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11. Something at which I’ve been a champion.

Posted on: December 11, 2012


I haven’t been a champion at anything in a really long while; it’s what med school does to you.
The last thing I was a champion in was Zuma – that really addictive game where you had to shoot balls and match colors so they’ll go *poof* with a clanging sound. Yeah. That game.

Trust me, that game takes tact, dexterity and alertness.
I know because I spent the whole of my second semester in my pre-med year playing it. My ambition at the time was to finish the game and I didn’t give up until I eventually did. Nobody that started playing that game with me has seen level 13 not to even talk of completing it.
I’m sure many of you that tried that game out didn’t even get up to level 9; I’m that skilled.

I wish I could have my pre-med days back; I’d do something more worth my while than playing that blasted Zuma. *sigh* If wishes were horses.


5 Responses to "11. Something at which I’ve been a champion."

Kemi de Zuma Delux Champ! Now I know what to get u for Christmas.
Day 11, (Dec 11), just occured to me that u will still be on this challenge come Jan 2013. Btw, I’m coming to med sch, I want to be a doctor 😐

Yay! Uncle Maf goes to medschool!

Ok,ok, u’ve gotten to level 13,have you played ‘zuma’s revenge’?……

First time here,read through your blog,and am loving it. Keep up the good work. Ciao

LOL. I haven’t tried Zuma’s revenge Steph. Maybe next year when I have time to waste.
‘Kemi Windapo

Thanks for dropping by too. 🙂

‘Kemi Windapo

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