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37. How I’ve Changed in the last two years

Posted on: January 6, 2013

January 2013, I have really changed as a person.

As at January 2011 I was 17 and I had spent the whole holiday trying to convince my mother that instead of studying a random science course in the University of Capetown, studying medicine in the University of Lagos was best for me. I just didn’t see myself studying anything outside medicine. Like I said, I was 17; now I’m 19 and the number one decision maker in my life.

I may still be naïve but I sure am not as naïve as before. I have grown to learn a whole lot about friendships, love, boys and life in general.

I used to sleep like no man’s business. Now I can’t sleep for more than 10 hours without feeling guilty. Even though med students don’t deserve sleep because med students are supposed to study for 26 hours out of the 24 hours of each day; weekends inclusive.

I’m more aware of God’s presence in my life. God has done so many things I cannot comprehend and said things cannot obviously be done by my own power or might.

Physically, I think I look malnourished compared to how I looked before, I had less stuff to do but now I have so many things to do that everything tells on my body. Weight loss, More acne, fatigue, insatiable appetite. I eat like a cow being fattened for Sallah and the only difference between the cow and I is that the cow actually gets fat and I just stay the same skinny girl. People wonder how I eat so much and not gain weight other people are envious of me for this.

Also, I had long hair but it started breaking and now I have short hair. My make up didn’t go beyond lip gloss, I now use my signature red lipstick and eyeliner.

Yeah. I didn’t really care about what I wore. I just woke up every morning and looked for something that didn’t require ironing. Now, I try my best to look my best and I take my time out to iron my clothes even though the clothes may not look ironed at the end of the day. I have to keep this up because clinical years are around the corner! ^_^

No drastic change here.

Whoop! We’re almost done! 3 days to go!
Thank you for sticking around.

4 Responses to "37. How I’ve Changed in the last two years"

We’re a lot alike Kemi!! 😛 Especially the eating part. 😀

Lol. How cool!
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Change is the only constant thing in life.

Wow! 40days gone? Nah! I’ve got to make an account of what I’ve acheived in the last 37days, its been a very long time and I didn’t even realise it. Thanks for keeping me here tho.

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