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The Sicilian

Posted on: January 6, 2013

This is a book I just finished reading yesterday.

My remarks? “CAPTIVATING”

I love happy endings but I’m a sucker for thrillers, suspense and twists, this book had it all!

Forgive me, I’m not trying to hype or anything, this book just left me in awe and I thought I should share.

It’s a book by ‘Mario Puzo’ the author of The Godfather Series and is a sequel to the Godfather.

Now I’m wondering why I didn’t know about Mario Puzo all this while. And why nobody made me read his other books. I’m deeply hurt because I feel as if I’ve carried the ultimate last. When I updated about it, people started telling me how they read his books in secondary school. What was I doing with my life in secondary school? No wonder I’m not cool.

Anyways, I learnt from this book that you can’t trust anyone. Not a living soul. Also, friendship is a myth.

When I Wiki’d the book, I found out that it was based on real life people in Italy. Now I’m more interested.

If you are a sucker for thrillers and a JJC like me and you haven’t read this book please cop a copy and try to eliminate all bias from my hype. Also, don’t wiki it until you’re done reading; It’ll only spoil it for you.


Step aside John Grisham, Puzo’s in town.
*Skips to Yaba to purchase other Puzo books*

PS. John Grisham is still the man after my heart. Puzo is just the side chick.


10 Responses to "The Sicilian"

Read it a quarter way, then stopped. Over a year now. Guess I’ll try finishing then.

Please do.
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Couldn’t finish after a friend told me he died, I loved the character too much to let him go, so I dropped the book 😦

I hate spoilers.
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But you just dis the same for anyone who reads this blog tho

You made me start reading sicilian again. Suprisingly i read it so long ago i can only remember major things. Bt after lik 100pages on the ebook i know im hooked again

Lol…. Read a novel? Nah! If it involves reading, count me out. They should probably make it into a movie or sumtin

Since you mentioned Godfather, I must add that I have Godfather 1, 2, and 3.

GodFather 1: 1000NGN
GodFather 2: 2000NGN
GodFather 3: 3000NGN

Everything together, 7000NGN ja’le ja’le.

Puzo’s books r classics. Try watching d movies too, very very onpoint!!! Well d theme of his literature is usually “be very paranoid and trust no one” lol

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