medical school?

How I ended up in medical school is different from why I ended up up in medical school. Many people want to end up in medical school but just can’t make the cut so how did I make the cut?

Honestly and in the humblest of ways, medical school wanted me more than I wanted medical school.
I made the Merit list for Unilag diploma and Both the Merit and supplementary list for entry via post UME. All for the same MB;BS degree. When I tell people, they always think its because my mother was a staff of Unilag but in all honesty, everything was by merit and God’s grace.

See why I have to be thankful? Such blessing in one year when people undergo the eternal struggle of writing JAMB so many times to get their desired course of study and I got two chances at one go.
I can’t even think of writing that dreaded exam more than once. Those physics questions that I had to do ‘Eeny, meeny, miny, moe’ to get and those impossible Use of English questions. I’ll just die of frustration. I’d probably have become one Balogun market big girl by now or a witch doctor sef. That’s just me shifting to Plan B.

Thank you Jesus for sticking to the plan.

With that said, my Morbid Anatomy incourse was fine. I guess. I’ll just let the results manifest.
On to the next incourse. Almighty Pharmacology.

One more thing, Dr. What’s her name is hilarious. I think she’s a Warri woman.
She said any phone that is not Internet enabled is a stone and I found that statement really funny.

PS. I just had this really minor celeb moment; someone entered my room to invite me to church after all she had to say, she asked if I was a writer and I was like yeah, how did she know and she was like not to worry. 😀

2 Responses to "Med Diary 14: How Did You End Up In Medical School?"

Why am I not in medical school???
Why do I like changing plans, trying to exhust all the letters in the alphabet?
I mean, why? Why?? Why???
Maybe I sud just end up as a t-shirt doctor
At least, a doctor is a doctor.
But then, errrr….. Is ur lecturer Dr what’s her name married? Does she have a bf?? #okbye

the way you keep tslikng about balogun markt big girls, some part of u wants t own a shop there . lol
docto whats her name . hahaha . medicine def called u girl. u dont have a choice but to become a doc. great write up

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