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Epilogue. A Letter To Myself.

Posted on: January 10, 2013

So I’m writing a letter to a past me;

Dear 9 year old Kemi,
I know how sad and lonely you are with Bayonle and Auntie Seun away in boarding school and Mummy and Bolaji staying at grandmother’s. You don’t understand why all this is happening but not to worry, it’ll become clear to you in no time. Trust me.
Being the new girl at school sucks I know but just keep smiling, the other kids will welcome you with open arms in due time. Don’t even worry about school work because you’ll be acing everything like no man’s business even without studying. You have it in you. The awards and the friends will come.
Don’t forget to read your book of bible stories. When you go for your BMJS interview, you’ll realize how important this is. Your star question will most likely come from there and you know that you have to wow the interviewers if you really want to be close to Bayonle.
Oh! You hit your chest on the wall! I know how painful that can be. It’s only a phase it’ll be over pretty soon and don’t be shy to ask daddy for a training bra. He’s your daddy after all.
Try to overcome your shyness. Keep smiling and don’t forget that joy eventually comes in the morning.

Lots of Love,
19 year old Kemi.

Whoop! Made it to the end! I appreciate you guys for following me on this 40 day long journey.
I appreciate Uncle Maf, Uncle Deolu, Bobs, Niro, Dami, Toyin, Olatoxic, Mofe, Nelly, Tosin Adedipe, Afoma, Headbobba, Moh, Punkenstein, Oraibi, Iamillskills, Codi, Bode, Yeweezii, Stephanie, Yemi Johnson, Malota, Mae Gregory, Esse, Leelee, Abisola, Sewa, Zubair, itune005, Lambamba, Arogz, Miss Shade, haticool10, Emjay3000, Obafuntay, Opeolu, Kelechi Kemnele, Sewa, Tolani, Jhymy, Kenny, Morgzy, DankarO ShintO, Dolapo, Daminozide, Eziaha, Dateicenonle, Missphareebabe, Adonye, Olaosebokan, Deadeurunmilade, Coolprince. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. This is why I don’t like naming names. And yes! Lowkey readers. I appreciate y’all too.

Anywho, I really really appreciate you guys for the comments likes and all. Some of you can like to use the comment box instead of pinging me or DMing me with your comments. *side eye* the comment box works. Try it.

You can email me at if you have any suggestions or if you want to be a guest writer. You can also follow me on twitter; @TheLazyMedic

I may have to shun blogging for a while because my calendar has become something else. I’m starting my finals on the 18th of Febuary and I also have about 6 incourses before then. The next couple of weeks are not looking pretty at all.

I love you guys!
Toodles! xx

13 Responses to "Epilogue. A Letter To Myself."

Wow. Proud of u dear. How time flies.
Goodluck with the incourses.

All d best in ur 2nd pros!!! May dy be a success! Coming to idi araba soon! I would love to meet d wonderful brain behind ds blog!!! Godspeed.

Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

Aww. Kemi!! Love your letter. So touching! And thanks for remembering me!! All the best in your exams. Xx

It works? Yay. Your first post and your last post will beat oxford’s definition of ‘improvement’. You are an amazing writer.

Wow! 40days gone like that? So freaking fast nd thanks for ur lovely posts too cos if not, we definitely won’t be here nd I guess others will agree with me if I say you should make this your last post till ure done with your finals. We all can’t wait to start calling “Dr. Kemi” nd success in ur exams nd incourses are the only way forward.
I personally wish you success in your incourses and finals and on behalf of “kemmiiii’s blog readers association”, we say thank you and we all pray that Gods guidance, direction, speed, favour and grace be upon you as you prepare for ur incourses and finals. Success is yours.
Oya, go and make us proud. We all love u. *group hug*

She called my name,yayy!!40days gone like that sha,niceee…keep it up o.n all d best ds coming prose#big-ups

heheheheeh!!!!!!!!!!! I’m loving this posts mehnnnn!!!!!! Khemhy U re funny lolz

Congrats oooo. You made it. I am mighty proud of you boo.
You have inspired me again. I will do my own challenge
All the very very best in those incourses and then finals
Sweetie, God who has brought you this far will see you through this k…
With you in prayers
Dr Kemi Windapo
Muah… Much love

BTW Love why do i think you would still blog inspite of he incourses…
Anyways if you go AWOL we totally get it. You have tried. and please SPANK THOSE PAPERS

LOL. I may tho. Thanks Eziaha 🙂
‘Kemi Windapo

So, it’s the end! ;( Wishing u the very best in ur exams. Yayy!!! my name was on the list… 😀

This was like your own “Keeping up with the Kardashians”… Scratch that, Keeping Up With The Windapo sounds better. Ace those exams yo.

Yay!!! I was mentioned,thanks dear…… I concur with eziaha that you’ll still blog inspite of the incourses…lol

All the best in your finals dear,God will be with you and you will definitely excel.

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