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14. Being Single

Posted on: December 14, 2012


I’ve been patiently waiting for this day. Lol.

*sigh* The Single life!
We all know that anything that has it’s pros will surely have it’s cons right?! Sometimes the pros may outweigh the cons or vice versa.

Any which way, I’ve been living the single life for quite a while now and trust me; I’m having the time of my life. I’m savoring every moment of it and enjoying it to the max.


My only down times are when my friends are out with their lovers and I’m all alone to ‘take care of the room’ or when a lover does something really cute and all that mushiness that comes with it. I always want a lover then. On days they’re having their lover’s fights and all the bullshit that accompanies relationships, I remember why I’m single in the first place. All that emotional stress.

The single life is fun for me because I get to go on so many dates and I don’t have to feel ‘attached’ to one person or bother my head about someone. You can never go on too many dates. *wink*


My friends tease me with sayings like “Forever Alone” , “Married to your gadgets” and stuff but I say I’m “for a while alone”. The right one just hasn’t come along yet.

On some extreme days, I wish I had someone to share my random thoughts with instead of me analyzing my thoughts with myself – sometimes I feel like I have Multiple Personality Disorder and spend my uncertain evenings and weekends with. It can get quite boring. There’s the kind of boredom that having all the gadgets on this earth cannot solve.

When these extreme days come, I remember all the Relationship side effects and I become happy to be single again.

Then again, I really should get a lover and stop being Beyonce’s ‘single ladies’ poster girl. Even Beyonce is married with a child. Just be misleading God’s daughters.

I have found comfort in the fact that I’m alone but not lonely and Rev. Run has said;

Single Ladies stay happy & have fun in life! >;;;; Just because you’re boyless doesn’t mean you have to be joyless! #MANOLOGY.

Thank you Rev Run for this awesome nugget of wisdom.


Lol. I hope I don’t end up like;


I may be alone but I’m not lonely.

Ps. All the pictures in between the text; that’s a depiction of how we single people make ourselves feel better.

Can’t wait to find the one that’ll make Fabolous’ Make Me Better our theme song.

Thanks for dropping by again.


9 Responses to "14. Being Single"

I L♥√ع ds piece!!! Gd 1
Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

All the single ladies, all the single ladies… Put ur hands up… Oh oh oh.. Oh oh oh….. #okbye.

Being single is ‘underratedly’ overrated, mostly linked with single mothers, friends with benefit and independent women but really being single can be below all these instead of being above them all.
Being single means being patient nd not just jumping into the arms of any guy that wants u. Gurls over do it tho and they mostly end up with Anty kemi of punch newspaper and also attend all the camps/ revivals/ miracle centre/ 365 days nd night fasting all in a bid to get a guy.

Its good to be single at times, but its wise to play hard to get moderately.

“Underratedly” overrated tho.
LOL. Which one is moderate hard to get?

‘Kemi Windapo

Am with uncle Maf on this. “The punch newspaper bit” =))

Okay, So I was beat to this by Mafaba, it’s true been single is grossly underrated. I mean, apart from getting domestic help (someone to cook my food, clean my house and the like), I’ve been living single and enjoying the random sampling.

It’s always fun to watch as girls squirm and shove as the seek attention and hope to change the status/state. Yeah, yeah, I know I may actually sound like a bad person, I’m not. I just can’t stand girl drama rme.

Keep strong, do what you believe and here’s hoping you get a broda that will also like the song. I’d have thought Fela’s fefenefe would be the song you chose though.

PS: Thanks for the FB page like, so you’ve been reading my rants x_x. Drop a ________________ sometime.

Lol. There just something about that Fabolous’ song.
Yeah. Don’t mind me.
‘Kemi Windapo

I’ll give it a listen though I generally HATE rap. If it doesn’t make sense, walahi…


Its not so ‘rappy’
‘Kemi Windapo

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