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19. Being Virgonian

Posted on: December 19, 2012


Virgo is my star sign. As much as I try not to believe in horoscopes and their personality trait prophecies and stuff, some of them are too apt to disbelieve. Those @Xstrology tweets? They almost always get me.

Virgo At Her Best.

Dedicated. Really. Am I?
Creative. I had creative juices at a point. Does that count?
Reliable. Yes. You can count on me.
Kind. Well, call me Mother Theresa the second.
Efficient. When I put my mind to it.
Helpful. Again. You can count on me.
Thoughtful. As thoughtful as thoughtful can be.
Observant. I almost have an all seeing eye.
Sympathetic. I am sympathetic I just don’t know how to express sympathy.
Organized. Yes.
Analytical. Infact, I overanalyze.
Sensual. (._. )
Witty. With the advent of med school, I’m as good as an airhead. At least that’s how I feel.
Charming. Can’t you tell?
Industrious. Not exactly. I tend towards the lazy axis.
Compassionate. Just like sympathy, I don’t know how to express it.
Sexy as Hell. Wait, you mean you can’t tell?

Overcritical. At times. Especially when it’s about something I know so well.
Fussy. Only when I’m hungry.
Pedantic. So not me. What do I know?
Indecisive. Aren’t we all?!
Shrewd. In many scenarios.
Annoying. I tend to annoy only my brothers.
Bitchy. Everyone has an inner bitch. No?
Always Complaining. Well, there’s a whole lot to complain about.
Always Worrying. Like its innate.
Anal Retentive. No. I’m not stuck up. Just a real G.
Obsessive Compulsive Yes.
Argumentative. I only fancy watching people argue.

Like I said. The horoscopes almost always get me. Almost always.


6 Responses to "19. Being Virgonian"

Don’t Lie, Don’t Lie, You pay attention to those White Garment Wearing Prophets at Busstops ma paro?

Lol…. Almost always. Ok

Lol. U don’t know how to express ur compassionate and sympathetic traits. Sounds like a better way to say u’re not :p

I’m still stuck on the fence in the aspect of believing them or just ignoring them.

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