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21. Any Job In The World?

Posted on: December 21, 2012

Drat! The world hasn’t ended and I didn’t prepare a post for today! I thought I’d be singing Kumbaya with the angelsdem at this point.

O well. On the mic I go…

A job is what we do to make money. There nothing like a job you actually enjoy doing because when you enjoy doing your job, you are equally fulfilled.

There are many cool jobs in this world but my dream job has to be Queen Elizabeth’s job; Travelling to smile and wave. I mean Smile and Wave. How hard can that be? Seeing as smiling is already my forte, I fit the job description just that I don’t have the genes. *sigh*. How will that women ever age when all she does is smile and wave? This life is so unfair.


Since I can’t get Queen Elizabeth’s job even if the entire royal family gets wiped out, I’d settle for Christiane Amanpour’s job. I don’t know her full job description but trust me its cool.

I can also settle to be a Medical Marijuana tester. What’s cooler than getting paid to get high? Get high and get paid. “I get high for a living” That is living!

Food and Wine tasting is not a bad idea either.

Only if wishes were horses. *sigh*

PS. I’m getting a haircut tomorrow. Wish me luck 😀

3 Responses to "21. Any Job In The World?"

Queen Kemi the 1st. That sounds nice. Just know that u need a king to become a queen. Enof said.

PS: make sure u pack ur hair after d haircut or ain’t there gonna be a Naija hair in d market??? Nd remember to send me a clip of the cutting process :D. I wish u luck, tho I don’t know why u want us to keep the good in front of the luck.

LOL! Uncle Maf! As Queen Kemi, the King’ll surely come.
Sure! I’ll post pictures.
‘Kemi Windapo

So u’r going wiv d hair cut*sigh*goodluck then

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