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36. TV Shows

Posted on: January 5, 2013

TV Shows.

I cannot just mention “one of my favorite TV shows” because I love all my TV shows with the love of the Lord.

I download almost everything Lancer has to offer. If you dunno Lancer, you’re most likely not a series junkie like I am. They brighten my boring life.

So My Favorite TV Shows in no particular order include;

The Big Bang Theory (BBT). People that don’t like BBT can’t even be friends with me. How can you not love Sheldon Cooper and his antics? Pure unadulterated humor. I’d keep on watching even if they go as far as 50 seasons.

How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). This show is getting annoying but I keep on watching it! I just can’t help it. Barney Stinson keeps amazing me and I really want to know who the mother is.

Pretty Little Liars (PLL). It’s annoying how I find this show annoying and stupid and I keep on watching it. I even rejoice when I’m downloading a new episode. The solution to these girls’ problem is very simple: TELL THE BLOODY TRUTH. But no.

The X Factor US. Very emotional Show. I develop emotional attachments to my favorite contestants. I currently have a crush on @VinoAlan. Can’t get enough of Simon Cowell’s remarks either.

Arrow. It’s pretty new. Nothing special about it. I’m just getting to like it. It is based on the fictional Green Arrow.

Guys With Kids. Also a new TV show, not so spectacular.

Ben and Kate. Another new TV show. Very basic.

Gossip Girl. The writers of this show are a confused lot. I was disappointed by the finale.

Suits. Sheer Awesomeness. Please, this isn’t about the suits people wear. -__-

Homeland. As the name implies, it’s about the US Homeland security and the war on terror. Really engaging but someone has to put a leash on Carrie Matherson.

Alcatraz. This is one show I love but it ended after the first season. You should wiki this show. I love the idea behind it.

Family Guy. Just for gags.

South Park. Stupid, Funny and Blasphemous. That’s exactly why I watch it.

Scrubs. Funny + Medical. How will I not love it.

CSI Miami. Too much CSI made me consider a career in Pathology. It still sounds like a good idea. Medical forensics. B-)

I don’t watch The Vampire Diaries, Spartacus, Nikita, Merlin, Game of Thrones and other series people seem to be fascinated with. No genuine interest.

I also have to get around to watching House, 24 and some others that were ‘in’ when I wasn’t interested in TV shows.

What TV Shows do you watch?

8 Responses to "36. TV Shows"

Don’t Leave out greys anatomy…. The best medical drama series… Also Game of thrones…… I’m sure angels download and watch it…. Suits is simply too much.. Big bang theory… I would watch it with my children and grandchildren and even when I get to heaven… HIMYM… They thot me there’s only one true legend in life… Barney Stinson…. The rest series are cool…. But the best comedy series I have watched has to be Quintuplets, many come close…. But the producers managed to make the first and only season wonderfully funny.

All checked! Really cooool list, you should really be my ‘personal person’.

Grey’s anatomy..I recently started watching it and I fell in love.
Desperate housewives..I was sad to see it end. Gossip girl. Criminal minds. Modern family. Pll. Family guy and The cleveland show. Kinda lost my interest in Vampire Diaries. Managed to watch 2 seasons of True blood then I couldn’t take it anymore. Just started watching Scandal. Will start watching Revenge and Suits when I can get the time. What would I do without Lancer. Bless their souls.

You should watch Game of Thrones…it’s worth the bandwidth.

You should see Boston Legal…I fink you’ll like the dark humor.

Suits is awesome tho’!!!

Ive been with HIMYM ,TBBT, 2 and a half men since they started but as time goes on and they get mainstream, these shows just get predictable and the jokes redundant, so i lean towards more ‘indie’ shows now. HBO generally has the best (mainstream)stuff to offer. I watch stuff like Curb your enthusiasm, It\’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Community, Louie, Nurse Jackie just raw, unadulterated comedy. The office, Parks and Recreation. I knw Game of Thrones, Nikita and the other popular ones are supposed to be interesting but i just cant be bothered. I lose interest when everybody is on something. if it’s not (relatively) exclusive then im not doing lol. This is my first comment, i visit everyday, but i just couldnt pass up on an opportunity t talk about my series….and yea, Dexter’s awesome too. Dexter ruined shows like Chuck for me. Too deep and meticulously scripted

nice of thrones is nice,you really shud see EUREKa too

Lancer 🙂

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