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10. Something About Which People Seem to Compliment Me

Posted on: December 10, 2012

My Smile

“You have a cute smile”

“There’s this demeanor about you when you smile

“I like how you show your rabbit teeth when you smile”

“Do you even know how to frown?”

I have this ‘electric’ smile where I bare all my pearly whites. Smiling is something I started doing so that people wouldn’t know how much of a sad little child I was; there’s nothing worse than people asking “what’s wrong with you?” And you just can’t explain what.

Meaning I had this plastic smile that looked so real. This my smile got me so many school mothers and senior friends back in secondary school. I was even awarded “The Friendliest Smile” of my graduating class.

Nowadays, my smile is more genuine and from deep within; people ask me why I’m always so happy. What’s not to be happy about? Life’s too short to be anything but happy.

If you don’t see me smiling, I’m either tired, hungry or stressed out. It takes a whole lot to get me angry.

From this, not everybody’s smile is a real one; some smiles are just masking so many untold stories. Trust me, I know this.

PS. Thank you to everyone that keeps checking back, God bless you. Special S/O to Uncle Maf, Nells, Dami, Bayo and everybody on the down low. I appreciate. :).


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5 Responses to "10. Something About Which People Seem to Compliment Me"

*in Eldee’s voice* If we really check am na wash…. by the way, how come you didnt tell your daddy that you were doing a challenge?

I’m sorry daddy. I thought you were reading my blog.
‘Kemi Windapo

Thanks 4 d shoutout and keep smiling luv :*

*sighs* now I know this ‘uncle maf’ is real nd I’m still a ‘small boy’, I’m not 40yrs old yet.
There’s sumtin abt ur face tho but I will just say the person that called u ‘rabbit teeth’ av won himself/herself a pix of me including my authograph nd thanks for always having us glued to ur blog. I sud be a guest on here someday

Lol. Uncle Maf. :p
Yeah. Send us a guest post! Its long overdue!

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