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24. My Day

Posted on: December 24, 2012

Sorry this couldn’t come up earlier; Technical Issues.

3.00am Woke up + Ordered dinner

After Dinner Watched Episode 5 to Episode 7 of The X Factor US

7.30am O.R Tambo ported + Luggage Hustle + Ran to gate D6

9.00am Another Luggage Hustle + Ran to give my mother a hug + Ran to the nearest restroom

9.30am Finally got home. Bants with the brothers; They kept on saying I looked + smelt like a farmer.

More bants.

12.45pm Pinelands Library. Borrowed 4 books; Ted Dekker’s Skin, Stephen King’s The Shining, Mario Puzo’s The Sicillian and the last I can’t remember. My mother stole it from me.

Later Howard Centre; Paid for Bolaji’s internet subscription, Found my lost ATM pin and Found a micro sim for mummy’s iPad.

2.00pm Mummy’s Office, tried to help her get a new iTunes account and download the new version off iTunes. Internet baled. We baled.

Few Moments Later Checkers. Last minute Christmas gift shopping.

3.30pm Kenilworth Centre. Argument over parking space. Window shopping. Scheming for what to buy after the new year, Bought popcorn for the brothers.

4.00pm  Back home. Tried to read. Slept off.

10.22pm Woke up thinking it was Christmas day. Pinged Dami Merry Christmas.

Later Realized it wasn’t Christmas day, Went to get dinner +  Watched The Nanny and The George Lopez Show with the mother.

Much Later Devotion time. Slept off during devotion.

Around 2.00am Picked myself from the couch to my room.

Really uneventful day.

Notice How I comfortably didn’t take a bath. x_x


4 Responses to "24. My Day"

U didn’t brush ur teeth too, neither did u change from ur pyjamas/ sleep cloth

I slept in my day clothes the night before.
‘Kemi Windapo

Perfect christmas eve

It was still eventful tho

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  • cycatrx: Kem dela creame....... :d
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