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16. Top 5 Pet Peeves

Posted on: December 16, 2012


A pet peeve is what one finds particularly annoying to them to a greater extent than others find it.

My pet peeves include;
1. When I organize a place and someone else comes to mess it up. When I organize something, no one is expected to mess it up except me. I can be a neat freak when I want to be and when I’m a neat freak, I take it to the extreme. Someone once accused me of having OCD; I’m chilled now though.

2. Classmates who prolong class by asking the most inane questions. Such people should be caged if you ask me.

3. People who take my stuff without asking. As If taking my stuff is not bad enough, some people return it only when I discover its missing or return it in a bad shape. I don’t see the big deal in returning something the same way you took it or even better.

4. Borrowing something and not returning it. The last time I checked, anything borrowed is meant to be returned but I don’t understand why certain people fail to understand the concept of borrowing and returning.

5. When I show someone a picture on a cellphone and the person decides to go through all the pictures on said cellphone. I call this being Nigerian.

One does not just have 5 pet peeves.
Just for kicks, My other pet peeves include;

People that throw unnecessary jabs at Ibadan people.

Failed downloads.

People who read what you’re doing on your phone on a bus. Another Nigerian behavior.

People that never let you have a say in a conversation.

Ice cream dripping off the cone.

Sharwama getting all messed up.

When I download a movie and it turns out to be anime porn. (._. )

People that say pics. ”

People without game spirit. I don’t have game spirit too. lol double standard.

Discussing an exam I just wrote. Especially when it wasn’t good. Why bring up sad memories?

People that ping only when they need favors. I ‘may’ do this too.

Pressing the toothpaste from the middle.

PEOPLE THAT TWEET IN CAPS. What are you shouting for?

Wn ppl typ lyk dis 0r lyk di5.

When the person who takes the last of something puts the empty package back.

When my step mum doesn’t allow us eat something that eventually gets spoilt. Especially when its plantain.

Blunt pencils.

Over sabi.

When someone else’s alarm wakes me up.

The Sales girls at Foodee. Foodee is a fast food restaurant in my school. The sales girls act like you came to beg for food and they NEVER have change. All this on top overpriced food.

Tangled earphones. Like the bane of my existence

Typing am instead of I’m/I am.

That should be all.

Thanks for checking back. šŸ™‚


10 Responses to "16. Top 5 Pet Peeves"

Lmao!!! That no 2, *rollin to Jamaica* I always av them in my class, nd funny enof, I kinda like them

Your top 5,I can relate with.
Err, unnecessary jabs @ ib peeps šŸ˜”

ah, that’s what they’re called… pet peeves. Mine would be when someone messes up the icons’ arrangement on my laptop’s homescreen. And peering into what I’m reading or watching, if you want to watch say so. If you want to read, wait your damn turn!

Wn ppl typ lyk dis 0r lyk di5.
<== This made me laugh seriously, don't know why! It's even hard to read.

Me I don’t like people that don’t like people that press toothepaste from the middle esp the ones that never used the old metallic tubes. >_>

Keep it going.

So you don’t like me? šŸ˜¦

‘Kemi Windapo

šŸŽµYou know that I Love you Babe!

Lol! We share a lot of pet peeves.

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