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30. If I had $1,000,000 to Spend

Posted on: December 30, 2012

First of all, Where is this money gonna fall from? Lottery? Kpanshing price? Scholarship? Thievery? Where?

Anyways, If I had a million dollars, I don’t know exactly what I’d do with such money but God sees my heart and tithing 10% or giving 50% to charity won’t be the top things on my mind. That’s just me being totally honest.

I’d probably save 50% in a fixed deposit account and watch it grow.

The remaining 50% I’ll use to give myself a wardrobe overhaul, buy an iPhone5 and get booty implants.

After all that, I’ll give mummy and daddy their cuts and take the whole family on a Caribbean boat cruise.

Even after I give daddy’s hospital a facelift/new site, there should be enough change to waste at dV8 but I’d pass. As a responsible child.

Let the money come first. LOL.

What would you do with your one million dollars?


5 Responses to "30. If I had $1,000,000 to Spend"

*First of All, (Go Dan Low)

No Bleeshing Cream?

Stingy girl,u no fit reason give church 100k. Make u sef become iya ijo. Smh.

If I had that, fixed deposit and investment. Definitely top choice. Maddest lappy, an affordable ride next up. + boiz gas wash ma na,so Dv8 sef go dey involved.
Ps: if u find sugar mummy willing to gimme dis amount for kpanshing, I’m available oh

Nne u r soooooo not ready for that money…
I’m really rolling here
U need a financial adviser fast…

Don’t test me but feel free to find out what I can do with the money by providing it first. even if its me waking up to see d money on my door step, at least money is for spending, its just how I will spend it u want to know so try me out PLEASE!!!!

$1,000,000 huh?
I’ll start by giving mumsi a seizure; buy her le dream everything!
Then I’ll get on a plane and never come back.

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