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22. Guilty Pleasures

Posted on: December 22, 2012


Guilty Pleasure: something pleasurable that induces a usually minor feeling of guilt. Something that brings pleasure but is considered taboo, unadvisable or lowbrow.

Laziness. My name should be LayZ and Bruno Mars’ Lazy song should be on the list of the the,e music of my life. Being Lazy is actually hardwork to be totally honest. You can’t just be loafing around being irresponsible and still be fine with it. If you have a purpose in life that is. Being lazy hasn’t brought me anything good and I still haven’t changed because even in my laziness, I still get my things done and they almost always turn out well. Its simple; I take my time to do my shit.


Sleeping. As a medical student, You need at least 32 hours of studying everyday; even though there are only 24 hours in each day. Meaning medical students don't deserve sleep. Kemi sleeps like Jonah. I don’t believe in losing sleep over anything only of its a matter of life and death. Lol. Medicine is a matter of life and death sha. Still, my sleep means a lot to me and I get almost 8 hours of sleep everyday and as much as 10 hours on some good days.

Internet. Once I get on the Internet, there’s no activity that can pull me away. There’s always one thing to download or one thing to look up. Once there’s Internet, something comes up. Even when I was home studying for my pharmacology incourse last week, I was busy downloading things and looking up many things. Internet deprivation is a bad bad thing. So is passworded wifi.

Overeating. it is even counted as a sin but it still doesn’t faze me. I eat like a cow on heat and I still don’t get fat. I’m as skinny as skinny can be. Can you guess where all the fat goes to? Yeah! You guessed right; My abdomen! And trust me, belly fat is anything but pretty. Don’t want to go around looking like I have my bootay in the wrong position. Still! I eat.

Clubbing. You have to let off steam somehow; and I do this by dancing my sorrows away. Even though I dunno how to move neither my two left feet nor my waist to save my life. People like me need alcohol to make us feel like we can do the moonwalk better than Michael Jackson. It works. Alcohol isn’t good for the body as it leads to alcoholic liver disease which predisposes to Hepatocellular Carcinoma. (I’m just showing off; Learnt this yesterday). Anyways, that won’t stop me from visiting the club to dance my sorrows away.

What are your guilty pleasures?

PS. Red wine in certain quantities is good for your heart.


5 Responses to "22. Guilty Pleasures"

Sitting, leg crossed, in my room, taking spoonful after spoonful from the big pack of milo meant for the family on Sundays… till it’s finished (or halfway so). My dad hates when I return from school just because of this.

Could miss a job interview because I’m playing football manager… I’ve missed lectures because of fm. Haven’t played in two months though so, life’s making ‘progress’ on that front.

Taking meat out of the pot. Forever and ever more will be unrepentant! It just feels way better than having it from your plate, so unconventional.

Pissing my siblings off. Well, only them are capable of pissing me off so… I tend to do so when the mood dictates.

And… randomly blocking folks on whatsapp. No hatred, at times I feel like blocking everybody, but really never out of spite. Just random shit, as the spirit leads.

LOL. Horrible person.

‘Kemi Windapo

*Sighs* Passworded Wifi!!! I call it evil. Its a crime to password ur wifi cos it simply shows u don’t love we ur neighbours as urself. Passworded wifi can be frustrating but I love it when I notice random ppl connected to my wifi, then I log off, password that sh!t nd smile to myself cos most times, the password reads sumtin like ‘D0Y0uTh1nkY0uR35mar7″ 😀

Laziness is a way of life. If ure lazy and ure good at it, you will notice that life is nothing near hard as most ppl take it to be, life is the simplest of all. I even feel lazy to cry, I mean what has happened has happened, why should I cry nd waste ‘eyes water’ when I can sleep nd waste ‘mouth water” #OkBye

PS: did I even mention that playing PES some ‘very’ few hours to ur exam is the new cool? Kaplan has got nothing on me other than incorporating PES in their text

Ahn! Oloribu password ma niyen.
Hmmm. Uncle Maf. PES before exam. Issokay.

‘Kemi Windapo

Sleep definitely. I love.
I sabi chop too, but I don’t have ikun. this line “Don’t want to go around looking like I have my bootay in the wrong position.” is so hilarious…
And yup, video games… Football Manager nearly ruined my life, God of war lost me girlfriends still, I’ll choose PS3 anyday…

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