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26. Success/Failure

Posted on: December 26, 2012


Hello beautiful ones, Hope your Christmas was as/more awesome than mine and Happy Boxing Day (or whatever is politically correct). Don’t get Pacquiaoed today.

Everybody wants to be associated with success. Failure? It gets no love.

The path to success is not a straight one, the obstacles along this path cause people to fall by the way and failing doesn’t make one a failure; one is only a failure if he gives up midway instead of forging ahead in the face of such obstacles.

I’ve had my fair share of successes and failures. How do I handle both?

I celebrate my success of course. I try not to make it get to my head because it obviously wasn’t just by my doing. God was involved. While celebrating success, I try my best not to rub it in people’s faces because while you are celebrating your success others may be struggling with failure. For example, one of my most recent successes; I passed (not aced) all my courses in my first professional exam even though I didn’t deserve it but I made it and some of my classmates didn’t fare to well; they had to retake the exam. So I simply rejoiced in my heart while trying to console the people with references.

Failure on the other hand is something I really don’t know how to deal with. Like why will you want to deal with failure? I only failed because I failed to prepare adequately. We know this saying;

To Fail to prepare is to prepare to Fail.”

So when faced with failure, I just think about how different things’ll be if I had prepared well. I don’t just think, I overthink.

How do you handle both success and failure?

2 Responses to "26. Success/Failure"

Simple… I ignore my successes and get rid of the failures..
Many people fail to realize that success is much more dangerous than failure. Ask people that have won lotteries and promos and you would understand me.


Hmmmm…. Its easier dealing with failure cos if u fail, u will most likely know what u didn’t do well and what went wrong but success on the other hand take a lot of hardwork cos u need to keep the success going. Maybe we sud ask from bolt how he’s bin able to do it

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