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Field Trip: Oko-Oba Abattoir

Posted on: December 28, 2012

As part of community health, we got to go on field trips to different places. My first trip was to the Community health lab which is just a floor above my class; So much for field trip. No Fun.

The second was to the Oko-Oba Abattoir. This is where most of the ‘Eko Meat Vans you see on the road take their source from. I had never seen so much meat in my life.

Started out as a good trip but the school bus broke down on our way back.

It was a fun trip for me, I just felt like sharing pictures.

The Entrance. Don’t mind my poor photography skills.


An empty meat van with some meat;


We had a lot of playtime/picture time before we got to meet our guide.


With my twin brother;


In borrowed ‘circle circle eyeglass’;
Boo Of Lifegfgh

Cows on the loose;


We also found a donkey; with rabies maybe?


The slaughtering process is too awesome. I made a video which I’ll try to upload to youtube much later.

A cow about to be slaughtered the manual way;


Those people kill over a thousands cows each day!!

We found a horse;


Dami and I just before our bus broke down;


I know I should have more pictures of cows being slaughtered but I’m just too vain. ^_^

BTW, here’s a picture of my haircut;


8 Responses to "Field Trip: Oko-Oba Abattoir"

The last picture had nothing to do with the trip.

You cut yo hair?!

Why are all the chicas with beautiful hair cutting it? Are they tring to chase bobos away, abi kini?! 😥

Fuck!u really cut ur hair!!!!!!its cool u had fun tho

Errrr…… So u like pictures this much that u couldn’t afford to snap the horse, donkey nor the cows alone without showing ur face? Btw, luvly earrings 😀

Thanks :D. I’m vain x_x

‘Kemi Windapo

wow!!!…..your haircut is really lovely

Thanks 😀
‘Kemi Windapo

nice write up and visual display,i hope u also noticed the kinda pollution that comes from the actually doin a study on d site..i will really like to contavt u for some infos dat myt b of help.tanx…

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